Chipotle Mexican Grill

2901 Heritage Trace Pkwy #101, Fort Worth
(817) 741-6480

Recent Reviews

Steve Cox

Would give 0 stars if I could. Will never order from this location again. This is the 3rd time they have gotten an online order wrong. Ordered a double chicken bowl and they forgot the chicken and the salsa! I don't understand how hard it is to look at an order and scoop pre-made ingredients into a bowl. Have called the restaurant 4 times now to talk to a manager and nobody is picking up the phone. Work from home, and now have to miss additional work time to drive back up there to get them to fix it. Ridiculous. Qdoba is so much better and have never gotten a wrong order from them.

Julie Ivie

This was my 1st time using their delivery. It was in time which was great! However my order was missing guacamole and the portion was much smaller than when in the store. We received 4 small bags of chips which I love, but they were pretty stale since we ordered around 8:30. Food was good just not what we expect from Chipotle.

Tiana __

I ordered from this location tonight and got home to eat and there was a piece of black facial hair in my food! GROSS!!!! It’s definitely not mine because my hair is reddish and this hair was jet black and extremely curly. I will not be back!

Christi Lynn

I have NEVER been to a Chipotle this bad. They NEVER have any order ready after ordering in advance. NOT ONE TIME!!!!! They have a tiny prep area for to go orders which is obviously the majority right note. They actually allow themselves to run out of an ingredient regularly without making more which is a management issue. Do not order from this location if you can help it.

Audalisea Blagg

VERY DISAPPOINTED! Half of the crew is only wearing the masks to under their nose, which doesn't protect from anything, and the other half isnt wearing any sort of covering. We informed them we had a second order and they proceeded to pull the people behind us up and begin their order. We had to correct them and still had to wait until they finished the order behind us. ALSO THEY WERE NOT ENFORCING SOCIAL DISTANCING. When we told them they need to enforce the social distancing they advertised in the store the manager didnt even acknowledge us. Just made eye contact and walked off. WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THIS LOCATION.

Truluck Family

This was a horrible experience! First off 1/2 of the people working there, preparing your food when you walk up are only covering their mouth with their mask. Second, they have the social distancing signs posted but they do not practice it at all. I had two orders, my husband was having his food prepared on the line and I was paying for the first order. I told the girl making his that i needed another bowl and the guy next to her had already pulled the next person up to make theirs. Then the guy wanted to make mine and get me through the line having me go back to the beginning where you pick your rice. The guy that was ordering was buried in his phone and now would have been standing a foot away from me. My husband's had to ask him to step back which he had no problem with. They made my bowl and I went to pay. My husband tried to talk to the guy taking the payments about the whole issue and he literally turned his back on him and walked away while he was mid sentence. With the covid19 pandemic going on and people dying every day this is ridiculous! We have 2 people in our family that are high risk but we shouldn't have to broadcast that to have people practice the social distancing they are advertising. This was an awful experience, I will never go to this location again! Very disappointed in the kids working there!

Nit Witty

Today's Cinco de Mayo. Just sent my daughter in with two entree order and the code was queso 55. Which was definitely entered. She arrives to get the two entrees they say, well since the code didn't go through, you can't have the queso unless you order a third entree. My daughter said I entered the code. Their response, tough. If you want the queso order another entree. Then they started laughing and making fun of her when was walking out with her meals and no queso. Great customer service, hope the laughs were worth our lost business of at least once or twice a week. The place has been going downhill for some time. From now on we'll be driving the extra 5 minutes to Blue Mound where it's always clean and the employees are courteous.

Christopher Talabock

Got an order ready time for 715 and food won’t be ready for at least 45 minutes after that.. if you can’t make the food then close down and don’t give me some corona virus bs excuse.. you either have the staff or you don’t.... and the burrito was half the normal size so the tortilla is doubled over

Kelsie B.

Horrible customer service!! I went in and the lady in change told me they were backed up and then canceled my order and didn't give me a refund... then had the nerve to laugh in my face. I go to chipotle twice a week and I will no longer be taking my business here. SUPER disappointed Went in April 15th 12:30ish

Two Pilots

They don't accept orders inside the restaurant, website doesn't work. Seems like they just don't want your money. A bit unusual in a time like this.

Liz B.

Oh yelp, why why do you not let us give zero stars? Sometimes a place just screams "I DON'T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS OR THE COMPANY I WORK FOR!" Enter this Chipotle. We haven't eaten At this particular Chipotle before, but have heard poor things. I used to love Chipotle and was craving a salad bowl. First y'all.... the Chipotle on 377 near me was always SO clean. I'm mean pristine. So the first thing i noticed was EVERY SINGLE TABLE WAS DIRTY. Yet 10 employees milled around in the back doing nothing. The back area and prep area were disgusting. I asked if they could clean a table for us. One girl went out with a sponge (raise your hand if you would wipe your table with a sponge from Chipotle lol. Mmmm no? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) but I over looked the funky sponge. That's when i really got a good look at the prep area and the back where the cook stations were. OMG CALL THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT. not even kidding. The prep station was covered in old dried food. Baked on. Beef looked like jerky and they were almost out of chicken (i couldn't get as many pics as i wanted too and you'll find out soon why). The fajita veggies were DISGUSTING and what little was left was in what looked like rancid grease with old dried veggies stuck to the side. I'm sure they could not use clean containers because they were all stacked up in the god awfulest mound of filth ever. Dirty dishes stacked up so y'all I couldn't have reached the top. I hope they were not clean because...well look at the picture A lady (only other customer there) orders salad bowls. I'm not paying a lot of attention to much but I'm starving and trying to eat low carb, so i was going to risk it. She got a decent portion of chicken and lots of beans and rice which i can't have, and guacamole etc. I order lettuce, Chicken, and this is where i start thinking utoh, i get less then half what the other girl got maybe 2 tbsp of chicken. I've eaten Chipotle enough to know better. I asked if that was a full portion and some girl piped up behind him (she didn't even look) and said "THATS A FULL PORTION, WANT MORE YOU PAY MORE" i was like...okayyyy. So i can't have milk products due to lactose so i asked for no cheese or sour cream. But i wanted pico and guacamole. Now if you look on line at the bowls they offer they have a keto bowl (lots of cheese and sour cream with guacamole. A whole 30 bowl NO milk products but does have guacamole. No where does it mention it's going to be extra. If it is that would have been ok had i had meat, veggies lettuce and pico. Some stuff you can and can't have. Like beans and rice or cheese or chips or sour cream. So i ask what can i have? I said oh i can I've veggies. She looks over and it's empty except slimy stuff at bottom. She says "oops out of veggies. And stares at me. No "let me make you some fresh veggies" or anything, except a stare down. So now I'm looking at 9$ of lettuce and tiny amount of chicken and I'm like WTF. About this time some other people come in and i tell my husband we're leaving, he says THANK GOD. This is where my yelpiness kicks in. I start taking quick pics. I was not getting employees faces. Just filth and grossness. Then this guy who may have been a manager says i can't take pictures. HAHAHAHA i can't take pictures??? Ummm ok. So i take his picture. They are all talking about me. Laughing. Cursing. Whole thing. Then this woman yells for me to leave the store because I'm not allowed to photograph inside the store. Ok so i took a group shot and waved adios. I'm not usually like this i swear. Maybe it's because i just hosted a birthday party for 18 6 yr olds. Maybe because it was the first meal i actually craved since having a 5 day stomach bug and surviving on broth and bananas. Or maybe it's because i was hangry, but the whole thing set me way off. My neighborhood is super close and we have 7,000 homes in our subdivision, tiny it'

Dharun Muthu

Omg such amazing food, the chicken is so good especially when Ethan is on grill. Love the customer service, I don’t know what everyone else is talking about. The girl in the cash (sailor I believe is her name) was very nice and welcoming. The girl with the nose piercing gave me an attitude but it’s alright because she gave me extra guacamole :). 10/10 recommend this place!

Brooke watkins

I always love coming to this chipotle. They give me a good amount of food. The amount I would expect and sometimes a bit extra! When I order on their app and I ask for extra of a topping they do a fantastic job. Always 5 stars from me

Steve Beauchamp

This was delicious! It was my grandaughter's choice for a birthday lunch, and we all got kid's meals. Lots of food and great choices!

Megan G.

My mother got Chipotle for me and my siblings. I actually really liked the food andd found it very filling. Overall, not a bad choice fo takeout.

Brutally H.

Ordered a salad with extra chicken.. got the salad (through DoorDash) with 0 pieces of chicken. I'm glad I paid extra for lettuce, sour cream, and cheese

Scott Piekarski

They didn't have guacamole with an hour left to work. They didn't have a sign up stating such to let us customers know until after you built your bowl. Chipotle is only good if you have your guacamole. Had to go to another store to get the guacamole which I could have just gotten everything there if we would have just known ahead of time.

Angela A.

Rudest staff I've experienced in a Chipotle ever. The girl with long, straight blond hair never smiles and acts bothered by the fact that she has to work. I've encountered her a few times and this is always her demeanor. The cashier, Sailor, (with bright/fake red hair) was downright rude, wouldn't even respond when another worker asked for more iced tea for me (the tea container was empty). Not only did she ignore her, and me, as I stood there waiting, she finished ringing up the customer in front of her and went on to something else, never acknowledging that I was waiting for help. The kind employee trying to get help for me got a man to walk out and grab the container, taking it to be refilled. He left it in the back and went to work on web orders while I stood waiting. Several minutes passed, nobody getting the tea or saying a word to me as I stood there with my cup, so I asked him if he could just give me a bottled drink instead. He said, "for an extra charge". No apology, no accommodation for this time I was waiting. I said that it had been 5 minutes and they should just give me an Izze if they can't get the tea. I asked who the manager was, very frustrated by this point, and he said, "I am". Then, without a word, he went to the back and got the tea, brought it out and SAYING NOTHING, put it down and walked away. Now I see why the employees are so rude, the manager couldn't be less professional. These 3 employees need to be replaced (or at least given positions where they don't encounter customers). I always liked Chipotle but can see why this store has 2 stars on their reviews. We have too many Restaurant choices in our area to be treated this way.

Gretchen and Justin Gedeon

Worst. Chipotle. Ever. Do not waste your time or money. This location has 0 customer service. They’re constantly out of everything and when you ask for fresh (insert any ingredient) they act like you’ve asked for the impossible. Save yourself and go to the one 10 minutes away on Denton Hwy in Watauga. You’ll thank me later.

Kyler Koester

It's certainly a Chipotle. If you had the time I'd recommend driving down to the one off of S Hulen but YMMV.

clark hardy

Place is clean, medium sized and nice to look at. I've never felt that they were understaffed and they're always busy. The lines move quick and the food never looks old. The food us always delicious but the portions are sometimes really small. I've gone to a lot of different Chipotle snd the only store that seems to do something different regarding portions is this one. Other than that, it's a great and reasonably priced place to eat.

Michael Knowles

This is just about the only place I can find a good keto meal (burrito bowl), fortunately my friends stopped inviting me places when I started keto, so the limited options aren't a problem!

Kyle Q.

Damn, after my third time here, every single visit was terrible. The steak was cold, under cooked and chewy. Had to spit out the unrendered meet in a napkin constantly. I usually eat medium rare steak but when it's cold and chewy, that's too much. I love chipotle too. Just not this location, unfortunately.

Jessica Simpkns

I’m not sure what’s been going on with this location lately but the last few times I ordered online they have done a horrible job. They hardly put any rice, there is more fat than meat, and the food is barely warm!

Maylen Lizcano

i liked coming to this location but recent had a really bad experience. the girl making the food was so rude and had the worst attitude. i understand having an off day or something, but u leave that at the door when u go to work. on top of that They gave me RAW chicken! i was disgusted. i had gotten to my work early so i could eat before i clocked in and 3 bites in i noticed it was raw! y’all need to get ur staff in check and make sure ur food is fully cooked before serve it.

Mike Pullin

Great food at an okay price

Shavon M.

Great go to for quick dinner. Line is always long but moves quickly. Also use for Door Dash and food is always makes it pretty good.

Kelseydean W.

So this location is one of the worst I have been to. Most of the girls have a huge attitude problem and seem very upset everytime. The ingredients are rarely fresh. They always seem chaotic and not aware of what to do. Literally five people doing the line and it will move at a snail speed. I've seen three people run that caf line with 20 people in line at other locations. Im pretty sure management needs to change or be more aware or even there.

Flor E.

I'm not a huge fan of Chipotle but my son loves it, so when I take him again we won't be going back to this location. We were in line to order when they told me the meat I had chosen would take about 5 min, I said I would wait (thinking they would start my bowl then add the meat when it was ready) and she put my empty bowl back in the pile. My family ordered their burritos/bowls and the employees just went on with the customers behind me. They never started my bowl or cared to check in on the meat I was waiting for. They had no concern for whether I would be eating or not, so I didn't place an order and did not eat. We were crunched for space with a baby car seat and there was no baby changing table in the bathroom. We also had to clean off our table before sitting down. Needless to say I walked next door and had lunch elsewhere.

Andrew D.

I love this chipotle. This is by far one of the best locations I have been to. I've been here many times and they always knock the lines out super fast. The food is in point and the staff is great!

JoJo Velasquez

Very disappointed with my food and the customer service. I don’t normally order food and have it delivered but I work two jobs (one from home) and had things I needed to get done before the nights end. I decided to try ordering food through door dash seemed perfectly convenient with my looming deadline. I ordered a burrito with extra chicken and beans light rice and veggies. After the food was delivered I took one bite and thought the rice was really mushy and on the second bite I realized there wasn’t any chicken in my burrito. Upon further inspection it was also missing beans. It was just crammed full of mushy rice and cheese and fajita veggies. Also my side of guacamole was brown. I swiftly called the restaurant to get my options. They said I could refund me, or They could

Juan D.

While the food was pretty decent, the restaurant itself was filthy!! We had to clean our own tables AND seats and I am almost 100% certain the staff noticed us doing so but didn't even bother to come out and assist or take over! Furthermore, the janitors closet near the restroom was open and in total disarray! Shudder to think what the freezer looks like. There was a full staff so I don't understand how the lobby wasn't a priority to clean for at least one staff member. I will never go to this Chipotle again, actually, I might never go to another Chipotle at all! If it weren't for decent food, I would have asked for a refund. On another note, the temperature of this location was a bit on the warm side yet all the shades were all the way up. I noticed several patrons closing them themselves (that should not have been necessary)...the manager should have had the foresight to have done that before 5:00 which is the hottest time of the day!!

Kay Gambrell

We went to support a school. It was super packed. My burrito was great. I got 3 kids meals for my kids and my kids complained the meat was spicy. Also the girl making our food was rude and a little condescending...she could have been having an off day, but she must remember that customers are the reason she has a job. Overall 3 stars

Blaize Ward

0 stars. I’m extremely busy and had to pay to have food delivered and when it arrived my burrito hand only rice and sour cream in it. That’s not even something anyone has ever ordered. No chicken no beans. At all. It’s like they filled it up with rice and closed it just to make it look normal to steal my money. So after calling them to fix the problem they claimed all they could do is remake it if I came and got it or refund me and I go hungry. I feel robbed and in fact I was robbed. I payed to have it delivered then had to pick it up myself on top of receiving a burrito with only rice and sour cream. I plan on posting this on your website and Facebook and anywhere else I can. This is trash food with horrible disrespectful service and I can not describe how angry this made me. Do not eat here.

JoJo V

Very disappointed with my food and the customer service. I don’t normally order food and have it delivered but I work two jobs (one from home) and had things I needed to get done before the nights end. I decided to try ordering food through door dash seemed perfectly convenient with my looming deadline. I ordered a burrito with extra chicken and beans light rice and veggies. After the food was delivered I took one bite and thought the rice was really mushy and on the second bite I realized there wasn’t any chicken in my burrito. Upon further inspection it was also missing beans. It was just crammed full of mushy rice and cheese and fajita veggies. Also my side of guacamole was brown. I swiftly called the restaurant to get my options. They said I could refund me, or They could

Lacey Glasgow

I’m not one to leave bad reviews in general but let alone for chipotle, (I love chipotle). I came to this location around 3 and they were out of 2 different types of meat, the line was filthy, the staff was rolling their eyes at the woman in front of me ordering. Also, since the line was so dirty, there was cheese in the guacamole.. which is definitely an issue if you have diet restrictions. The chips were stale, and the guacamole had no flavor and wasn’t probably mashed. Had huge chunks of avocado it was very hard to eat. Guessing this is a manager issue not holding employees accountable. Won’t return to this location.

David Smith


JaNae Williams

Love love love Chipolte. Need to add option to double or edit a side on the app. Didn't receive all items with delivery order.

Liz Rawson

Let me start by saying I LOVE Chipotle. But this is honestly the worst one I have ever been too. Rude employees, TINY portions, and the entire restaurant was filthy. Super disappointed.

Christa Smith

It was a great place to eat, with great service. Although they didnt have many options.