Taco Bell

6040 S Hulen St, Fort Worth
(817) 263-5083

Recent Reviews

Joe Soto

Best non Mexican food ever

Roger Schaeffer

Very busy but fast. The drive through clerks have been very courteous and accurate every time I have order there so far.


Well made but a little slow at night

Rubi Hernandez

They are very fast wuth mobile orders and usually very friendly


Slow drive thru, but never had bad service, and the foods pretty good too!

David Tidwell

Staff is rude....... Black girl at 8pm put my order in the counter, told me my nachos were in there and disappeared, I looked and what I ordered was there, but I had wanted nachos, so I was unable to add some to what I had, because she said..... " It's in there " and walked away, there was no one at the counter, and I stood there for a few mins and nothing......... Prob should take her cell phone away......

Rickey Allen

I tryed the toasted cheeder chalupa box. Fantastic! I loved it was wonderful. Please keep it on the menu. Everytime you get something I love you get rid of it! Thanks, I Love Taco Bell

King Hoover

My sons wanted to meet to eat here, love the cinnamon twists, the $5 Boxes and fun and filling. The food was great, but the service from the young man about to go into the military was excellent.

Doug Conard

Why am I rating this place. You know what it is and what to expect. Anyway, the place was clean, the food was typical and met expectations. The service was Slow. Really slow. We went at lunch and it was like they didn't expect to be busy at noon. Maybe they had some employees call in sick or something but they looked understaffed and did have now hiring signs.

Tom Digital

Pretty fast inside dinner rush, very nice and friendly. Got all my customizations correct and it was actually clean and well kept. It was a big surprise as I am usually very critical in my reviews. 5 star taco bell

Frederik Fabiano

They serve large dishes and for reasonable prices. friendly staff. Fantastic work.

Christopher Nichols

It's taco Bell. But this one forgets to put sour cream on your tacos. And then hands you two hard to open and close containers. Containing the sour cream you asked for. Really didn't enjoy this experience. Please do better next time.

Stephanie Degn

The employee that helped me was nice, sweet and kind.

Makayla M.

Hit or miss on the fastness of the service. Always great friendly customer service & good food

April Ross

All of our order was not input properly, so we had to make a 2nd order to have enough food to eat. Crew member was polite and facility was clean. Food tasted good too.

Annoth Mansell

I have a hard time enjoying my food when the restaurant is dirty. The women bathroom was gross!

Gerald R.

Foods good, fast, Benjamin is the nicest, easy Street access, and exit, they have always been real nice to me :)

Melinda Salinas

Waited about 15 minutes. Food was good, but this particular Taco Bell was understaffed. Only 3 people working at dinner rush time. The staff that was there worked well together and were polite and professional, but they needed more support than they had.


For the one off Hulen. Have lived in the area for 2 years and visited this location quite a few times as it is the closest to me. Worst drive thru service out of all the other surrounding fast food places. They can't take orders and get them ready. You'll sit at the intercom while there's only one car at the window and they won't take your order until that one car drives off. It's a minimum 30 min visit. Oh and always check your order as it is usually wrong.

Shawn Sewell

Got a part of my order wrong, and wouldn't change it once I brought it up. Very disappointing. The employee who made my burrito needs more training.

Gail Joiner

Always remember to check your order before leaving. Don't waste time speaking to the cashier. Asked to speak to the manager if it's wrong.

Kimberly Robledo

My wife and I love our Mexican pizza & doritos tacos!! Usually when we get hungry in the middle of the night they are there to help our urge. PLEASE BRING ME BACK MY NACHO FRIES!

John W.

They need to just stop hiring blacks I'm not racist but that's why I started going here because the other one ran by blacks is bad and I went to this one they gave me 2 hot sauce packets. I asked for more and the lady gave me 2 more. The burritos had hardly any meat in them, very poor service and business.

MoLesa W.

Oh my goodness!!! Worst customer service skills ever. The shift manager is rude... No drinks tonight so I ask to substitute something out and she has a whole attitude. The MANY times they have forgotten my burritos and NEVER place the Cinnabon's in the Dasher orders (three times AT LEAST)... I deserve to have the attitude as I have PAID for these items and didn't get them but I pay it all forward. It's unreal the level of bad customer service people can stoop to. I can't trust bad attitudes/service around my food. If the pay is that bad, just find another job. But they gave me a BOAT load of condiments (to drink??)... I mean for the cost of these items along that people throw away, could go toward fixing a person's order when there's an issue. But, I will do them a favor and I won't be back after this visit. I'm not going to keep wasting my money on wrong/missing items. There is a brand new Taco Bell on Chisholm and they are really nice.

MoLesa Williams

Everything is good... just make sure you check your order!

Lala H.

They have some rude Lil brat kids that work there! Y'all just go to taco cabana across the street it better anyways.

MoLesa Williams

Everything is good... just make sure you check your order!

MoLesa Williams

Everything is good... just make sure you check your order!

Chris Shirley

You already know about their great food at a great price, so I won't bore you with that, but here is something about Taco Bell that I didn't expect.

Alexandre BO

The environment was sanitary and satisfactory. The food is a little bit more oily than other fast-food restaurants, but it did not detract from the taste. Good customer service; however the the workers were not lively, they had an indifferent attitude.

Dana Ellis

It's been a long time since I went to Taco Bell . I was really impressed with their tacos they were absolutely delicious I'm so glad I have one right down the street from me. The next time I eat there I will try there burritos and their enchiladas I'm sure everything is delicious I give them a 5-star rating I suggest anyone who hasn't eaten there yet please stop by you will really be impressed with their food

Alejandro Rosales

Drive through hours are 2:00 am. Employees shut down way before that. I arrived at 1:34 and was told they had no food. To give them a chance I asked to buy anything they had left and was told they didnt have vegetables. I proceeded to ask for nachos then said they had no meat. Do the OWNERS and MANAGERS know they're losing money at night time shift? Please fix issue. I still luv yall!

Cristy Ayers

Everyone was super friendly and accommodating... I had overheard a conversation between a woman who came in to get the food that was missing when she had come in the drive thru and the staff and they were so nice to her. Idk the name of the staff members were and I wish I had so I could thank them. I was there around 4 PM Feb 1.

Danni Gillett

Eisha is EXTREMELY rude. Every time I go through the drive thru or in person at this store, the greeting is always very curt and so is the rest of the visit. I love TB food but the customer service is literally enough to keep me from going back.

Grace Atherton

Food was good, customer service(drive thru lady) rude and very unprofessional. Feed back, as a general manager of a restaurant I was very overwhelmed with the amount of hot we received. 61 packets for 3 meals!! This is not my food cost to worry about however, I hate throwing away food and being wasteful.

Heather B.

Not sure why it was necessary for us to wait 30 minutes in the Drive through only to STILL NOT END UP EVEN ORDERING. Nighttime management was absolutely unacceptable allowing such terrible service that we left without bothering to order. What a terrible experience.

Malik McLane

The nacho fries are back and the burritos are delicious u qill definitely get full

Gabriela Urena

Very friendly and fast service. My order was accurate and I am very impressed with the lady who took my order via drive thru. I believe her name was Paola or Paula (her name began with a P). She had the most wonderful customer service at the speaker box and window!

Carol Caley

My favorite fast food Mexican restaurant. I could eat there twice a week. Love their tacos..both crispy and soft and their tostadas. Also...try their encheritos...soooo

Jordan J.

I'm surprised this location is still open. They're always out of beef or chicken if you go late at night. I can't even count how many times they have said that their system is down and that they're closed for the night. This past week they said they didn't have drinks yet I still paid for it with the combo. This location is a joke.