Taco Bell

120 E Paisano Dr, El Paso
(915) 755-5926

Recent Reviews

John Comp

Girl who took order took time to get it right. Outstanding Customer Service!

Alejandra Silva

Bought more than 10 tacos today and not even one of them had meat just lettuce and cheese! Not recommended at all

Carl White

Good food

Jr Co

Idk, i think they're really cutting back on ingredients. They don't even add cheese to cheesy gordita crunch...

Wil Attwood

Normal place that does good I'm happy with the results of what I order

oscar valdez

Make any taco vegan by removing cream and adding potatoes!

Yuki Diaz

I love the food.

Honest Reviews

Places like this are the reason I will never support a minimum wage above $7/hr. I order a 12 box of tacos. I say meat and cheese only. They thought that included lettuce.

charles buie

Poor service. Few employees. Slow to take your order. Slower to fill said order.

Ramferi Cortez

It's wonderful

George Fierro

It's a nice and friendly place because as you walk in you're greeted by all the staff and when you leave those that see you leave will say good day and hope you come back soon

moises salazar

Craving box beef chalupa supreme, amazing!

Dark Angel

I like eating burritos, tacos, and nachos. It feels good to eat in a nice clean restaurant without flyers near the food!

Jhesi Strader

They are always "out of" half the stuff and generally get your order incorrect in my experience

William Martinez

restaurant was clean service was good friendly bathrooms were clean adequate seating good place to meet handicap parking reasonable prices

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