106 E Upshur Ave, Gladewater
(903) 845-8200

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Jessica Matteson

Ordered 2 champ foot long subs and got 2 monsters instead kept calling with No answer so waisted that moneyFood: 1/5

Anthony Buchanan

Out of everything on our order, almost. Ordered a melt claims they had to discontinue it because they burned. Ordered a kids' meal and only got a sandwich. They offered to replace the apple sauce with cookies and didn't get them. My child only got a sandwich out of the whole meal. They refused to comp or refund anything g because it was a mobile order. So they basically stole money. I ordered something specific and didn't receive the quality I should have. It's not the first time here either this like number 4, on messing up our orders from here.

lemon0juicy sour

Fast! Especially for Subway! Employee was very friendly!Vegetarian options: It's subway! Of course it has vegetarian options lol

Frank Wykoff

Tables were dirty. Remodel not finished yet. At least they brought back roast beef. Over $25 for two 6" subs, tiny chips, and medium tea that wasn't very good. Maybe it'll get better

Unite Against Them

Never again will I come here. I always notice they are short stsffed and irritated, so I tip well. I understand that struggle. But the moment I'm getting half of everything because she *delaney* doesn't want to refill things like tomatoes? Olives? The tomatoes were disgustingly shriveled up. Then we get to the register, and she has to do ten things, before ringing me out, because she's been trying to put it all off on her co worker who's late... for her shift in 15 minutes....*that doesn't doesn't make sense* so I realized this isn't subway not hiring, it's this girl not doing her job. I won't be back.nlw that I'm eating it, something is wrong. Taste like bbq. A tuna sandwich. I'm livid and there is nobody to complain to other than the woman who's so rude I can't stand to be near her again. Never again subway!!!!

Denise Bryant

Well the food was okay but the employees were rude if they didn't know what they do and maybe they should look for a different job and be nicer to their customers

Betty Wilson

Kind and courteous worker. Will be back.

Michael W. Carr

I have been eating at Subway restaurants for a long time at various locations in both the Dallas area and East texas. Tried the Gladewater recently and it is similar to all the rest, a decent sub sandwich but still not my favorite of sub sandwiches. They do have a very good selection and he stores are usually very clean as this one was also. A nice change from having to cook and I don't care to cook for myself. So I'll be back no doubt but wish they had some other sub sandwich alternative restaurants in Gladewater.The wait staff were kind of friendly but not really going out of their way to make it and enjoyable meal. I guess we can all always have off days, just have to try to not make that off day and every day thing. Anyway if you are looking for a sub sandwich and the Gladewater area this might be the place for you.

john pessink

I recently had the displeasure of ordering through your store for the second time. I decided to go in being the last order I made online was missing the cheese. There was a large rude woman with no name tag that took my order. First, she acted offended that I wanted 2 sandwiches.  Then as I requested to substitute turkey for ham (something I've always done at any subway) was informed that it wasn't possible. I asked for what my options were to achieve my desired sandwich. She told me I could start with a base sandwich and pay $4 for every meat. I ended up with the sandwich with ham that I scraped off myself. As I was going to leave, I herd the other girl tell her that they needed more grilled chicken. She informed the girl that they were only serving what they had and the customer will just have to like it.I felt sorry for the girl having to work with someone with such poor attitude. From now on I'll have to travel to another subway with better service.

Savannah Loftin

Not only was the man working Sunday very rude and disrespectful, and dismissive.. But he was very stingy with the food. We basically had to eat our sandwiches with a fork because it was just thrown together if I could give negative stars I would.

Celesterielle LaCoste

Needs new management and employees!! Very rude and disrespectful EVERYTIME I go in there. If I want subway, I’ll go to a different location from now on.

elephant seal

i walked in there today and a dude named matthew took my order and used his manners to me i’m only 16 and i only had $100 on me and he broke it into 20’s for me with his own money he did an outstanding job the best and most kindest worker i’ve ever met

Alan Willard

Wife and I ordered 2 ft. Long subs. They were fresh and excellent!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐?

Cory Moltzan

Chicken teriyaki with avocado was a great light lunch on a hot day.

Latasha Spraglin

Haha chicken sandwich is off the chain very delicious and the cookies are an extra treat.

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