7110 Gtwy Blvd E, El Paso
(915) 772-9684

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Lily Montes

Normally I leave good comments but not to people who don't get my order right, I asked for a very specific burger but they didn't get what I asked for. The food was ok :/ I am very disappointed ?Food: 3/5

Angelique Pierce

Drive thru takes forever. There’s a group of young boys working here. Can’t get an order right at all.. seriously. Get a different job of fast food is too complicated of a task for you guys…Tell them you’re missing a burger….. 15 minutes later… how the heck is there a group of people working , dining room is closed and y’all still have delays and complications. Ridiculous. We can see you all going to the restroom together too.. losers.

Hannia Medrano

The worst food experience in this McDonald’s the manager handled to me a hot and spicy McChicken like out the trashThe bread was hard and cold with pieces of old lettuce inside and outside the lettuce had black pieces, the patty was smushy and cold. (Not at rush hour)


I went to this one a couple times and never had a problem, I think they only accept mobile orders after 10pm

Jennifer Dixon

Quarter pounder with cheese was raw and made me feel sick the rest of the day. Unfortunately I ate a few bites before realizing something was off. My bad for going here. Yuck.


Waited over ten min for a simple 3 item order. There were at least 8 cars served after I got there. Then they still got part of my order wrong and it was just thrown together.

Armando Perez

This location never fails to disappoint. Time and time again, you cannot get one simple order correct. My order isn’t modified or any special request, besides what’s shown on the menu. This is not just an isolated event. More often than not, you guys cannot seem to get a bacon egg and cheese biscuit correct. You either throw a Mc Griddle or another biscuit. It seems your staff lacks training or does not know how to execute a simple order. Besides telling me to just go eat somewhere else, Mc Donald’s tends to be consistent throughout the country. But, not this store. So, if you stop here. ALWAYS make sure to check your order. I won’t even mention how they always make every single vehicle pull into a waiting lane before their food is handed to them.

David Holguín Jr

A recurring theme here is that the orders are incomplete, wrong, or just very wrong. I always feel "ripped off" after going thru the drive thru here because something is ALWAYS missing. On the plus side the people are great but their accuracy is off.

Frank Prieto

McDonald's customer service is starting to get really horrible these days. I really don't know what is happening. The lines are ridiculously long and they have the worst customer service. All these young kids that work there now don't have any manners anymore. It seems like all the McDonald's are the same now and cooperate really has to so something about this. I try to avoid going to this restaurant now but unfortunately my kids like it there.

Sabrina Murphy

Lettie is a mean manager who yells at her employees over French fries being forgotten. If the customer isn’t tripping out why are you? People forget stuff sometimes and that’s okay! No reason to be mean to coworkers and when you’re asked why you’re talking ugly lie and say “you play around that way”

Jose Reyes

I was there at 4:15 inside service and left at 4:25 and nobody attended me. I left and we to Burge King and they took my order asap and was out in 5 minutes. That the last time I go to McDonald's.

Monica Urias

Love it!! My favorite places of all time and i even bring my kids here too!!

Linda Chavez

For some peculiar reason, I'm always told that they don't have change (at one specific location only), and I usually say, "No problem." However, the last time I was there, I said I did want my change back and the cashier decided to tell me that the country was going through many shortages and I shouldn't make a big deal about the few extra coins that I would have to go without. I will not return to that particular location.

Corinne Morales

Great food and service. Very clean. Employees check on customers and ask if they need anything. Welcoming. Thanks

Daniel Puentes

Fast and friendly. Saw new people and super organized. Clean and safe space to eat. Thank you management.

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