Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

8867 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso
(915) 599-9118

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liliana balandran

I really love their chicken. The service is really good every time I go there they have a line through the drive thru and the line always goes by fast I also like it because I don't have to repeat myself through the speaker like in some other places were sometimes they can't hear you or the speaker doesn't workFood: 5/5

Gilbert Ruiz


Jonathan Garcia

I ordered food ask for no cole slaw extra fries on 3 combos. They all had cole slaw.Our fries were cold. We live 3 minutes from here:Will start going to a different restaurant from here on out, sad part was there was no line.


13 hours into my 20 hour road trip they literally didn’t give me chicken and I didn’t notice till I was almost out of El Paso. Called and was told I would have to come back? How the hell you forget chicken when it’s the only thing on your menu and charge me 20 bucks for it? Then not even attempt to refund it? Anyways bread was 10/10

Laura Salas

The fries had no salt and are basic frozen crinkle cut fries. The chicken strips are ok, nothing great. Idk why I would need a thick slice of toast. And the sauce is the only thing I liked.Food: 2/5

Verna Townsend

I've never heard of this company, it was selected off of the advice of the shuttle driver at the hotel I'm staying at. OMG!!! The taste of the food! And the friendliness of the staff! Bothe were off the charts! Exceptional! What I liked about the food, was it's unique seasoning, keep up the good work! ???? ???

Elsa Warden

Not the most pleasant experience. I was looking forward to grabbing a bite late at night. No welcoming anything, the cashier and manager were up front and neither said anything. Chicken "fingers" are the size of chicken nuggets. The restaurant was almost empty so I guess that gives the evening/night manager permission to be on his phone. He stood on the side of the front and was constantly on his phone. There goes customer service for ya. Saving my $$$ for next time! Boss's is so MUCH BETTER!!!

Tinamarie R.

Decided to give Canes another try. This will be the last time. The "world famous" lemonade tasted like it was watered down. Very disappointing. It almost taste like what I make from the CountryTime container. The Canes sauce is gross! I don't understand the hype. Boss's Chicken and Chick-fil-A are so much better!!

Miguel Sanchez

Everyone at this place is always so nice. I’ve been here a couple of times and a tall guy with glasses whom I believe is the manager always comes to the table and asks if everything is okay. The food is always very good and the service is quick.The place in general always feels confortable.

Ricardo D.

We visit the one in Pearland, TX and the service and food is always good. My son loves Raising Cane's and goes there a couple of times every week. Like all fast food places, the drive thru often gets the orders wrong. Check your order before you leave or might get home and have more or less than what you ordered.

Omar Davila

I’m a big fan of Canes but this Canes location is just is not it. Chicken fingers were small (almost bite size), chicken was old and stale, fries were flavorless and cold. Canes is usually pretty good but this location needs some work. I won’t be back.

Alicia Felix

On 7.1.22, I decided to try out the New Ice tea that the (Rapper) Ice Tea promotes on the You Tube App channel and I found it to be Poor in taste especially since I ordered the Sweet Tea with my order.Everything else, like the (3) piece ? meal with fries, and bread were Superdelicious!I did give my comments to the young male Cashier and Manager Itzel just to note that the Sweet tea should have tasted better. Overall, it was a ?experience.

JJville Jack

This is my favorite place to get chicken! Absolutely delicious. Didn't like the sauce at first, but it grew on me.

Leah Brown

Overall I've enjoyed my experiences here. The staff was very welcoming each time. I've done dine-in and takeout. It's a little pricey for tenders and fries( don't like coleslaw), but the service is cool.

Lin Ville

Canes after looking at the photos from previous customers and based on my own experience today I must say I was very disappointed and dissatisfied with the meals the meals I paid almost 30 dollars for. I must admit it was so not worth it. Again compared to the photos on previous reviews the chicken seems much smaller now and the way the meal was set up was pretty sad (pictures are provided with my review so that there's no mistaking the facts ? oh and the no slaw extra fries was for the Caniac Combo....The box combo I ordered was missing food including my coleslaw ?The chicken pieces were smaller and missing a piece and the fries were no where near the amount that usually is in the meal...I get it your very busy at this location but so is the Zaragosa location and they at least make an effort to make it right. Maybe I just received the last pieces in the box or it is true the chicken is no longer the same size....and for the amount of money this company is asking for, they should at least keep the meals the same size as before....I hope Canes goes back to serving the meals as they were before....afterall you are getting the money for it.

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