Reggae Wings and Tings

5481 Broadway Blvd, Garland
(972) 303-2025

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Great food! They recently closed down this location so they only have their mesquite location open. The food here is soooo good even if the service can be slow sometimes. They have great lunch specials and their patties are delicious. It’s definitely worth a try and I’ll be missing their Garland location!

John James

I had a fantastic in this place. We loved the nice vibes and the food. The staff were super personal. I am content we ultimately managed to visit this restaurant.

Ethan DeWitt

Good was amazing. The Marley wings weren't very mellow, lol. So, hot and good. Only thing that disappointed me was no shirts for sale. No biggie, but I would love to have a shirt from there.

Tristan Villa

Had a great experience in this spot with my kid. The food was served rapidly and the customer service is just awesome. Prices are fair.

Hakeem Boyer

This restaurant is doubtless one of the coolest restaurants in the region. Whenever I come there I am profoundly happy. They preserve their very high level service and the topmost level of dishes they offer. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Very recommended.

Dale Vega

I like to go with friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I visit this place often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The dishes they serve are yummy and the stuff is welcoming and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we pass a pleasant evening. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Valerie Smith

The food is good no doubt about that. However, it should not take you over an hour to have your food ready and made that’s ridiculous. Probably will not be coming back anytime soon.

La Starr

Extremely rude lady works there. I stood out in the front saying hello for 10 minutes then walked towards the back kitchen area and all the lady could say was you're not supposed to be back here being extremely rude I go to tell her that I walked right there because I had been saying hello for 10 minutes and no one ever responded because the music was so loud the lady continued to be rude bc I went towards the kitchen area to get attention. DON'T EVEN DESERVE ONE STAR!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

I AM Caroline

I just love how Google recites the name

Teresa L.

Came for later dinner to go. Had oxtails, mac & cheese & cabbage & small order of garlic parm wings. Was disappointed in the oxtails, 4 small pieces with very little meat or gravy. Mac & cheese seemed like it had held too long & cheese had "curdled". Cabbage was almost cold. The wings were the highlight of the meal. Obviously freshly cooked, crispy & hot. I get it was later & the importance of food waste/cost. But better to have not served the meal, if it's not going to be fresh or hot. Than get a one time, one meal customer, who doesn't feel the food served warrants any return visit. On the positive side was, a cute island vibe & the pleasant wait staff.

Cameron Gall

Food was good but was microwaved according to others in my party. Wings where cold when I reached home an not far from the restaurant. Once to temp they where good. I'll give it another try but I really hoped for better.

Leo Dominguez

Don't go to this location. Bad service over the phone , they always mess up my order no matter how many times I give then a chance. Do yourself a favor and go to the mesquite location if you want quality customer service and food.

M Wiley

The food is consistently well prepared and delightful, staff members gives good customer service. I liked how clean it is and vibes. Worth a try.

Ms. Isha

The food was delicious lady that took my order over the phone was very nice. I love the jerk chicken and rice. The cabbage was okay compare to what I tried in the past. But will give it another shot

Tazz Hernandez

I still haven't been here, but I cannot WAIT! 5 stars for making want to come here so bad. See you soon! I have Thursday off.

Anna P.

Long story short, I didn't like the jerk sauce with the jerk chicken. The sauce makes the chicken and it was horrible. It taste/look like bbq sauce. It didn't have much flavor. However, the chicken was juicy and tender. The cabbage was flavorful and good. The rice and peas was dry, not any flavor. I probably won't get that again.

Tia R.

I'm giving 3 stars for several reasons. I goes there right when they open and a sweet young man takes my order. Approximately 15 minutes later a woman enters and goes to the back to...make the cabbage I ordered. Typically I wouldn't deduct 2 stars but the air was not working. So by the time I got my food (the kind young man apologized for the wait and told me they had to make the cabbage) my soda was hot and flat...and I was sweating. I got a small order of the oxtails with cabbage and rice and peas. There were about 4 less than medium sized oxtails but they were seasoned perfectly and the rice and peas went perfectly with them. The cabbage, while I really wanted to like it because I wanted so long for it, was not good. It almost had a vinegar taste to it. Either way I will go back but will call ahead and next time I will not get the cabbage.

Elizabeth G

Hit or Miss you have to be careful. Some days the food is better than others. Not sure if they switch the cooks but one day it was HORRIBLE and another day GREAT

Trinita R.

This review is of the Mesquite location. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the bizarre experience I had at this restaurant today. At 12:15pm, (lunch time!), I walk into a completely empty restaurant. That should have been my first clue to something being amiss. After waiting at the counter for 12 minutes, I could clearly see inside of the kitchen were ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is cooking on the grill or stove! No veggies being cut, no meat being roasted, no rice or beans stewing in pots...when I say NOTHING IS BEING COOKED, please believe me!! As I was turning to walk away, a man finally appears. He must have been in the back smoking because he reeked of cigarettes. When I asked him where the food was, he said that bacteria forms on food very quickly so they keep it in the cooler. Which I interpret to mean 'we haven't cooked anything fresh today, but there are some leftovers in the fridge.' SAY WHAT??!! His plan was to warm up the food in the microwave. WOW! I was stunned and rendered speechless to say the least. Despite all of these terrible warning signs, I bought two lunch plates to go. I told him not to nuke them, but just give them to me cold. He did. I'm done.

Liimah M.

Visited the Mesquite location. This place is a gem. Awesome staff and great food. You haven't had shrimp until you have tasted their offerings. Pair them with some of the most delicious rice and peas, plantains and cabbage; an unmatched combination of flavor. Truly authentic. Heaven served with an ice cold cream soda. Thank you for the beautiful experience Von. Looking forward to our next taste of the Caribbean.

Karl Mitchell

The food at this place is very well prepared and delicious. We ate the Curry Goat meal with two sides and it was a large meal. We absolutely loved the food and the service. The order taker was very friendly and professional.

Christopher Ryan

Food isn't all that great. They don't have the items that are on their menu, and the dumplings are a waste of money.

Karen O.

Do not go to this location. I have eaten at this location, and the Mesquite location. The Mesquite location was authentic and the food was GOOD!!!!! The oxtails were well seasoned, and the meat was tender, falling off the bone. The curry shrimp was great, and the plantain was good, sweet, sticky, cooked just right. Now the Garland location, the oxtails were lacking taste, and not as tender. The macaroni and cheese was not good, and the plantain was pretty much burned and hard. The spinach was way too salty, you could see the salt granules in it. After such a great experience in Mesquite, this was fell way short. Do yourself a favor and don't bother with this one. Go to Mesquite, which I highly recommend.

Victoria K.

I went here one time and I cant get it out of my head the jerk wasn't spicy but it was hot I'm not a fan of hot food but I couldn't put it down it was very well seasoned not salty at all The cabbage was very tasty and the rice and peas were authentic walking in I thought I was coming in Someone's house or something a little boy who parents obviously owns the place was so sweet and surprisingly professional my husband had the jerk mac and cheese and fries the portions were so huge and filing for 30 bucks including some pineapple sodas was the truth

keritan shelby

The wings were good and I barely eat wings! We got the lemon pepper, buffalo, and I believe creole sauce.

Jesika H.

WOOOOOOOOOW! This place IS SOOOO LEGIT! This is what REAL Jamaican food taste like!! Ok I LOVED their plantains! The shrimp in spicy orange sauce WAS TO LIVE FOR!! It was battered with something that wasn't flour but wow! I could have ate 100! I ordered a 24 piece shrimp so that worked but of course EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHER was in my plate stealing shrimp! Yup mom! I'm calling YOU OUT! Mac and cheese was seasoned and delicious!! Those plantains!! Ughh SOOOOO good. Next time I'm going to ask for them a little harder as they were kinda soft but man, the bottom part was so crispy ! Yum!!! Next time I'll try their Jamaican patties and the fish! The place is small, about 8 or so tables with a couch at the front by where you order. They have a tv in the front live streaming really awesome Jamaican performs! We were jammin the entire time! They also have a HUGE map of Jamaica above the couch and it was cool to find the place I've been to in Jamaica ( although I need help, thanks Roy Jr !! Cause I couldn't find Ocho RIOS for anything) Mr. Roy senior is SO nice! He took care of us ( we were DEEP with tons of people, pushing chairs together, talking loud! And their were other patrons already eating when our big group rolled up with multiple orders!! Can't wait to go back!

Vienna S.

I ordered macaroni and received over cooked noodles with a hint of cheese. Oh it also tasted like boiling quarter water. I'm usually one to see the best in small businesses but after waiting an hour for our food, and it tasting like poo poo, I am not impressed. The chicken tasted like Walmart frozen chicken wings and the sauce was freezing cold. The fries were the only thing bearable to munch on and even those where way over salted. Yuck! We should have none there was something fishy with the "no refund" sign on the counter. Only eat here if you want a leaky boom boom pow.

Lucy M.

Although this place is like 40 minutes from where I live. This is the best Jamaican food I've had since moving to Dallas. Their beef patties and cocoa bread are to die for. The jerk chicken is delicious and spicy. The oxtail is tender and juicy, falls right off the bone.

Orrorin Tugenensis

Great food. Great people. Great casual atmoshpere to eat, relax, and listen to jamaican music.

Original Man

Great food. Great people. Great casual atmoshpere to eat, relax, and listen to jamaican music.

Stephanie W.

I had a meal planned but my husband said he wanted chicken wings. WHAT, I don't do wings. Yelp to the rescue. Close by but delivery, even better. I thought I ordered 2 kinds but only ended up with BBQ wings. Get yourself a washcloth, wet & ring out. These are the best! We also had mac & cheese, not traditional but good. We will be ordering again.

Charles B.

We just discovered they have a Mesquite location as well! It was our first time there and what a great experience! People were great, atmosphere nice, food GREAT and authentic Carribean! My Curry Goat, Rice & Peas, and Fried Plantain were wonderful! We also had Ox Tail! The Jamaican Beef Patties were great, and you can get them authentically with Coco Bread! Wonderful! I highly recommend. The Mesquite location is on the opposite end of Town East from the mall and usual eateries. You go down Town East to the south, but only about a mile or so. You will feel like you have found a hidden treasure! We do! 3315 N Town E Blvd, Mesquite, TX 75150 Hours: Opens 11AM-9 PM Phone: (469) 862-4040

Tess Dove

The best Jamaican food. The owners are great and the food is authentic. Definitely a hidden gem.

Nahlej I.

I have driven past this spot for years and never tried it until today. EVERYTHING and when I say EVERYTHING was terrible!! The lemon pepper wings were hard and barely seasoned, the jerk chicken was AT LEAST a week old, the cabbage was not cooked AT ALL, and the macaroni and cheese was over cooked!! To top it off, I watched the lady n the back re-heat every item in my order except for the lemon pepper wings!! Needless to say, I won't be back!!

Lisa A.

Terrible! Waited an hour for wings that were not good. Owner manager started arguing with us when we asked how much longer. We watched a whole family of 4 finish their meals and leave while we sat . Never get my business again. And then the wings were shit!! Don't waste your money or your time.

rod moe

First and last time ordering from this establishment. Cabbage was more like cole slaw and the Mac & Cheese was not good either. Oxtails tasted as bland as the Mac & Cheese. If you are looking for good Jamaican food, please do not waste your money at Wings & Tings in Garland Tx.

Patricia S.

Always wanted to order food from here, and I finally did tonight. The lemon pepper wings were perfect. The food tastes like whoever made it cared. Just wonderful.

Vvv T.

The only thing was good was the pop. Reheated burnt nasty, nasty and more nasty. Don't ever ask the cooks daughter how's the food. Uck!! Why even open that

Mally Douglas

This was my 1st time going there. It was recommended by my friend. I was greeted with a warm welcome. I ordered a stew chicken plate. The food was absolutely delicious!!! The peas & rice was on point; especially the stew chicken. This is what real authentic Caribbean food should taste like. I’ve been to Aldeeze, Murphy’s Mansion, Island Spot, Jamaicans Gate, Elane’s Kitchen, etc... to name a few of the other Island restaurants in the Dallas area. However “Reggae Wings & Tings” is by far my favorite. Plus they give you a lot of food for the price. I will definitely go back there.

ChiChi Melendez

The service was wonderful, but the food was not so great. The chicken was super spicy/hot (if you like that then you will love this chicken), the rice was very bland and overcooked.