In-N-Out Burger

150 Town Center Blvd, Garland
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Raymond Williamson

I was hungry. They had food. It was good. They were fast, polite, and gave me food (though I did pay for it as it is the accepted social convention). 5 out of 5 would pay for food if hungry again.


Fry's are too Skinny and who puts the whole half of onion Raw on the burger?

Ivy Ambrose

I have come here a few times over the years and the staff is always friendly. Each order feels it is made with care, and I never seem rushed through to get to the next person. Definitely will continue to return.

Desmond Pugh

We love going out. Yesterday we went to this magnificent restaurant which we didn’t know before. We had a beautiful experience there with delicious food and a courteous team and a great cook. We put this place in our phone list and we shall certainly visit again very soon. We deeply recommend.

Maryk Wilson

Cheeseburger was great. Crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes. Fries which are made from scratch were delicious. The price was right. The service fast despite a long line of cars.

a mallet

Usually orders are very fast though you will get stuck behind someone who takes forever to order, can't dig up enough cash, can't get their card to work or can't figure out the app/contactless order. There used to be a couple employees outside taking orders to help the line move even faster but with this nasty heat wave they're no longer doing that but still doing a great job keeping things moving!

Mike Harris

The hamburgers there are kind of small but they're so good. And when you ask for an extra large tea they really give you one

Mark Kelley

Always dependable food at reasonable prices. And always friendly service.

Brad Smith

Great staff, quick service, accurate order, every employee wears protective gear. Every restaurant and fast food should be this we'll run, managed and operated

Fadrique Saenz

Really cant go wrong they make great burgers. Menu not as diverse as other places but what they lack in quantity they make up with quality.

Paula Barnes

A big fat delicious Animal Style Cheeseburger sure hit the spot on Mother's Day 2020! Plenty of servers taking orders outside - long line went fast! Covid-19 response very well organized! Bling Blinky of Texas Shout Out: Thanks so much Garland Crew!

Vanessa Cervantes

Since this location has opened it's always had great service. Clean, polite and quick!

Mariposa Ramírez

Sabrosa y sin grasa está bien Y los empleados muy amables Se las recomiendo

Melissa N.

In and out is consistent. I won't say it's my favorite burger ever but for the price and service, I support them!

Sharen Ward

The burgers are good and the meat is fresh. I think they should have call in orders for those who work in the shopping center with 30 minute lunches. Because it's always crowded and 5 or 10 minutes for call in isn't going make the burger not fresh...

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