Genghis Grill

215 Coneflower Dr, Garland
(972) 496-0193

Recent Reviews

Lavern Larenz

I eat in this spot a lot since I work in the area. I must say their service is always good and they keep the spot neat at all times. Prices are reasonable and they serve generous portions.

Roger Forsman

Make it your way yourself, one of my favorite places

Stephanie Stephens

Been coming here for years. It’s a hit or miss sometimes with the waiters. Some are attentive others not so much. The lighting was dark when I went this last time but the food was great, just wish they had deveined shrimp.

Ashlyn Alton

As a previous employee, I can tell you the old management was terrible, the new management was terrible and the newest management was apparently even worse. They had a position for some one who waits tables as well as checks the temperstures of food, and makes sure everything was good to go, and even with that this location still got shut down. I will say I am biased as i hate the management. But if you find a good location, the food is pretty decent.

Brycen Hoover

The food is fine, but I ended up having to get my bowl because they never brought it back to my table after cooking it.

Jacob Cline

So much variety and any combination of ingredients tastes great. Fantastic service as well.

Kathy Jimenez

Love this place. Servers at this location were fun and personable.

Jeremy McClellan

Best place to eat on the planet. Wish they had a hotel built on.

Lidya Abebe

The food was so good but 0 customer service the waiter didn't even check on us

Sierra Rodriguez

We get ready to order, they were out of fried rice. Okay that’s fine, I’ll have brown rice! My husband and I sit down, our server comes to us and tells us the only rice they have is steamed white rice. Okay.. We’ll have that, we wait 30 min just to get hard white rice. We tried eating bits of it bc I mean we are starving but it just got super annoying we didn’t even finish our bowls. Don’t recommend this location.

Tara Hudson

Ran in 10 minutes before closing after a long work day and instead of being rude or rushing me, the employees were super nice and patient. Much appreciated!! You build your own meal, so if it’s not good it’s kind of your own fault. But these guys are very helpful and the bowl was delicious!

Ida Martinez

It's been a while since I've was delish!

Amber Lowry

Genghis in Garland service was horrible. Waited until after we got our food for drinks. Had to get our own condiments. Food was great as always but when your sitting around waiting for your server to help you it's not worth it. Waited along time to get the bill. Had to go up and get it taken care of ourselves just to be able to leave. Will never go back to this location.

Laura Richardson

My husband and I love Genghis Grill. We love the variety and the ease of making a bowl however you want it. I also like that you can experiment with spices (he likes things more spicy than I do) and that you have options on what you want your base to be (I like the noodles and spiral pasta). It's a great place to go so everyone can chose what they like and it doesn't usually take too long for the food to be prepared.

Sarah Johnson

Excellent service! Servers are very attentive and polite.

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