Taqueria Diana

1815 S 1st St suite #E, Garland
(972) 271-0549

Recent Reviews

Rebeca Andrade

I do not recommend after being a customer for YEARS. The customer service is not the same. Rude with you for asking about their pricing, passive aggressive, older women acting like teens. I pay not just for quality of food and taste, but for service as well.

jay love

Street Tacos for a buck... Gotta try em out y'all and the service was exellent!!!!

Arturo Morin

Love their street tacos. They are the bomb specially at their prices.

Cherie Omobogie

Love their tacos...A biweekly treat for my family.

Jorge Rodriguez

Good food.... fast service....very affordable

angel onchweri

Love their tacos...A biweekly treat for my family.

Memo Cortez

Food is good, the only problem I have is that there's an issue with seating. Other than that the food is good and pricing isn't bad either.

Joe Star

Great tacos for a good price

Tony Miller

Great food at great prices



Yazmin Romero

Best cheap tacos around

Mario Guevara

One of the best hidden places in garland to get good tacos.

Warren Steven

I just loved these tacos, you can customize them and you just need to choose the protein. They really taste like the Mexican ones that's why I love them. You need to give it a try.

lisseth nava

For the first time I was rejected after making a 3hr round trip for tacos. They refused to separate it so once I got home they wouldn't be soggy. But they turned me away with the only option of buying by the pound. Sad because I always recommend this place to everyone on that side of town.

Betty Cervantes

I always see a lot of multicultural people in this little taqueria, I knew it was going to be good as the line extended towards the pan dulce section. Walk towards the back and order up front, you'll get a number called out. I love their lengua tacos, pastor, fajita, even the queso and rajas was amazing. Salsas are great too, the orange one is my favorite, the green one is not so spicy. Just make sure to inspect that the front is always fresh and clean.💕

shelby west

Great tacos and salsa and great prices highly recommend this place.

Zaira Martinez

Good Taco place. Attendants are direct and to the point. I understand, they're busy all day.

Christin Martinez

Cheap, good tacos. But not the barbacoa, its greasy and it doesnt have good flavor. I think they dont clean it really really well. But everything else is decent.

Eric Santana

Rice is okay, beans need a bit more flavor, tortillas too soft not as crispy. Meats is okay. Green salsa can be a bit more spicy. Lemons were great. Good price.

Selene R.

They were fast and sweet . They have great customer services affordable amazing food

Richie Rivaux

very bad place i found hair in my food... no respect no nothing. i order over the phone when i got there i waited in line like any other person when it was bout to be my turn someone just walks up and says he is there to pick up an order he placed over the phone. there is no sign or nothing that says that placing an order over the phone means you DONT HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE. When i complain to the cashier im not sure if its the cooking guy or restroom cleaner he says no need to wait in line so i tell him where is the sign he says there is no sign so i had to tell him where is the respect for all the people waiting in line. since he couldn't answer that i had to tell him to shut up and mind his own business.

bleg 02

This is truly a hidden gem, don't be discouraged by the convinience store location. They really do have great food at a great price. We always stop by when we are in the area. Muy buena comida a un precio excelente. Siempre pasamos cuando estamos por esta area.

Joel Soto

Best Taqueria hands down. Been coming here for years.

Reyes Ramirez

Really good cheap tacos. I would recommend the chicken tacos and beef tacos. Good tacos!

Nayeli J.

Only come here bc the food is good but I've had many bad experiences here one time they forgot our 5 tacos another time i called in an order and they said that i had called the wrong taqueria and when i asked for the number it was the same one i had called another time We waited in line for 30 minutes for a order we had called in only for them to tell us to wait 5 more minutes (they hadn't even made our food ) to being with

Shawn Williams

They r all very nice and friendly people!! I call them my friends. Isaac Shiloh and it's one of the girl in there that I like they're nice people! Thanks you guys for all the help. This is ur friend Veronica Williams XO

Angelique L.

Tacos were pretty good. The tripas were kind of crispy, almost taste burnt. My bf loved the buche and I liked the fajita (carne asada). We didn't try the rice or beans or anything else, just tacos.

Mischapale Warren

Best Barbacoa taco ever! I'll take Diane's over fuel city any day. The flavor is there and you are not standing at a window, you can see everything that's going on.

Terry Hernandez

Always great food and server

Diego Estrada

Best Tacos in Garland for the price!

Kaci W.

I had the tacos de pollo en salsa verde and they were the best tacos de pollo I've ever had. I would have these everyday if I could!

Kelli CATastrophe

The best whole in the wall Garland has ever seen! Diana's is located inside of the Western Union building, in a little outside strip mall.... they have the cheapest prices by far. You cannot beat .89 cent tacos or a Grande quesadilla plate for $6.99. And I do mean GRANDE!! Their rice has bits of chicken in it, pure heaven.... Yes they take Debit cards.

Maria G.

Nice place I love the tacos they are so delicious and the torta cubana definitely one of me favorites 😁😋 👅 and the prices are just right ..... need to visit this place for sure!!😉👍

omar juache

Best place to have rwal street tacos. Highly recomended.

Anton E.

I woke up at 5am this morning with my stomach bloated like a basketball and I immediately knew something was wrong. Taco flavored burbs gave way to taco vomit just as I entered bathroom. I did not leave the bathroom for the next hour. For the record I had not thrown up for over 10 years and am a pretty adventurous eater. I returned to bed but had to revisit the bathroom every 10 minutes or so. I'll spare you any more gory details but suffice it to say that it is as sick I have ever been from a meal. Rewind to the night before around 9:00pm I was hungry and decided on tacos. I have a couple go to places but had remembered the positive reviews about Taqueria Diana. I found it it easily. It's in the back of a convenience store / cash checking place. There's a dining area that looked like a bomb went off. The tables had obviously not been wiped down in a while. The kitchen was worse. Various meats in random containers. Tortillas on the ground. Not a tight ship. I ordered anyway and it was average at best. The fallout of that mistake is above. Obviously I wont be back.

Glade Chyld

Food is amazing, its tucked away in a little store so look close for the sign. Lots of items you wont find other places, decent portions. Pretty clean and busy busy.

Vanessa U.

Excellent tacos! Finally a place that has more variety other than fajita and al pastor, the most common tacos eaten around here. Best tacos de guisados and for less than a dollar each!

Laddi Lopez

the selection of tacos and prices, love it!!

john smith

Killer little after tacos! 4 with rice and beans for like $5. At least 15 different items to choose from at any given time.

Brittany Ribble

This is my favorite taco place in the DFW area. Cheap, authentic, and delicious! And there are also great tostadas as well