Speedy's Pizza

4020 Monroe Ave #6652, El Paso
(915) 307-4477

Recent Reviews

ulrick smith

The pizza here is amazing and fresh. Customer service is top notch. Definitely worth giving a try

John Jimenez

My kids love the pizzas and so do i best place ever

Timothy Procell

Quick, affordable, great taste. Employees are friendly and work quick to fix any mistakes.

Sean Barfield

Really great quality pizza, and awesome customer service

David Wellington

The name fits the place for sure. Very fast and polite service.

Logan Lohr

Best pizza around at a great price!

Daniella Smith

Completely messed up my order.

Marisol Villalobos

Their pizza is super good and they have really great prices. Their wings are really good too

Arma Neva

The only pizza my family enjoys!

Alex Juárez

best price and perfect flavor

Destyni R.

Called in a delivery order and an hour later.. still nothing. Had to call twice to get an answer. Just ended up cancelling the order and asking for a refund. No question, no apology, no care, just gave us the refund.

Olivia Atilano

I always order from Speedy’s for my work and the pizza is always super good, fairly priced and order always comes out fast. Super underrated pizza place!

Nayeli Acosta

Service was exceptional and the pizza looks amazing! Love the incorporation of local cuisine into the pizza!

Hank Hill

This pizza place is the best: Great quality, Great Service, Oustanding Delivery. I'm greeted by a nice voice and I get my food delivered with a smile

Cesar Flores

Pros: Small local pizza place that has specialty pizzas that represent the area. They have different selection and combinations it's awesome. Taste good and when it's fresh they are delicious.Cons: on the website some of the pizzas have ingredients that don't show clearly so check the description.

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