6951 N Mesa St, El Paso
(915) 234-2550

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P N.

Door dash order. I love this place in the northeast or honestly any Pokeworks I have gone to. This one in particular was not the best. Ordered a large bowl half rice and salad. Whoever created my bowl just had lettuce in it and they put it under my rice . This place is didn't have the option of jalapeños put replace it with a chili. Not much portion of the tuna, spicy tuna or scallops I ordered. I don't think would order again or maybe I should drive to the location next time I'm in El Paso.

Frank S.

Two of my daughters love it, I haven't visit the place but try it's food, is healthy and delicious

Brian Carter

I enjoy the fresh and light seafood meals. I just wish the guy behind the counter would quit with the fake enthusiasm. It is annoying and demeaning.


Check my account show me where I have ever given a restaurant a 1 star review. I never have but this place is so genuinely gross I had to. The food was absolutely awful. Sushi Rice was just white rice. The chicken was cheap dry chicken. The shrimp was dirty cheap shrimp you'd find at like a super market I wasn't even sure it was cooked was I supposed to cook it at home? Avocado was a rotten brown. Now with all this in mind why was this bowl a 16$ meal? I assumed because it would be made with quality but boy I sure as hell was wrong. Proud to be a Karen right now because I will never ever order from here again.


Food was cold, chicken was dry and felt like it was microwaved, shrimp was cold and smelled old, did not receive our dole whips when ordered. Overall terrible price for such gross food.

Eder Casaña

for those who like asían hawaian ingredients, this is for You ,is like a candy store of options for a sushi burrito salad ir pole bowl love it

Raul Pena Jr.

BOMBBBB, on 7/12/2020 great staff

Suki K.

3 times total I have ordered from here and its super fresh and delicious every time. I order through ubereats and I always ask for chopsticks and sauce on the side they listen. I appreciate the fast service and the quality of the food. It is worth the price. I get the hawaiian classic with the ahi tuna. Tastes just like how my mom made it but we never put cucumbers and I like it with the cucumbers. Thank you poke express for the delicious meal!

Alicia Jasso

This is the first time my family and I have eaten poke in El Paso and I must say we were disappointed. The rice was hard and the sauce was flavorless. Won’t ever eat poke at this place again. So far the poke in El Paso is not comparable to poke in California.

Matthew Appleby

A few weeks ago, when I ordered a bowl from Pokeworks, THERE WAS TINY GLASS SHARDS IN MY BOWL, at first I thought it was something in the bowl until I spit out my food and there was blood and fragments of glass. When I called the manager insisted there was no glass around the prep area. WELL THEN HOW EXACTLY DID I GET SHARDS OF GLASS IN MY POKE. Will never come here again and will make sure everyone I know doesn’t give another penny to this establishment. I DIDN’T EVEN GET REFUNDED

Erin Flores Ritter

We enjoy this restaurant, and the staff is great. But lately, they have been out of sauces and ingredients like chicken. Unfortunately when you order via the app, this info is not conveyed. So it sets the staff up for issues with the customer.

Nicolas C.

Amazing place if your on a diet and looking for something tasty they have a variety of options for custom bowls and the place in general has a nice atmosphere and is very clean

Janell Ochoa

After weeks of wanting Poke I was finally able to make my way over only to be sorely disappointed. I’ve been coming here since it opened and it will probably be my last visit. As soon as I walked in I noticed the overwhelming mess and trash in the back counter. To the point of disgust by having old food crumbs spread out, opened drink containers, and food prep displayed. I pushed pass that since I know the quality is usually top notch. Then when I tried getting my regular order they were out of ahi tuna, spicy tuna, avocados, etc... I could go on but just know this place is not up to the standards I had come to expect.

Dan M.

Did not get what I ordered ! Very disappointed! Only got 1 scoop salmon! Did not get salmon, seaweed and avocado. Spent $30 what a rip off!

Jaime Arreola

Poor execution... bad operator

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