7110 Gateway Blvd E, El Paso
(915) 772-9684

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Abraham V. Wilkinson

Great place, would definitely come again.

Syndicate Syndicate

I would say five stars but there is a rude "Karen" being disrespectful to children all the while she breaks the rules brining in outside food. Which is a health code violation! She claims to work here. Spoke disrespectfully toy children. When I agreed with her the children could NOT climb on the toddler area but could play with their toddler sibling she became more rude. Bad customer service. The rest of the staff is five stars. She's gets zero and us the reason they are rated lower. Retrain this employee please. She walked up to my children NO MASK. She went to get the manager . Manager went ahead and allowed this woman to break the rules and continue to eat outside food in the restaurant. Of course rules only apply to the ones whom work there. Restaurant number 5581. Manager is stuck between her friend breaking the rules and agreeing to not break rules for all. Disappointing. Due to our skin color we are discriminated against by this location. Military families DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU. Autistic children are also NOT welcomed as this woman made that crystal clear. If you see her Don't GO IN. There are better locations whom are clean, friendly, and NON DISCRIMINATORY.


I've gone to McDonald's places in the morning before, many places with the double line setup, this place had people pulling up into reserve parking spots one and two, and filling up the mobile ordering spots while they waited to get people their food. How can every other McDonald's manage to pump people through their line and this place has to have everyone parked and waiting to get food. It's misleading to keep the line moving when nobody's actually getting their stuff.

Mikel Adame

Wrong order, wrong toppings on burgers desiredCouldn't even get the Coke right...How do you confuse a Coke with Dr Pepper??

Julie Wolf

First of all I waited in line for over 10 minutes to place my order once I got to the order box I could not even see the menu the Sun hits right on it and it's impossible to read in my opinion the employees don't care they try to speed you up because they're busy so they try to order for you I asked what soda products they had the employee told me they had Coke and diet coke and by the way my Dr pepper kind of tasted like Coke they asked me what kind of dipping sauce I would like even though I said no to the barbecue and I asked for sweet and sour they gave me barbecue when I got my food I noticed they just kind of dumped the fries in the bag all over everything I am never going to this McDonald's again

Manuel Santiago

It's alright. If u get the right crew u will have the best food you ve had from a McDonald's. But most of the time it's just like every other place. Probably will get something wrong. And cold food most of the time.

EJ Chavez

Carlos is an amazing team member and asset for McDonald's.

maria vidal

It's McDonald's! My son loves it and I can't complain. I usually get a big Mac meal and it's rare when something is wrong with it and I always ask for extra sauce but in this location they really hooked it up with the extra sauce!

Jose montes

Order online to be fast pick up and I get there food ain't ready

Michael Poor

The food was fresh hot and delish! There was not a long wait and we got free order of fries to boot!

Martha Duenez

I go eat hear almost every morning. The employees are nice. And is a clean place to eat. They are all ways ready for their customers. Thank you.

Cassidy M.

Seriously so sad that this is the McDonald's located closest to my house. Every time I come wether it's one burger or to feed my family of 4 Im stuck waiting Atleast 10 minutes which is ridiculous for fast food!

James Denton

I came through today and I ordered two sweet teas with a little ice instead I got two plain teas with a lot of ice they need to open their ears and listen to the orders

Ruby Dodson

amo los desayunos

scott hays-strom

Restaurant was good. Nice service good to know 16 months as a drive through only, before dining in began again has done nothing to speed up service. Corporation needs to rethink fried chicken sandwiches. Tasteless cardboard!!

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