Madea's Down Home Cooking

1019 W Enon Ave Ste D, Everman
(817) 551-9295

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Claudia Hill

Overall the food was great, I didn’t realize you could change the order of Beef Tips/Rice to Beef Tips over Mashed Potato. My table’s other entrees: Chicken Spaghetti (excellent) and Fried Pork Chop (excellent). Veggies: Yams (excellent), Greens (excellent), Okra/Tomato (good), Broccoli/Cheese Casserole (good), mac/cheese (just ok). Dessert: Peach Cobbler (excellent). Hot Water Cornbread was excellent. I would return to see how the Beef Tips would taste with the Mashed Potato. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant…excellent customer service.

Lisa Chandler

Great food and people. Had the smothered pork chops and the portion size was amazing!

Kenya Senter

Mmm mmmm good!! As always ~ lines are long but it's DEFINITELY worth the wait to get some home-made tasty food. The kool-aid is soooooo GOODT!! They always take good care of me every time I visit......HEYYYY STEVIE it's Kay with an A (insider) ??

Laura Barnhart

My first time here. Great food! Very fast service. I had the fried pork chops with greens, mac and cheese, and yams. It was awesome to see hot water corn bread on their menu. I haven't had it in years. My friend got the beef tips. They were just as good as the pork chops. I can't wait to go back!

Brenda Green-Smart

Madea's Down Home catered our 30th Wedding Anniversary Renewal on August 6, 2022 and they did an awesome job. The customer service was great and the food was even better. We recieved so many compliments on how great the food was. We will most definitely be using them again. They deserve all 5 stars?

Ki Malone

Our first time visiting and we were extremely pleased. The food was excellent and they give you plenty plus great customer service.

Lori Jackson

Everything was so good! Well seasoned, but not salty. I had Fried Pork Chops, cabbage, sweet potatoes and Mac and Cheese. Also included was 2 pieces of hot water cornbread! I'd not had that in 15+years! I was asked if I would like some cake. She listed all my favorite flavors and then some! I chose Butter Pecan Cake. So moist and delicious flavor on the cake and frosting sprinkled with pecans. I had leftovers for a whole other meal!

Brenna H.

This is the best soul food I have ever eaten in my life. I once had a friend who made greens as good as the ones here and I've searched for that taste again relentlessly. Here, I found it. The hot water cornbread tastes like heaven. Peach cobbler? Life changing. I've never had fried pork chops that taste like that and idk what they put in the macaroni and cheese but I can't even make it taste that good and that's one of my favorite things to cook. The chef is so beyond friendly and helpful. Everyone is kind, the service is impeccable. Prices may seem high but there's enough food on one of those plates to feed you three dang times. It's a 20 minute drive from my house that I'd make any day of the week to eat. Absolutely wonderful. Five stars. Give these people your money.

Clara G.

Very,very good first time there but the food it real Southern food recommendations to go

S J.

The food and customer service are both great. This was our first time dining and were pleased. Everything was seasoned to perfection. The restaurant is very clean and I felt the staff too many safety precautions to keep us all safe.

BossLadiiDFW Live

Food is AMAZING! I’m only giving 4 stars because walking into this place is confusing. The walkway was blocked off with chairs with only like 4 tables available that were full. The rest of the tables didn’t have any chairs, so I had to come taste my food in the car. Business is BLACK OWNED which is why I drive out my way to try it. Again the food was A1 but the confusion from walking into the restaurant, ordering, paying, and eating was not a pleasant dining experience like the sign said on the front door.

christian moscarell

This is easily one of the better meals I’ve experienced. Catfish was top notch as was everything else. So glad I was pointed here by a local.

Brandon Franco (Frankie)

This is the best place for soul food that I can think of.Just remember to visit preferably during the week because it will get packed on the weekends. The staff has always been polite on my experiences there.Food is delicious and served in hefty amounts, pricing is on par with the food quality. It's surprisingly not expensive, definitely a great value on what you're getting.Lastly if going during your lunch break, you will return to work so full and sleepy.

Hazel Williams

I will always give this place 5 stars. I love the home cooked food and the dessert! The peach cobbler is my ultimate!

Grayson D.

I drive past this place with my windows down several times a month. The smell is what finally made me come in and give it a try, and let me say, I should have listened to my nose MONTHS ago!! A little pricy, but my gosh. I can taste the love put into this food. Have to loosen the ole belt. Portions are HUGE, the food is fresh and delicious, and the people greet you with a smile. I will most certainly be back

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