Pancho Loco

400 S Oregon St, El Paso
(915) 244-1865

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Esdin R.

I waited ten minutes and didn't receive my beer. I can just imagine how long food would take. Not cool. Actually kinda lame

Frances L.

On a Sunday night, we passed by a slightly shady part of EL Paso to find this restaurant. It's more like an open cabana bar with loud music and seating in the open air. Walking into Coco Loko is like walking into another country - the vibe is very much like Mexican or South American restaurants. Not a great place for groups since the biggest tables seem to only fit 4 people. The food was the most unique I've ever had, but beware it is on the spicy side. I ordered the shrimp tacos which had at least 6 of them and were so filling. My husband got the signature Coco Loko dish which came with shrimp cerviche in a fresh coconut along with potato chips with hot sauce drizzled on it. Really unique and quite tasty. I also got a non alchoholic mangonada which had mango juice and chili powder with a chili powder straw. Not bad, pretty unique. A fun place to try something different and get a unique experience you cant get anywhere else in the US!

Ian L.

Outstanding and fun place to have a meal! I had several shrimp tacos and octopus/scallop ceviche. I could see the food being meticulously prepared in the back. The presentation was beautiful and the staff friendly. Unfortunately I don't live in El Paso but if I did, I'd be here often!

Rose W.

I have seen this place but have never been in here.... Wow! The atmosphere is cool. The service is good but the food was amazing!! Had the Papas Lokas..... Omg so good! 2 of us split it and it was more than enough. I totally recommend this place to anyone!!

Laura Y.

Good food for the right price. The shrimp cocktail wasn't that great but still good. However the shrimp & fish tacos were very very good & the micheladas were amazing. They have a great selection of snack food so for the most part I loved it, it would be better if the place was bigger & the music isn't so loud which is great.

Vanessa H.

This was our first time visiting and it was surprisingly a small place. We waited out in the common area for approximately 40 minuets before they sat us down. They could easily have a larger space. Overall the food was was good and pleasing to the eyes. We had the Borachos which consisted of a six pack of beer topped with shrimp and papas locas and other stuff towards the bottom of the dish. We were a party of 3 and did not finish because were all stuffed. The downside of the place is the size and wait time, but we would visit again.

Jay C.

Los Angeles resident visiting El Paso, TX this place was awesome. The wait was okay but it's all worth it once you get your food and drinks. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a new spot to try out or just craving a good Michelada and seafood! Hands down recommend it , staff was amazing and friendly. I will definitely come back when I visit again. Yummmmmmmy

Gerald M.

This place wasn't the easiest place to find because it's basically in the back of a sort of strip mall. But once you find it you will be glad you did. The seafood is amazing. We went twice the week we were in El Paso. The first time we ordered fish tacos and a giant shrimp cocktail. Both were amazing. A lot of people were ordering what is called the Borracho meal. Basically it's a couple of cans of beer per person and there is seafood spread all over the cans and plate. The second time we went we had guacamole and something called the Torre de Mariscos (Tower of Seafood). The Torre was amazing. It had tons of shrimp, fish, scallops and veggies. We went with the Habanero sauce and it was a little spicy but very tasty. This place is a Yelper's paradise. Check out our pics.

Manuel Irigoyen

I got the sandia loca and the watermelon wasn't fresh. It was flimsy and soggy. Not going back

Val D.

Every time I come eat here I always fall more in love. Shrimp cocktails are amazing! They were only accepting cash payments which wasn't so terrible at first considering they have an atm inside. But I just wish they wouldn't allow people to come in and solicit while we're eating, then once again after we've received our change. Only thing we didn't like.

Norma G.

This place would be way better if the waitress were more efficient. It took 45 minutes to get everything we ordered. We got two plates and then some drinks then one more drink 8 minutes later. I was patient because o had my mom and aunties. Will be my last visit.

Leah D.

I LOVED this place the moment I walked in. The waitress we had was the sweetest. We got the Borracho for 3. I don't know if that is the actual name but the picture I post will explain it. It was everything I wanted! It came with six beers surrounded by potato chips with shrimp, onions, peppers, I don't know what else but it was all so good. The top of the beer had some sort of dark sauce with avocado and shrimp, so when you poured the beer into your vaso it added a little extra flavor. I can't even describe the flavor it was. Sweet, sour, savory. I would come back here in a heart beat. Kinda wish we had room to try more things but this filled us all up. I would definitely try this place if you are considering it!

Tom M.

Wow...... wow..... this restaurant was one of the best finds we made while visiting El Paso. I can't say I've tried anything quite like this. I've had ceviche but this was taken to the next level and what a fun presentation. It's something you have to try. I'm not sure I could even put words to the flavors. A combination of spicy, sweet, and very fresh seafood. If you are in El Paso make this a must stop!!

Catrina C.

El Paso's best kept secret! Great food. Great ambiance. Great experience! This place easily deserves 5+ stars!

Ana D.

Delicious and unique! This little place was fun and tasty. Friendly service. Clean. Would definitely recommend it for some interesting munchies! The house special was great- shrimp cocktail in a young coconut with homemade potato chips...

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