Taco Bell

1337 George Dieter Dr, El Paso
(915) 595-0607

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angel reyes

They are not only fast but, my order was correct!

Katrina Binkley

First when you order NACHOS!! Put cheese on them. And put the toppings all over not just on small spot. And either give gauc or not give it. Don't just put a drop to show you thought about putting some on. The only reason I gave a two Star is because the guy that originally helped me was nice. Sorry no picture because my nachos were ashamed to show its naked chips.

Susana Lerma

I go in morning for the bacon quesadilla and I love the flour tortilla egg and bacon and cheese good I recommend

Chris Grohusko

So. I eat my food after leaving drive thru 30 min later and the 5 layer burrito looks like a regular bean burrito.

El Paso Telescope Cafe Astronomer Chris L. Grohusko

So. I eat my food after leaving drive thru 30 min later and the 5 layer burrito looks like a regular bean burrito.

Valerie Bowers

Courteous & professional staff, no disappointment with our order, clean.

Lex Luna

Love their $5 boxes. Plenty of food for the price

Tawnya Luke

Taco Bell is Taco Bell. No surprises here. I was disappointed to learn they no longer have green sauce. I like to try new items, but mostly they all taste the same. Don't get me wrong, I love a Mexican Pizza and a Taco Supreme, but once in a while I'd like a burrito and I'd like them to be really good. Not generic everything tastes the same Taco Bell.

Juan Rivera

Good service good food just the tacos don't taste the same before it was a franchise

Eric Rhodes

It's crazy, the order was cold straight from the kitchen. Little meat tacos we're more like a salad. It's only this taco Bell that sucks.

Juan Jose Sanchez

Good food good

Heber San

My order is always right! Great job, thank you for your great service which is hard to get around horizon area.

Anya Carrillo

My husband and I went pretty close to closing time so we expected they might not have everything and felt bad about it (sometimes the craving hits late, what can I say) but the employees were great about it and though they didn't have enough ground beef for all of our tacos they were willing to substitute it for chicken, which was fine by me. She also offered since my husbands were only the chicken with no other toppings that if we didn't feel like there was enough meat they would replace all six the following day when they opened again. While that was super nice, everything was great and we did not take them up on that. Great service every time 👍

Diana Herrera

Always order through mobile app as we usually have one co worker pick up all our orders and they always do awesome even with all the orders that are picked up at once. Great experience and great service!

Richard W

Food is still ok, not great. Now they EXPECT you to do their job by using one of their kiosk. Don't understand how that helps when they still have the same amount of people working, especially when there wasn't anyone else in there.

Maria Carlin

Excellent customer service. Clean and organized place and great flavor and menu!

Robert Bell

This is the BEST Taco Bell I've ever been to! Amazing service, amazing food. So quick, so delicious!

josy murillo


Martin Hurtado

Worst experience! No lie, waited to place my order for 5 minutes. No one from the back came out. When team manager saw me walked to back as if didn't see me. A team lead walked by to collect money from drive thru & finally said she'd be right with me. Management called another employee to take my order. Took a while to come out. What I don't understand is why can't the management take my order instead of keeping waiting. Once they become management they no longer care about the customers?!? One the team lead finished with drive thru she was coming over to take my order,but the management got mad at her & told her another employee was going to take my order. Still not right to keep customer waiting. The gentleman appolgize but I feel was not his fault & told him so. The management made my order called that it was ready after the fact she slammed the bag with my order on counter. Very unprofessional.

Chris H

This store is always really great. Team members always super friendly and helpful. Whoever hired the people at this store gets customer service.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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