Angie Winners Kitchen

2905 E Arkansas Ln Suite 100, Grand Prairie
(972) 854-6161

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Courtney Washington-Henry

The food was absolutely delicious and the service was top notch. The dishes I had were Egusi with beef and fufu made with plantain, and jollof rice with fried fish and fried plantain. It was fresh and the flavor was AMAZING. There were other dishes I wanted to try so, I look forward to going back but with my family. So grateful to the young lady who took the time the explain the menu to us.

Sheng Thao

First time trying Nigerian food and Angie’s did not disappoint. There was lots of flavor in the soup and the meat pie! Angie even gave us some sweets to try! The little donuts were the perfect level of sweetness, not too sweet and not too plain! I could eat those all day!

stephanie alejandra gomez hermosillo

Everything about this place was AMAZING!It was our first time eating African cuisine, the staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. The goat stew and the egusi with fufu was superb, the jollof rice was delicious. Definitely a small hidden gem. A must try for sure.

Ren Shah

My husband and I tried this West African food for the very first time thanks to it trending on TikTok.The items we bought included: the okra soup with chicken, egusi with goat meat, and of course fufu.We were blown away by the taste and overall experience. The owner is really kind and helps walks you through the menu to explain and suggest items. When she heard it was our first time, she even brought us over some free hibiscus tea to try!!My only recommendation is to add the prices to the menu at the store as well as online so that people know the cost.Other than that, wish we lived in Dallas to have this food every week! Highly recommend!!

Layy Gates

Highly highly recommend. I got potato greens and cassava. Liberian dishes and I grew up with Liberian family for 15 years so I have become very fond of the culture and the food. These dishes hit on point to the flavors I know. Nice people, fair price, delicious food. Will definitely be back!!!

Albert F.

The food was good, but the pricing is terrible. I got the Waakye to-go. The flavors were there, but for the quantity I received, and a total of $20 after tax , it's just not worth it. Especially given I had to drive 30 minutes for it.

Audrey A.

I was craving authentic African food one evening and decided to finally check out Angie Winners Kitchen! I didn't allow the distance to deter me and I'm so glad I went because I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the customer service was awesome! Ms Angie is very friendly and makes sure you're comfortable and okay! It certainly won't be my last time! Go Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Carol Reames

We tried Angie Winners Kitchen for the first time today. My son is quite a foodie, and likes to explore culinary culture. The owner and staff were very welcoming as soon as we walked in the door.She shared a delicious hibiscus/ginger beverage with us and helped us navigate the menu. All three of our meals were delicious!!! My mom had jollof rice with chicken. I had waakye with chicken with added avocado and fried plantains (I LOVE fried plantains - and these did not disappoint!), and my son had Efo Riro (I think ;-) ) We were very impressed with the service and the flavors! We'll be back! Thank you for a great lunch!

Tina T.

By far my new favorite dishes, the food was soooo amazing and the customer service was excellent they made me feel just like family and the whole vibe was extraordinary. HIGHLY recommend

Mia L.

My daughters and I had been wanting to try Nigerian food. We have seen other places near are area but wanted to go to Angie's because of their awesome reviews. We drove 40 minutes away but when I tell you they did not fail! Their food was awesome and the customer service was great! With gas so high I'm willing to drive again! Thank you Angie for making this experience a good one & you have not seen the last of us! Food is a little pricey but I think it's worth it!

Farisa C.

We really enjoyed our dinner! Thank you Chef Angie! We will definitely return! The food was delicious! The atmosphere was wonderful!

Michelle R.

Our son wanted to try West African food for his birthday, saw the reviews so we tried it. It was a great experience! The food was delicious and the service was great! It's small but they're very hospitable and friendly. We had the rice ball peanut soup with goat, jollof rice with tilapia, and fried yam with chicken. We also had jollof rice with chicken, waakye and shito, and banku with tilapia but forgot to take pictures. Everything was made fresh and tasted good! We were also given an herbal drink to sample. I would def recommend this place if you want to eat or try West African cuisine. My only complaint was the food didn't come out at one time but the experience was still great.

Juliet Ofori

This was my second time ordering Angie’s and every time there was something wrong with my food. This time I was highly disappointed. She did say with a review so, I have to be honest. I was very disappointed when I got home and saw the portion of food that I received. This was not worth $40. I don’t eat red meat and specifically asked for NO meat, only soup. I ended up with more meat than soup. The food tasted okay. It’s honestly not worth it. I’ve had better. I definitely won't be going back.

Kween Renae

Today 5/14/22 between the hours of 6:40 and 8:00 pm I ordered egusi soup and it has a bitter after taste also it has multiple meats in it including fish inside the soup and that is not cool. I ordered from here a couple weeks ago and the egusi soup had only one type of meat in it and it was just absolutely amazing, not really sure what happened today but I feel I just wasted $61.00 + on something I will end up throwing away. Just not good today ?

Sheri S.

I almost forgot to leave my review. 5 stars!!!! As an african american black woman, when you enter "some" African resturants you aren't greeted in a friendly manner, customer service sucks, or they assume you don't know what you are ordering and their patience lebel is zero. Well yesterday, I was very pleased with the service, food, and even other people eating in the restaurant. The food, let's just day my other spot just got some competition. Being a first timer, looking at the menu, I love that pictures were included to give you an idea of what the meal consists of. I'm not knew to the African food culture, so I know what I want and like. I got my normal Egusi stew with pounded yam, stepped out and also ordered a fish stew. Received my order, got in the car and was like dang I forgot my Moi Moi. Went back in to order. Let's just say when I got home, everything was tasted (very good) but the Moi Moi was eaten all up to where I couldn't eat one of my other meals. This is a must. I hope if you do try you have the same great experience as I and my sister's did. Sorry I didn't take any pictures before eating.

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