Truck Parking / Rest Area 814

East Fwy, Hankamer

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Where else can you find such a clean and fanciful rest area? This is it - the BEST one ever!!! Shy kitties will greet you - then run & hide. Delightful place - come rest & enjoy!

Daniel P.

Chamber County Safety Rest Area... James Taylor White Safety Rest Area... doesn't matter what you call it I have never felt less safe in my entire adult life: it's about midnight here and I am witness to an odd assortment of vehicles including a sketchy hand lettered theo-political statement van, and an abandoned looking car full up with clothes and stuff and all the windows down next to another automobile of uncertain ownership and operability. add a couple of no-masketeers picnicking in the main building and a guy walking what looked like a mixed breed coyote...I've been in plenty of places during the last half-century and this is not one of them.

Molly B.

Beautiful setting and wonderfully clean. Picnice tables for outdoor dining surrounded by shady trees. Easy access from the highway.

Olivia M.

Beautiful, clean rest area for the family. This rest stop is hidden among the trees and has lovely walking paths throughout the grounds that take you to a variety of different spots, such as: pavilions with picnic tables, children's playground, restrooms, indoor info center and more restrooms (must wear a mask and no dogs allowed inside)-- just to name a few. The women's restrooms were clean and air conditioned. There's no baby changing table in the women's restroom, however, there is a family restroom next door. There are signs that say "beware of snakes," but what you should really beware of are the giant spiders hanging out among the trees and the pavilion! They're minding their own business and they're really cool to look at, but I couldn't imagine running into one of their webs by accident!!

Gloria S.

Nice clean area to stop and use the bathroom, have a meal and just relax before moving on to the next destination. The building had great AC so it was nice to get away from the Texans heat and just enjoy the cool air. I love the various picnic areas it's semi private with lots of greenery and foliage. Just be aware of mosquitoes and bugs. It would probably be a good idea to use OFF while outdoors if you plan to have a picnic outdoors.

Keeli Russo

nice and clean

Gwen S.

I've always stopped at this rest area because it was so clean - eastbound AND westbound. The last time I stopped Westbound, the stench of urine was nauseating. Since it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving I gave it a pass. However, today I stopped at the Eastbound area and the smell of urine was worse than the Westbound. What is happening?

Diana Cook

Far walk from pumps if you need Togo inside. Food court is horrible. Not so friendly.

Tawny T.

Awesome rest stop with air-conditioned building and clean rest rooms. The nature walkways are beautiful with points of interest for the kids as well as a playground for them. Obey the signs! Avoid poison oak and rattlesnakes!

Deshika B.

Absolutely the best rest area I've ever been to, hands down! Clean, quiet, far enough away from the road that you're actually able to grab a few winks. And it's in the most gorgeous nature area I have ever seen! There are trails, a boardwalk, and some lake views. Just an all around beautiful rest stop!

Fatima D.

After a long day (seventeen hour drive + quick lunch and quick stops for gas purchases ) we stopped here and I got so pleasantly surprised by the entire concept of the approach to the Architectural planning as well as the planning of the surroundings .. Designed with utmost sence for the break/rest. Modern architectural design of a very spacious and what I can only imagine (since we stopped at night) naturally beautifully illuminated place (the walls of the building are constructed of steel and glass) ..... Two beautiful metal sculptures (indicating natural surroundings) on each side of the entry of each restroom. Phone charging stations, water fountains, multiple vending machines, info screens... Absolutely gorgeous mosaic inside the lady's restroom area, beautifully designed doors of the restroom. Lady's restrooms were soptless when my family and I arrived. Beautifuly planned garden with stylish benches ... Plenty of parking space too.

Christine F.

Beautiful Rest Area!!! Board walk, playscape, gorgeous bathrooms!!! Wow!!! Well Done! There is history to read while stretching your legs, vending machines... if you need to stop... this is such a lovely rest area! Check out the photos...

Elizabeth E.

Yesterday I went to the swankiest rest stop I've ever seen, and I just had to do something I didn't think I'd ever do: Write a Yelp review of a rest stop. My family and I were traveling to Southeast Texas and already left Baytown heading toward Beaumont. We wanted to switch drivers and, well, pee, so we saw a sign for a Rest Stop at Exit 814 Eastbound on I-10. We saw a beautiful glass building with trails around, a great playground, and plenty of places to take your dog out. The inside had some beautiful tile work that looked more like a hotel or restaurant than what I think of as rest stops (aka no toilet paper, mysterious smells, sticky floors). My phone was dead, so I don't have pics but this had the trifecta: (1) clean and SUPER NICE restrooms, (2) cold drinks and snacks in a vending machine, and (3) outside space for pets and families. I'll add a 4th: There was a nice place to hang out inside, charge your devices, eat a lunch in the A/C. This place is legit. Check it out.

Drew B.

Yes, I'm reviewing a rest stop. More accurately called the Chambers County Safety Rest Area, I prefer to call it the Best Little Outhouse in Texas. While passionate lovers of Buc-ee's might disagree, JTW might be the Best Little Outhouse in the U.S.A. At Milepost 815 on Interstate 10, on the long road somewhere betwixt Houston and Beaumont, is a much-needed rest area. Hell, I'm not going to even call it a rest stop ... it's more like an oasis: the lobby is filled with the cool breeze of air conditioning; a big picnic area; a really spiffy playground; a beautiful historical marker and plaque commemorating James Taylor White; covered porches; separate truck and car parking areas; high-quality vending machines; an interactive historical display; and two ... count 'em two ... sets of men's and women's bathrooms, clean and mural-covered. In the end, calling it a "Safety Rest Area" isn't lip service. You can't help leaving refreshed and sharper as you leave again for the open road.

Nestmarie R.

Such a nice rest stop! Security, cameras, lighting. Everything to help you feel safe! Sliding glass door, air conditioning, and a playground in the back. The bathrooms are SO nice and the designs are fun to look at! 10/10

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Truck Parking / Rest Area 814

East Fwy, Hankamer, TX 77560