Ding Tea

3317 Belt Line Rd, Garland
(972) 901-9999

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Phuong Vu

The drinks are okay, but horrible customer service. Servers always have bad attitude. My husband ordered drink and the server made wrong drink and my husband told one of the servers to be told that he gas ro get back in line. Also they never pick up the phone during business hours, you have to call 3 to 4x to maybe reach a human being. Most of the times, they do not answer their land line.

Yumika T.

Staff is always friendly and welcoming. The vibes are super chill and decoration is so cute. My favorite drink is the oolong milk tea with boba

Phuong Vo

Stop by here to pick up tea for my wife all the time and she doesn't have any complaints.

Tina T.

I got the strawberry green tea with honey boba! It is delicious and they do allow dine in! Which is a huge plus!

Anna A.

Have been to the location in Arlington and loved it but this is our first time at the Garland location and I will say it did not disappoint! Went out for this boba run around 2:30 pm on a Sunday and let me just say business picked up quick - got there just before the rush (bless)! We ended up getting a signature milk tea with golden boba (which is normal boba but lighter in color), passion fruit green tea with nata jelly, passion fruit black tea light ice 75% sweet, and a guava tea with coconut jelly light ice 75% sweet. Everybody seemed pretty happy with their drinks: passion fruit was nice and fragrant with a little pinch of tartness, milk tea will satisfy that classic boba craving for sure, and guava tea was refreshing! To add, the wide selection this place offers and their beautiful atmosphere were the cherries on top not to mentions the fast service! RECOMMENDATION: I love love love the wintermelon milk tea here! Probably the best I've had - strongly recommend :)

Lena Phuong

Fast and friendly staff, drinks are right on point.

Nancy N.

The boba here is amazing and it's so close, super convenient. Service here is amazing, incredibly friendly. And they recently just open tooUpdate : 06/28/20 I went here to pick up some of my regular boba . I don't know if I caught the cashier in a bad mood. But she had a plain attitude with me . The boba was great, but I'm gonna take a break from here for a while. I don't mess with that type of vibe.

Tara S.

I’m in town visiting my family. This is a cute little shop. Clean and friendly staffs. The monster milk tea was one of the best I have had in the country!

I'Keanna B.

This was my first time visiting the place and it just so happened to be after COVID 19 hit. The experience was still bomb and esthetically pleasing. I loved the vibes and drinks choices were plenty to chose from. I chose the passion fruit green tea and it was delicious. Also staff were very knowledgeable about the flavors and drink combinations. Will be coming back now that most places are open for sit downs.

Tara Sanpanit

I’m in town visiting my family. This is a cute little shop. Clean and friendly staffs. The monster milk tea was one of the best I have had in the country!


I have always had a love for boba, once finding out this place was opening I had to try it. From the great tasting drinks and boba (golden boba smacks) to the amazing decor and scenery. What tops it all off is the amazing employees and the man behind the cashier.. I think his name is Moon. Will come back again and again! LOVE IT!

Lauren G.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a boba expert. That being said, my boyfriend and I went to ding tea on May 4th for the first time And we both loved it. We finally gave in to our Boba cravings and since this Boba spot is right down the street in a pretty empty shopping center we decided to stop by. Thankfully they're still open during this pandemic and have taken safety precautions. I ordered the coffee milk tea with black boba and my boyfriend ordered the passionfruit green tea with lychee jelly. I thoroughly enjoyed my drink. The coffee taste was present but not too strong or too bitter. The Boba wasn't too chewy or too hard it was actually really good. I was glad that my boyfriend passionfruit green tea was not overly sweet which is the case at other locations I honestly almost swapped mine with hers because it was so good. I can't wait to come back and try the monster latte on the menu. I also really enjoyed the fact that they have a lot of flavor options that I don't normally see at other boba shops. The interior is every influencers dream. They have lots of great picture worthy walls and s areas.

Calvin C

About 3 week ago I tried Jasmine Green Milk Tea at Ding Tea, it is awesome. You can taste the tea and the sweet is just right. We come back for it. But 2 days ago it gave me a tasteless tea. I thought maybe it closing time. So I gave another try today. the Jasmine Green Milk Tea has no tea and no sweet. I would say it’s tasteless. Inconsistent of milk tea mix. So not happy with it.

Kavaragu M.

Good tea. I ordered the Thai milk tea and it was steeped perfectly. The boba were a little hard but I definitely enjoyed it.

Brittney K.

Came here for the brown sugar boba and it did not disappoint! The tea latte was creamy and just the right amount of sweetness. So glad I found this gem in garland!

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