Hatsuyuki Handroll Bar

907 Foch St, Fort Worth
(817) 720-5330

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Heath H.

As a lifelong sushi lover with experience across the world in fine sushi dining, I can honestly say this is among the best sushi I've ever had. Prepared right in front of you, you get a true experience of authentic sushi preparation that is complimented by amazing tasting sushi. Couldn't recommend enough!!

Kaitlin B

Reasonably priced handroll place. Lots of options for those more adventurous. Non-Pretentious, with a friendly, welcoming staff. There was also a decent amount of space, so it didn't feel cramp, even though it was mostly full for lunch. I would love to try more, next time I'm in the area.

Carolyn T.

I am such a sushi fan and this place did not disappoint. I recommend going at least 30 minutes earlier before opening because the wait gets long fast. I had a little mishap because we left our phone number with the hostess and she put the wrong number down, so we were waiting for almost 2 hours before we thought it was taking forever. We went inside and asked about it and she put us on the top of the list. It was another 45 minute wait but it was very worth it. I would give it 5 stars, but the rice was a tad too soggy for my taste, but it could've been just that day. Some notable pieces were the uni + 1 and the chutoro. Every piece was fresh and the pickled wasabi is a must!!! The price also isn't bad at all. If I lived in Dallas, this place would probably make me go bankrupt.

Eric Grudziecke

I don't love sushi, but this place, this place was fantastic! We tried almost everything on the menu. It was good and the sake was great. I recommend the black and gold. Overall, great food, people, and experience. The wait staff was awesome and very helpful!

Jackie T.

I went here to celebrate a special occasion with some friends. The place is on a nice little strip with other restaurants nearby. The inside of the restaurant gave off a modern and friendly vibe with today's music in the background. We had about a 15-20 minute wait after the restaurant was only open for 30 minutes! But overall this place is a great date spot or even just a small get together. Food: I really enjoyed the items that I got here. I got to try the salmon belly, mini (wagyu,uni,toro), and a variety of hand rolls. All of these items were of high quality and is very apparent with every bite. Both the salmon belly and mini had me blown away. It was a wonderful bite to say the least. Service: The service received was quite good. Everything that I asked for was brought in a timely manner and the chefs was serving food at a pleasant pace. Price: After seeing my bill, I can say with confidence that the price was more than fair and reasonable. Each of the items you could order without the need to wonder why it would cost what it does. The price of the food is justified by the quality that was served.

Doris S.

LA LA LA LOVE THIS PLACE! Everything I put in my mouth is just QUALITY. The salmon belly and eel are my favorite. Just melts in your mouth. They're super busy on the weekends. I've waited 2 hours on a few occasions, but there are bars near by to help pass the time.

Sunny C.

I love handroll bars and this one did not disappoint! They put plenty of sashmi in each one and you can definitely tell they were all fresh. The wait wasn't too bad and they don't take reservations. The specialty menu was a bit far away for us to read from the very end of the table. Other than that, a very good experience while visiting fort worth!

Nixon Vixayvong

Literally can’t eat any other sushi. A blessing and a curse. But the service— the nicest, friendliest people ever. Shout outs to Yuki, Toshiko, Francisco… everyone! It’s haute cuisine without the uppity blah you get in Uptown Dallas. If you’re even reading this for your potential meal— stop and just go! Also if going for dinner, either arrive early or in between the rounds, so 4:45pm (for opening at 5, yes there’s usually a line) 6-6:30 ish, 7-7:30 ish and so forth.


Hatsuyuki is my absolute favorite sushi spot, I visit here almost weekly it's that good. Super fresh and high quality pieces of fish. There's a huge variety with over 15 different options for their daily specials. There's a nice ambience as the bar is U shaped and the chefs prepare everything in front of you. They wait for you to finish one piece before handing you the next so you can take the time to savor each one. The staff is super friendly and give great suggestions on what to try based on what flavors you like. I seriously can't recommend this place enough! It's super reasonably priced for the quality. And the cherry on top is the nice selection of Japanese beers!

Amy Smith

Excellent service and food!!!!

Lucy M.

Just getting around to writing a review after some friends and my fiance and I stopped by in May for an early Friday afternoon dinner. We just missed being able to get seated inside at the sushi bar, but staff were happy to seat our party of five quickly at a table outside so we wouldn't have to wait, as we were on a bit of a tight schedule. My fiance and I split several orders of nigiri, some sashimi, and a set of handrolls -- everything was fresh and delicious. My favorites of the night were probably the salmon belly nigiri, the scallop nigiri, and the salmon sashimi. I don't make it down to the Fort Worth area very often, but whenever I'm back, this is definitely a place to visit again and again.

Cindy Thanapaisal

The restaurant is so clean and nice. Long wait but worth it

Nina Dolly Vongphinith

Very Yummy! Recommend this spot, top A quality sashimi

Sarah Morgeson

Go for the experience and the food! Ended up ordering waaay more than intended simply because it was so delicious. Reasonable price for fresh sushi. It was amazing!

Phil Carlisle

Delightful in every way, truly a wonderful dining experience. It’s been perfect every time we have been since around the time they opened.

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