Not Just Burgers

11720 Montana Ave a6, El Paso
(915) 313-4034

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Chris Thomas

Best burger I've had in a long time.

Nomi P

Great food, service, price, overall package! Plus where else do you see a huge bottle of hand sanitizer and a bottle of Lysol on the counter! I love it!!! Try the bisteck burrito, so delicious and satisfying! ?

Elvira Mendoza

Great little place & tasty burgers too.

Charles J.

First of all, $2.50 for a can of soda? Ridiculous. I tried the chorizo burger, impressed, not many can make a chorizo burger taste good.Chili fries were crap, stale fries, chili beans tasted funky, I stopped after third bite.I would not recommend this restaurant, you'd be better off making burgers and fries at home.

Xavier D.

Did very por with costumer service received my food with out any dressing to eat it with and ,had the driver demand for a tip hopefully next time they do better

Dessiray R.

I didn't visit the location myself (my wife picked up lunch) but the burger I ordered SMACKED . I got the bbq burger. It had onion rings on it. I must say, that was a good touch! They burger was stupid big, I couldn't finish it. My wife received the wrong order, can't remember what she ordered but it didn't matter cause they gave her a Hawaiian burger (had pineapples on it) but that burger was good/big as well so she didn't mind lol. Their menu is extensive. Needless to say we WILL be back

Ashley Soto

This place is seriously so delicious! I love the versatility and how it can really satisfy everyone's cravings.

Michelle Serrano

Staff is polite! Place seems very clean! Food is great!

Shawn O.

With the current state of normal, working & schooling from home, we like to try different take-out options now and then for lunch or dinner. Not Just Burgers comes up on Yelp as a nearby option and the menu/reviews looked promising so we gave it a chance & ordered burgers for lunch. Two cheeseburgers with fries and sodas, along with a couple appetizers to share - fried mushrooms and chicken wings. Walking in, clearly the restaurant has been setup to support take out and delivery options. The service from the young lady at the register was good and the food was ready just shortly after the estimated time on Yelp. Getting home, I was hopeful but soon enough this shifted to more disappointed. The burgers didn't have much taste and were cold already. The fries were cold too, but also soggy and tasteless (most were thrown away). The mushrooms weren't bad tasting but very greasy so hard to eat many. Lastly, the wings smelled great but were mushy - needed to be cooked more to make them crispy. I really wanted to like this place as another option nearby but don't think I'll be visiting again in the future.

Andrea H.

Given the chaos that COVID-19 has caused, I've been using it as an excuse to try some local restaurants and businesses that offer delivery and curbside pickup. I ordered through UberEats and everything is perfect. Everything tastes delicious and almost looks like a stock image, the burgers are made that well. I ordered some chicken nuggets to put me over the UE small order threshold and they surpassed my expectations. I think that I found my go-to place.

Sterling C.

This place was INCREDIBLE! Family from out of town were here and we came in for their last night. We had burgers, a hot dog, kids meal, and a torta. Everything was hot, perfectly cooked, and most importantly, FRESH! The dining room was impeccably clean and the service was beyond friendly and personable. Will definitely return!

Bruce L.

Wanted a burger and found Not Just Burger on Yelp. Drove up to the store and with the dark windows thought it was close this Sunday morning. Fortunately decided to get out of the car and check the door. To my surprise found it open...Thank goodness!!! Burgers are the BOMB...crispy bun, perfectly cooked meat, full of flavor, multiple choices of condiments and stuffings. Don't miss his place, very small, non-descript but inviting inside and best value around. I should know...I own 8 causal Up-scale restaurants in 3 different states. Kudos to the owner operators!!!

Jon's Cooks And repairs

Wasn't looking to eat a burger, but if I am, might as well be a mom and pop burger. Delish!

Gilbert Guillen


Jonatan Hernandez

Wasn't looking to eat a burger, but if I am, might as well be a mom and pop burger. Delish!

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