Thyme Matters

5857 N Mesa St #24, El Paso
(915) 585-0309

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Risya L.

Sometimes Thyme does matter. My MIL brought us here for lunch and they were really excited about sharing this place with us. Unfortunately it was the opposite of everything they were ranting and raving about. Even they said it was different. We ordered a tuna melt with avo on the side, grilled chicken for the toddler and I had a salad with grilled chicken as well. The service was great, so don't get me wrong that's why they get two stars. But the wait for the food with no one but two other families that had already been served before we were seated took over 30-40 minutes. We ordered simple meals nothing crazy. Water refill was great and beverages but when that's the high light of your experience that's pretty bad. My daughters grilled chicken was only that, a piece of incredibly dry charred edge chicken no side or anything. My salad with the grilled chicken same thing. They I ate it because I hadn't ate for awhile and was hungry. The tuna melt according to the in laws was just ok but they kept forgetting things. Their dish included chips, and they literally had four pieces of chips on it. I'm not sure what the bill was and they never checked back with us to see how our meal was, we kept having to get up to check the status of our meal or remind them to bring something. Just sad, I know this is hard times but you gotta still have quality food to keep the customers you do get. If they were having an odd day I hope it's better.

Frank A.

Firstly, get the guacamole and thank me later...This is my El Paso go-to. My wife and I have been there a couple of times and have not been disappointed. The appetizers are good, and their tenderloin is fantastic . Next time you need a place for a date, this ones the place to go to

alma gray

My food was definitely over cooked my beer was warm and the establishment is not clean at all... all in all too pretentious of a place.

Madison C.

I have been here a few times and I had never been very impressed given the prices but my last experience was wonderful. We started with the jalapeño margarita and cucumbertini. Both were very very good. Our entrees were the ahi tuna and the Chilean sea bass. The ahi tuna was amazing. It had a great flavor over rice and was a very good size for the price. I love sea bass but I don't really like hominy or tomatillo soup so I ordered the sea bass with roasted potatoes, vegetables, and lemons to squeeze on the fish. It was so good. I absolutely loved my meal. Social distancing is enforced. Bar is not open for seating. There is outdoor dining available. All waiters were wearing masks and menus were able to be brought up on your phone which was nice. Great service and good experience overall!

Ruth Perez

Simply the best colorist and stylist in El Paso!

Jeannie N

I count it a favorite place to eat in El Paso. They can cover a wide variety of tastes very well. This time I had a quinoa and roasted squash salad. Loved it. Good service, we weren’t hurried. Fair prices. I like them a lot.

Cindy P.

Decided to try something new and had heard positive things about Thyme Matters. The server named Bobby introduced himself then took around twenty minutes to come back and ask for our drink order. The drinks were great and very fresh. We tried the tuna ceviche and it was fantastic. The grilled steak and tacos were delicious. Our only problem was that of the service. We tried to order several times and the server told us he was "very busy". He kept giving me inappropriate looks and we could hear him cussing from all the way across the room as well. I've also never seen a server wear a hat on the job and it didn't look very professional or sanitary. We will definitely come back for the food but we will ask for a different server next.

Michael N.

Our servers name was Bobby, he was rarely present at the table and seemed like he was more interested in talking than working. The busser was much more helpful than he was. He was very loud and I could hear him swearing behind the bar

alleen burkholder

great place to order good food while visiting with friends.

Marti Morazan Carrasco

Very classy place and food was very good will be back soon

Marti Morazan

Very classy place and food was very good will be back soon

Lisa Lane

Fun place to have a quite lunch. Music is not too loud.

Anna A.

If you are young people sitting next to a group of old people ordering bottle service, expect to be blatantly ignored by the server. It is clear that they are willing to forego profit from younger patrons in favor of the old guard regular, so save your money and don't go here if you are under 60.

Nuomin Huang

Tbh I found this restaurant on Craigslist through job postings (gig economy things). It blew my mind servers here have a base wage of $2.50 an hour. Yes labor laws allow wages to be less than the minimum if tips are included, but such a low base wage creates a huge disparity and inconsistent pay between slow and busy weeks. The pricey menu consists of steaks and seafood, but the reality is that its workers would never be able dine there and afford the cost of living. I will never dine at such an unethical establishment.

Melissa Faulkner

We had the appetizers for a quick bite. The tables were gorgeously setup. The staff was fast and attentive. The food matched the atmosphere; amazing.

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