Sarku Japan

1613 Pleasanton Road Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss, Suite B-125, El Paso
(915) 264-1648

Recent Reviews

Brianna Carothers

This was pretty good for food court options.

Daniel Alvarado

They cook it right in front of you! Not hibachi though. It’s good to get a quick bite and take it. Not if you’re expecting something great and magical. Fairly priced

Whatsa Name

Chicken teriyaki w rice special on Fri was awesome. I got the regular serving w spring roll and water for 9 bucks! When I tell you it is a large serving, OMG. My meal was 2 in one. When I saw the double meat order, that would have served 6! Check it out, it is on Bliss so if you can't get there to try it out, sorry for you, you're missing out.

Daniel M

Just as the description says, made to order dishes. You watch your food get made as you wait. I've come here many times, even if it requires the extra step of obtaining a visitor's pass to come onto the military base. The service is fast, efficient. Food is fresh, hot, tasty, plentiful and i always leave satisfied. Completely worth it!

Kathy Brosch

Delicious food! Great sushi! Good customer service. They have hibachi seating available as well.

Leanne Huq

This place has some really good chicken teriyaki! I like to get it with the fried rice and veggies. I love stopping here whenever I'm in El Paso. The staff there is super nice and the food is cooked fresh right in front of you.

John Dixon

Love this place. They make your food fresh and gets it to you in a decent manner.

Lizette Portugal

Food is great and staff is friendly and super helpful!

Denise Ashley

Loved their fried rice and steam vegetables with teriyaki sauce.

Ruben Juarez

Fresh grilled in front of you, great portion sizes.

Topaz W.

I am absolutely in love with this place! Not only did they cheer me up with an excellent meal before my first deployment but they also allowed me to have a bottle of Siracha as a going away present (my favorite spicy sauce!) Please visit Sarku Japan for their food and friendly service! I'll be back in a year for another great Veggie D'Lite!! Thank you again!

Jermaine Dennis

Great place for a quick bite of quasi asian food.

Tyler A

This is probably my favorite quick bite to eat restaurant on Bliss. for about $10 you can get a massive to-go box full of teriyaki chicken and noodles.. As well as a large (Texas sized) drink. This place in my opinion is the best restaurant they have in the food court that isn't a sit down establishment.

Karla V.

Their Teriyaki is absolutely delicious. They make it infront of you. The Teriyaki options are chicken, steak, shrimp, mix and vegetarian options. Their serving is quite generous. They also sell egg rolls on the side. They carry Japanese drinks/sodas. The cashier has a heavy accent hard to understand but she is very nice and patient. They serve the food quite fast. I do not think is a super healthy option but also it is not the worst option. Their food is totally worth it because it is delicious. They give samples all the time, you may also request it. You may choose veggies, noodles, rice or a combination of any of them as a side. The veggies consist of mainly cabbage, some carrots and broccoli.

Cendy Del

It's always good. Only place I eat in the food court. Chicken teriyaki with noodles is my usual order and its always filling. Usually have leftover. No complaints

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