Panera Bread

200 Town Center Blvd, Garland
(972) 202-8974

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Tammy Holbert

Food was good. Young lady working the register really needs to speak up, even moreso with wearing a mask.

Julio Cortes

I love Panera Bread but this particular location is the most disgusting one I’ve ever been to. I Have been here two times ; the first time I took a bite out of my sandwich and found that there was paper stuck to the cheese. Sencond time I found long strands of plastic on my salad. I didn’t say anything the first time, because I thought anyone could make a mistake once but twice is unacceptable! I am beyond disgusted

Dyan Braun

Didn't get the order right twice and we were the only ones in there. :(

Jennifer Martinez

Some of the staff were rude. I walk in to check on a order after I was told to park in front. I get inside and was not greeted but pointed to go to the back. I didn't see the order and told the staff it was very late and I had other orders to pick up. She then went to check on it and came back and told me it was back in the window. She didn't bring it but made me go back to get it and walked off. The order was over 10 mins late

Corina Harrison

I paid nearly $8.00 for a Caesar salad and the Romaine was wilted and the salad was really paltry. Now that I am still hungry, I thought I’d eat the bread. Oh, there is no bread. Not going here ever again.

Camden A. Baines

The food and prices leave much to be desired

Mariam Johnson

Honestly the worst location I have even visited. Whoever works during opening shifts is clearly unaware of anything. My order was never ready when I arrived for curbside pickup or rapid pickup. The female manager on duty in the morning on Saturday July 18th,2020 was extremely rude and gave misinformation. She was very unprofessional and should receive a written warning. That is no way to treat a customer, when the customer has not done anything wrong. All she had to do is say “I apologize and I will make it right”, but she decided to “teach” me how to properly order. However, was ordering correctly, as I have done for years! Do not waste time at this location, as the manager said “we have high turnover and don’t have time to deal with customers”!

sarah gaines

Terrible customer service. Their hours are never accurate because they’re always “closing early” and or “opening late”

Earnee Gholston

Place where you can order meatless meals and be satisfied very relaxing atmosphere for when I need to unwind with a friend.

holly ogorman

They missed a couple of items on our order and didn't charge us for them. Very good customer service ? highly recommend this location

Ray Fajardo

The managers on duty today on 07/15 around 7pm-ish was extremely helpful with an order one of her team member made a mistake on my order. I wanted to thank Panera for hiring the correct people who focus on the customer experience.

Elizabeth Christine Castro

While the food was delicious, the convenience and accuracy was NOT. I ordered through Uber Eats since I do not drive. When the food arrived at the house, it was packaged perfectly and securely, but my entire order was NOT. When I called the restaurant to explain I was missing two meals out of my order, the girl was nice but the offered a credited voucher for next time. Since I have two people not being able to eat since their food was not included, that option was not helpful. The girl, Abby, suggested I drive to pick up the food but was not included, but if I was going to pick up food to begin with I wouldn’t have wasted my time with Uber Eats. And despite the fact that the website says delivery is available, it was not suggested nor offered. My husband, who has been working outside, offered to pick up the food despite having to stop everything he was doing and was inconvenienced. Again, Abby was gracious and said that I could pick out pastries to compensate for the error. But when my husband arrived to pick up the food, he was denied the pastries and only give them the food that was missing from our order. I will no longer trust in the fact that the management and staff receive or deliver my order correctly...and when Panera attempts to correct an error in order to satisfy customer, they should follow through on what was promised.

Bill Baldwin

They did an EXCELLENT job on curbside, no touch order delivery. Great food and great service.

Olesya T.

Once again, I've ordered bacon Mac & cheese (pick up order) and I specifically say bacon Mac & cheese, then the receipt on my bag says bacon Mac & cheese and there's no bacon. Wont be coming back. Beyond annoyed.

Andrew C.

ordered online and waited like 20 minutes out front because there's no way to tell them you're here. shitty place i hope they go out of business

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