Chipotle Mexican Grill

2901 Heritage Trace Pkwy Ste 101, Fort Worth
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mandy paquette

I’ve never had a problem with this location before. The staff is usually nice but this time the older Hispanic lady was rude when I asked for sofitas but they weren’t put out yet. The guy next to her then took my burrito and stared at me as if I wasn’t waiting for the sofritas. I assumed he wanted me to continue and would add them, so I proceeded to build my burrito. He started to roll it up and I said oh wait! I was waiting on her to put the meat out. He sarcastically scoffed and said oh yeah, this is a great time to be telling me then rolled his eyes, never making eye contact with me, and then asked her if I was?? I was so thrown back I just awkwardly laughed until I processed he wasn’t being funny just rude.

Amy Jackson

I got there later in the evening and everyone working was still in a great mood and the food was very fresh.

jace yoo

This is long but it’s a juicy and worthwhile read.

Malia C.

They are pretty stingy with the food here. I've never had to ask Chipotle employees to put more food...

Amber Johanning

I have never left a bad review for anything before but our food was SO bad today, I feel as if it deserves to be known. I wish that I would have read the previous reviews here before I ordered because it looks like poor service/food quality is the norm at this location. Unfortunately this was my daughters first experience with Chipotle. They were so excited, we placed our order at 10am this morning to pick up at 5pm. When we got home with the food it was very cold. It had bee

Kenya LeNae Smith

This place never fails to displease me. The food never taste fresh. The portion size seems to get smaller every time I come. You ask for extra just to get a decent amount of protein. The girl on the line today was less than friendly not a smile or any kind of welcoming gesture just what do you want and that’s extra....they forgot my salad dressing and charged me extra for a bowl I didn’t positive thing I can say Is management does try to right the wrongs however you can’t just throw around free food and think it makes lousy food and service OK! Do better Chipotle! You use to be my LIFE <

Kiara T.

Staff is very unprofessional here. I walked in while they were not busy and was not greeted by anyone. The girl just looked at me until I awkwardly started my order. After saying what type of beans and rice I wanted, one of her coworkers started mumbling something... all I could understand was him saying "I hate when customers think I'm rude because I don't say anything to them, and then they just end up staring at me" (proceeds to make eye contact with me) then the girl giggles and says something along the lines of her not wanting to talk to customers. I don't know full context because of the mumbling, but what they were talking about was something that should have been vented about in the back of the kitchen or after work. Therefore, 1 star for rude and crappy service. :-)

Eric A.

Well......Chipotle was out of tortillas today at 5 pm. Kinda like McDonald's running of out hamburger meat, or Long John Silvers running out of fish. I think i'm done with this Chipotle. The food has gone downhill and they just don't care anymore.

Will Raymond

The heritage trace chipotle store rocks! I placed a pre-paid web order tonight for dinner and mistakenly ordered it from a different store. When I arrived to pick it up and realized what i had done, they offered to remake it on the spot at no charge just so I wouldn’t have to drive across town to get the other order.😳👍

Amber Bosshardt

Horrible experience. I understand that everyone has off days. I waited in line for 25 minutes (later found out their system went down ((second time this has happened at a Chipotle restaurant)).) When I get there to order it's a total of 1 burrito, 1 bowl, and 2 kids build your own. Dude gave me attitude over the amount of the order and didn't get it right at all. Burrito was supposed to be chicken and he put steak, told him it was wrong he said oh well. At that point I knew how this was going to go. He didn't put the veggies on the bowl. Then mixed up the kids build your own. Ordered chips and guacamole got stale chips and queso. Extremely dissatisfied.

Roy Paryente

Good place, amazing food, very nice atmosphere, I ate there 6 times and was extremely satisfied every single time. The workers are competent and nice.

Christian T.

The first time I ever tried chipotle I was not a fan! After trying it a second time I actually started to really like it! I feel like they judge me by my size and give me small scoops most of the time so I'm still hungry after eating a bowl. Wish they would have a baby changing station in their restrooms as well.

Megan Moxon

I love Chipotle but, this specific location needs more than a little work. This review is based on my experience from multiple visits. Most employees are mad at the world. Not only are most employees generally rude, they are SLOW as hell. It doesn't matter if there are 3 people in front of you or 30, you will wait way longer than necessary. When you FINALLY get them to take your order they give you minimal portions. If you dare to ask for another scoop of rice that doesn't even fill the bottom of your bowl, expect to receive the death glare. If I'm paying $10+ for a bowl of rice mixed with a little meat and veggies I expect more. I'd give 2 of 5 stars.

Holly Marie McNary

The girl taking orders was rude. my husband went recently and said the girl that took his order was rude. I went today and had same experience and when we described her we realized it's the same girl. I only get rice and veggies on my bowl so I asked for extra rice, she ignored me. she literally put 5 pieces of chicken on my husband's bowl, so I asked the girl at the end of the line for a bit more chicken and when the first girl heard me she made an annoyed face. I felt like I was bothering her by ordering. ridiculous. time for some additional training Chipotle. also the quality and portions have definitely taken a nose dive since when I first fell in love with this place.

Zena Low

One of my go to places! Easy to get in and out. I love that it fits well for all diets. I always get the salad to get a few more veggies. And their grill chicken is my favorite! Never had a bad experience at any of the locations.

Jay T.

One of the worst Chipotle experience. I can say this since I eat Chipotle almost 3-4 times a week. This place ran out of everything. They ran out of mild salsa The server pretended to put 2 spoons of it in the bowl which basically had 4 small pieces of tomato. Then they ran out on cheese. The rice was undercooked. Oh and they ran out of spoons and forks too. This at 9:15 pm, 45 mina before close. They couldn't go in the back and replenish their food counters for remaining 45 mins? Would never recommend this location. One star because I couldn't post without a star. And this is my first review. It was that bad.

Paula Lara

Y'all do everyone and yourself a favor and don't go if the line is long it will take 20 - 30 minutes to get your food ready. And what's a bit more awful about that is that the counters where they serve you get all dirty because they don't even have time to clean it.

Meredith H.

Ordered through the app, paid through app, kids went to get order, came home and it was wrong. Missing burrito, kids chocolate milk and the order wasn't even ready when promised. What's frustrating is that I can't even get a refund on the food I didn't get. Called the store numerous times. No answer.

Miguel N.

Just terrible service! Manager should be fired. Takes 0 ownership of his location and the staff that prepares food doesn't even want to work. I literally pulled in and food wasn't ready the staff was doing 0 then stood around and when people started coming up they had still not worked on my order. If you hate your job so much go get another one. Shut this location down.

Mike S.

Very disappointing order accuracy at this location. Ordering to go is pretty much like buying a lottery ticket. Our order tonight the meats were switched in our bowls and there were beans when none were ordered. Clearly the staff there are not terribly concerned with getting it right. Busy or not, there should be an attention to detail on orders THAT ARE PRINTED ON A TICKET RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. Buyer Beware.

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill

2901 Heritage Trace Pkwy Ste 101, Fort Worth, TX 76177