Luckenbach Texas

412 Luckenbach Town Loop, Fredericksburg
(830) 997-3224

Recent Reviews

Laurel Stadler

What an experience...we had heard the song for many years, found it on the Texas map, got directions from my phone GPS (but not the truck's GPS) headed there in the beautiful "Hill Country" to see Luckenbach!! It is a veritable ghost town, once we found it on the loop road, with a saloon, outhouse, Post Office and searing areas. When we checked the city online, it shows a population of 13, up from 3 about 20 years earlier. It was a fun adventure and we sang the song while there like we do in every city/song place....Abilene, Amarillo, Memphis, etc. Have fun in Luckenbach if you can find it!!

Lisa Gothager

We love bringing our out of town friends here. It’s one of my favorite places to listen to music and drink a beer!

Mely G*

Such of a beautiful cutie little town! Peaceful, lovely time with music and the wine is pretty good. My boyfriend and I we have such of amazing time .The people there is welcoming and charming

Nick R

Been singing about this place since I was a kid! Great to stop by and grab a couple beers. Wasn’t able to stay for the show as I had to be back in San Antonio for a trade-show early the next morning. Great recommendation on beer and just a relaxed place with friendly people

Marco Chapa

Beautiful and very rustic. Extremely clean. Definitely a must go, especially at night with all the lights.

Irene Sanchez

We went late at night on Saturday and there was live music and not crowded. It's always fun in Luckenbach.

Bob Johnson

So much fun. Everyone helpful and cool. Live music, cheap beer - this Outlaw country music fan from Maryland had a blast. Souvenir shop had some cool gear!

Indy Villagarcia

The place where you can be on a kissing booth and be kissed by the total population of 3! Such a fabulous stop! Go at noon or 5 if you can stay to enjoy live music. Cold beers, fun tiny town, and the generous shade of the trees will make the stop memorable.

Brian Bownds

Worth a stop. Had a few beers and listened to some live music, shopped in the store and picked up a couple of shirts. Service was great both in the bar and the gift shop. Would rather spend time here than in Fredericksburg, much friendlier!

Geoffrey Shenk

What a cool little historic town. Went to see Cory Morrow & Pat Green perform. Fun night out with my friends and my wife.

Kasventures S.

A must visit if you're visiting Fredericksburg. This place is definite a must stop, specially if you are a fan of old western, country atmosphere. You get some amazing photos here and if you're lucky, you get to listen to a live band perform if you are there at the right time.

Anthony Mitchell

A very chilled atmosphere. They have 3 stages and the music was excellent. They do have a small bar and a kitchen with good brisket, pulled pork and other goodies. They also have a food truck with loaded baked potatoes. Very chilled and laid back.

Karen Kutach

First time to Luckenbach. Saw Pat Green and Cory Morrow. Concert was great! Beer was pricey. Next time I'll bring a flask.?


Was not impressed! Great for picture taking, but place was just blah! There was a band playing but everyone looked bored! Not my cup of tea. First and last!

Rich Rutherford

I just came back from a week of touring as much of Texas as possible. Of course I planned the trip to take me through Luckenbach. I’m back home in GA but I want to be back in Luckenbach. This place absolutely touched my soul and was the highest point of my trip.

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