Gloria's Latin Cuisine

360 Coneflower Dr, Garland
(972) 526-5290

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Elias B

salvadoran food and service at this place is great. Food was so fresh. The staff was helpful and kind. It has an awesome feel to it.


Gloria's is a go to for my husband and I. We usually dine at the Addison location, but since relocating the Firewheel location is the closest to us. We haven't dined inside of a restaurant since the pandemic, but we do occasionally TO GO meals. So in an attempt to satisfy our craving, I called in an order yesterday which began with me being placed on hold by one young lady for 3 minutes and then a different person came to the line whom I placed my order with who was quite quick in his tone as in an effort to hurry and get me off the phone. Now we all know not all restaurants have been busy during the pandemic so I was quite annoyed with the rushing. I kind of figured with the phone experience my husband wasnt going to have an attentive experience going in to pickup the order. Of course, he did not he told me when he came in, he wasnt greeted and there were 2 workers at the counter who were having a conversation and went to walk away without acknowledging him or providing assistance. My husband immediately caught their attention and it was at that point they commenced to providing mediocre assistance. Gloria's isnt the normal low priced meals, so to find that sides that were apart of my meal were missing had me quite frustrated. During these challenging times if you have consumers willing to spend their hard earned money in your establishment, the least you could do is provide good service and complete meals. If it wasn't for consumers spending money in your restaurants, your employees wouldnt have a salary and your revenue would suffer, keeping that in mind along with consideration of just good ole regular service would be valued.

Roxanne Gorena

Disappointed with the top shelf margarita, they r lightweights now. Chilies relleno was not the best I've had, Other than that ? The ambiance is super nice!

Yesica Paez

Great place, good service

Mariea Victoria

Yesenia is an amazing and attentive server. We were very impressed with her and the food. Delicious!

Phil Smith

The bartender is excellent. The food is so good even Covid19 effected people will be able to taste it -(don't go if you're sick; just saying).


Well the food was fine. The service was ok. I would have rated the visit higher if the server hadn't just told me "oh I thought you were gone and people are in line waiting for a table." Unfortunately he said this just after I told the table I think we should tip him again for staying a little longer. I do not like when a server tells me that basically I should leave cause I've sat and enjoyed myself too long. I won't be coming back to this location.

Brian Shuey

Gloria's has become a Dallas area institution. Almost every time we go menu items are spot on and consistent. The outside patio is perfect! When we make a special order, the waitstaff accommodates and brings exactly what we requested. Food is fresh and always good!

alejo gonzalez

Love the service! hostesses could do better though.

Jose Vazquez

Mu girlfriend loves margaritas from this place, I had a great experience on service and food

Amanda Copp

The food was delicious!! Also they said the wait was 30 minutes, we were sat in 20 minutes. That's how it should be. We also felt like the tables were spaced very far apart so we were feeling very safe and didn't feel like we had to worry about covid.

Yvette Rivera

First time to try their menu today. They are different from the traditional Tex mex menu. I will definitely rate it as one of my top favorite places! Very family oriented & top trend.

Michael Lewis

Today we ordered Carne Asada with chimichurri sauce and their Nancy's Ribeye. The steaks were perfectly cooked as requested and that's hard to do with delivery. Fresh chips and salsa, delicious shrimp cocktail, extra chimichurri sauce (that stuff is life-changing), mouth-watering pupusas and the chefs were great enough to accommodate my substitution requests. try it

Debbie W.

Fabulous Service! Our server was the best ever. He always checked on us. Fun and festive atmosphere. The drinks and food are amazing! They told us bye as we left. I love that.

L R.

Gorgeous day out... needed to live a little. I've always meant to go but tried it for the first time today. I'm sooooo glad I tried. I didn't finish my food... so I took it to go. All the staff were pleasant. I enjoyed the experience. I'm definitely coming back for more.

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