3500 Dyer St, El Paso
(915) 565-0585

Recent Reviews

Larry Aldeis

order was totally wrong. ordered a #5 and received a -5. How hard is it to make an order. They are consistent on making orders wrong though. The wrapping of the burger was on point though.

Lupe Hernandez

Love their Patty Melts and fried onions.

Mario V

somebody messed up our order but Rosa the manager took care of it like a professional

Roberto Zarate

Pico de Gallo burger was the bomb!

J. R.

Rarely have a bad experience at all...today was an exception. Look...I work all day and I get that these guys are overwhelmed. But to be rude to a customer just because they messed up an order.Not my fault. Be better.

Jocelyn Nunez

They get my food right a 85% of the time i cant complain!

Johnny A

If this is the closest Whataburger to you, just drive to the next one. They always mess up my order every time I go there. The Managers act like they don't care and the employees obviously hate their job. If you want your order done correctly, just go to a different Whataburger.

Carmen Venzor

I was disappointed with the Pico de gallo burger and the salad was worse! They also forgot to put in the dressing ?I have had it before and it was excellent!

Ryan Beighley

Good food that was hot and fast. Crispy fries with just the right amount of salt. Buns could be better but that is just what they all have.

Victor Ball

Good food, just had to wait a while for my order

Toast williams

Really cool environment. Not too sure how I feel about the Pico De Gallo burger but then again I'm a vegetarian and I gotta finesse the menu like that boy Teejayx6. That Dr. Pepper shake is primarily cherry flavored mid. But the rest of it is tight. Stay frosty. Wear a mask. Imma go shave my face right quick.

eddie santana

It's a great fast food restaurant has delicious food, great employees, great location like all the rest of them

Boy Boy

They sure don't know the meaning of fast food and dont seem to know how to take an order either. Even though it's close by, I usually prefer driving to the airway one.


This is the worst whataburger to eat at. Only 2 vehicles, no other client in sight. After they left which took about 12 minutes I had to wait another 7 minutes. And my order was simple.

Ricardo Gomez

They offer very good customer service

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