Papa John's Pizza

3910c Dyer St Ste C, El Paso
(915) 566-2800

Recent Reviews

Holly M

Always great service, friendly staff. If they could manage not to overcook the gluten free crusts I'd totally give them 5 stars!

Kayla Jackson

I ordered and picked no contact delivery but the guy still did a contact delivery and dropped my wings

Jesus Palacios

Good pizza! Delivery was good. I'll order from them again.

Jocelyn Nunez

They got my order wrong and the staff keep putting me on hold to try to fix the order that they had already delivered and at the end of a long call thwy couldn't do anything about it ! So frustrating!

Manny Martinez

Good food n fast service

Alma Carlson

Store is nice but no buddy Wash's there hands before touching the food people where sneezing in there aprons and picking their noses ? honestly nasty and they used dough that was out for 4 hours to make a pizza Papa John's rule is 30 max.

Charles Cannon

These folks are always Nice, timely, and go out of their way. Be it Uber or Personal no complaints.

Monica Gallegos

Great pizza fast service for takeout

Bryant Zamilpa

Great pizza

Teffy Ontiveros

Ordered by phone and it was ready like promised.

David Santos

Always great food and customer service

nancy Contreras

Good services and delicious pizza

lynn nelson

I arranged delivery of lunch for 30. The manager handled the arrangements himself and everything was perfect. All the food arrived at the correct temperature, 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Everything was there - plates, utensils, napkins. The group was very pleased.

Ashley Bowser

Papa John's is okay. I think they can do better honestly. But I would rather go to Domino's to be honest, that's just my opinion. Better prices better pizza.

David M.

Papa John's has great pizza! I just don't like their politics. If they would've shut up about donating the money that you spend with them to the Republican Party, I would be OK

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