Taco Bell

12230 Montana Ave, El Paso
(915) 855-3088

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John Stachl

Good and tasty fast food at a good price

Larry Leach

Very skimpy on the portions. Even paying 75 cents extra per soft taco to substitute chicken for beef. Better value at taco cabana.

Ernestine Long

I do not like rice on my chicken burritos, they do not have a Grilled chicken burrito. I only went because my friend loves to eat there.

Lou Aguayo

Love their $5:00 lunch specials

Cassin Majors

The best customer services goes to Anthony. Hes freaking awesome. Even when I was confused he corrected an item I thought I saw on the menu. Laughed and even made a joke out of my mistake. He repeated my order two times at ordering then again at the window making sure he let me know jalapeno sauce came on the item I was ordering without me asking. He just rocked. Thank you for your service young man.


Vegetarian and vegan options available. Very affordable and a good place to sit and eat.

Lauro Guerra Jr

For what it is, I really like Taco Bell. The service is fast, the food is good, and the staff is usually great.

Wilma Wells

Great food and reasonable price. Staff was very good about helping US find a good dish. It was large enough to fill two very hungry folks .

Joshua Garcia

Those five dollars nacho box with shredded chicken were AWESOME

Gabriela Gomez

Very clean and fast and nice people with costumer

Yazmin Dominguez

clean for the most part, VERY greasy food tacos are very soggy, quesadillas have no cheese so if you want a folded tortilla ask for a "quesadilla" prefer the taco bell on zaragoza and edgemere

Monica F

One of the best taco bells I've been to. Food is hot and fresh. They have never messed up a order of mine. The staff is friendly and fast

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Monica Flores

One of the best taco bells I've been to. Food is hot and fresh. They have never messed up a order of mine. The staff is friendly and fast

Justin Y.

This place is EMPTY and I've waited now 20 minutes for my food. Horrible service. This isn't the first time this happened. I don't know why I keep going here. Never again. This place needs an entirely new staff. It's absurd

josue larregui

It was very clean, prompt service and very good customer service. I used the new system to order something additional and it was great. Thumbs up!

Lex Luna

Those five dollar boxes are always so good. Good amount of food for the price ans sometimes even has a drink and churros.

Fito Gomez

Five dollar chalupa special was very good.

Southern star

Man this mango is some of the best drink ive ever had! The food is edible.

Will J.

Why does their Yelp profile indicate that they are open until 2 am? I arrived at 1:30 am and they were closed. It was awesome of the turd inside not to extend courtesy and let me know. Instead, he left me at the drive thru. Taco Bell, you are definitely winning customers with your commitment to customer service.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

12230 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79938