The Rim Waterside

5912 Convair Dr, Fort Worth
(817) 663-2950

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Gigi S.

I love the chef! He make amazing food. He needs better staff. Our family of six went for brunch. The kids are grown and we love to see them. Cynthia is the waitress that should not be hired at any business. She is very rude and disrespectful to people of brown and/or black skin. She actually told my daughter that she couldn't say the word "Umm" when ordering. She snapped at her and said, "No! Not umm. I have to know. You have to tell me exactly." She spoke like she was speaking to a dog. I couldn't make a scene because I missed the kids so much. Cynthia also had very bad things to say about Roscoe the manager. Cynthia here's your tip: WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.

Crystal F.

The staff is amazing and really engage with the customers, on top of that the food is great!

Justin C.

Love love loved it.... Service 5stars Avery, Mackenzie we're are waitress. Roscoe was the manager the first time, Food 5 stars plus on taste 5 stars presentations was great from appetizers to drinks to meals to dessert Price/quality 5 plus stars Back to back to back date nights with the wife couldn't have been better!!!

Krystal H.

The Rim Waterside is the Worst Restaurant that we have ever been to!! TEAM SEXXXY Shaking Our Heads!! Burnt! Overcooked! Sent the FOOD back! Y'all know I don't send food back, however it had to go! Then they ran out of Mac & Cheese for the people at our table. The Manager, Roscoe, said he wasn't going do very much for us! He brought greens instead of the Mac & Cheese. His other comments were really uncalled for.... Just Low Key Racist- Basically calling my husband a pimp! CelebrateD Bianca Majanja Birthday in spite of their food and drinks having to be sent back. See the to go plate in the Picture of the Birthday girl? She got her food just before we left. She never got to eat! The Highlight of the Evening was the picturesque chair at the Front, The Nothing But Bundt Cake we celebrated with, and our nice waitress, Khari that kept apologizing.

David R.

Since The Rim opened in Waterside, we've been twice now and it is nice to see Chef Hicks land on his feet again, as just as with Buttons, they have some great food here. Walking into the space formerly occupied by Taco Diner - gone is the sleek, modern look and now we have a bit more laid back atmosphere with with an expanded outdoor seating area, large booths, and plenty of kitsch-y items scattered throughout, making the interior almost an amalgamation of Hard Rock Café and Razzoos. True to its Southern roots (and advertising), The Rim boasts a broad and appealing menu of many southern favorites: Shrimp and Grits, Chicken Fried Steak, and Fried Green Tomatoes. However, there are plenty of other items to explore, including etouffee, burgers several different ways, fried fish, and even brick oven pizza. On my first outing, I opted for something different and went with the Kyho Tacos and I was greeted with two massive tacos, stuffed with deliciously-fried thigh meat. The second time around (for dinner) I went for the blackened Redfish and it was exquisite. A hearty piece of tender fish, smothered with a delicious crawfish sauce, probably one of the best fish dishes I've had anywhere, in some time. The wife also loved her Beef (tenderloin) Stroganoff, which was a special for that day. We've thoroughly enjoyed The Rim on each of our outings and do intend to come back to try more of the diverse menu or to just get our Chicken and Waffles fix. 4.5 stars

C Durley

The waiter and drinks were very good! Nice scenery and vibe! The only complaint I would have are the sides being so small… served out of what I use for dipping cups

Sheigh Cochran

Fun reasonably priced! Great food and awesome cocktails!

Rebekah T.

I love this place! The decor is really fun and service is friendly. The food is excellent, which isn't often the case with such a wide ranging menu. I would say they have the best burger in town- substantial patty, cooked to order and very flavorful. Be warned-The jalapeño on the jalapeño bacon burger is really really hot. My son had the chicken and waffles which are also his favorite in town as well. I love the sidewinders- their version of french fries-thick and crispy in a twisted shape. My husband says he prefers a skinny fry, but this was his only complaint and he is very picky. I've also had the fish and chips-very good. I saw the people next to me ordered some lighter side options and those looked good too- their ratatouille is big slices of veggies instead of the usual stew-like recipe. Their cucumber margarita is also really good. Not too sweet and perfectly strong. The creme brûlée was as great, fine dining quality actually. Will be back!

Reigh E.

We went on a Tuesday evening and it was nice and quiet. I got the chicken and waffles and my husband got the jalapeño burger. My chicken was nice and hot and the flavor was good. The waffle was pretty good - nothing crazy special. I looooved the greens that came on the side! Some of the best I've ever had. My husband liked his burger - the fries are kind of thick but the seasoning is good. The service was definitely what stood out! Our waiter was super attentive and we never ran out of water which is always my pet peeve.

Jim LeCroy

Terrific food, fantastic service great atmosphere, and overall spectacular experience. Thank you Roscoe for all you did for us.

Jon Deville

So I’ve heard good things about this place but my experience was far from “great”. The food took forever would be my first gripe. The place had maybe 10 people inside if not less and just took so long to get an order to go. My second gripe would be they got my order wrong. Then they didn’t even offer to take care of it for me. They ended up charging me for the item they messed up even though they messed up. Third gripe would be the pizza was meh at best. The amount of syrup they give you for the chicken and waffles is non existent. The brownie dessert we got didn’t even have the caramel that it was suppose to come with it. They didn’t give us utensils OR napkins. I will not be going back to be honest. Let it be known that the manager is the one who came out to “fix” our order and didn’t even care to do anything.

Michael Thompson

The facility was nice, however, the food portion was small for the price. Also, it's my opinion that business employees should lead the way by wearing a mask to help protect their customers.

Amber C.

Food for the soul! Rosco greeted us & sat us at a booth overlooking the kitchen. Cynthia was our server and did an excellent job. Service was on point. She was professional & knowledgeable- she checked up in us at every point of our meal. The food was delicious- we suggest the chicken fry and chicken/waffles. And a side of collard greens is a must! We'll be back. Maybe next time we'll have room for bread pudding.

Yami Arvizu

Waitress was amazing! I had the brisket burger and the dahlia drink. Both very good. Fries were surprisingly good!! Nice and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. My creme brulee originally came out undercooked but was fixed so quickly it was barely even an issue.I look forward to being back!

Amy Ruebel

The food is off the charts delicious! Shrimp and grits is a must, CFS is the best in Ft Worth. Great patio and servers are fantastic. You can’t go wrong with a meal here.

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