Dairy Queen Store

1215 US-79, Henderson
(903) 657-6532

Recent Reviews

Karleene Silvertooth

Food not as good as it was in the past. Meat is like rubber

Michael Wood

Clean facility with nice and helpful staff.

Jamie Thomas

Every time I go here the staff is very friendly and fast at your service!! I've also worked here and have seen how they do things and seen the cook area! Super super clean!!! Just knowing how clean this place is makes my food taste so much better!

Jamie O'leary

Great chicken and dumplings!!!! Fast and friendly service

Jennifer Lockhart

Call in a order got to the second window because we had to pull up to find out was only charded for half what we ordered

Virginia Landrum

1. No breakfast. 2. Teenagers working the evening shift in the drive thru need manners. They are rude and not very smart.

Joan Pool

Taco shell was nasty and stale. Inside salad was good though.


60 - 80 students and adults with no notice, descended on this Dairy Queen. Results, FANTASTIC, Service, food, crew, and all who were served left satisfied. I have over 30 years in food service and the crew who handled this group was by far the best I've ever seen. Great job. All of my visits to Henderson will include a stop here. Thank You.

Johnny Rigby

good food, good prices and most friendly employees. Great job.

Lafayette Paige

Great food and delicious food fast service friendly atmosphere and lots of other things

John Gearheart

Foods very good. Nice atmosphere.

Branden Johnson

Used their facility for a closing with two ladies. Great accomodations.

Corey Johnson

Nice hot food! Fries are always hot!

Charlene Chamberlain

Yay. The oldest DQ in texas. Had a very nice milkshake.

Donald Kempf

Happy staff was all smiles, order was perfect!!!

Karen G Doss

The Alaskan Pollock fish basket was good! Also the grilled chicken taco salad is good. Tonight the tables and floor needed some attention, but the staff were very busy!

Glenn Pool

For being the oldest dairy Queen it was the best dairy Queen. Food was great. Yeah

Sgt Peppers 7642

Is the oldest DQ in Texas. We ordered a dipped cone. Poor girl had to make three.

Glynn Borders

Food and ice cream were good just as I would expect from a Dairy Queen

Chris H

They pressed my burger with the spatula to speed up cooking which made for a super dry burger. The toilet overflowed on my step father soaking his shirts in dirty toilet water.

Mike Wendeln

They have good tacos and burgers.

Sgt Peppers 7642 .

Is the oldest DQ in Texas. We ordered a dipped cone. Poor girl had to make three.


I'm from lufkin Texas and I eat at dairy queen all the time. But the burger that I got at this location was outstanding.

Frank F

Great place to grab a bite to eat. Clean with great service. I been there a few times and will go back.

Joe Bob

Super good tasting food. Always enjoy going here and sometimes they got pretty good deals.

Karen Smith

Excellent place to eat. Very good. Oldest DQ in Texas

Peggy Sue Fogle

I give Employees 5 Stars!!.... I give the drive thru service no Stars. You can not just pull up for a drink or icecream...unless you sit 10 to 15 minutes in drive thru because of poor in and out...

clifford mcel

I go to a lot of DQ this one rate the best on the atmosphere and the employees treat you like family thanks cliff Mcelfresh

Casey Sumpter

clean atmosphere and friendly service. thanks

Ellery Fisher

Good service and updated store. Generous hand on ice cream cones. Great spot.

Meaghen McFadden

Super friendly, great customer service. I'm on the keto diet, so when I order a burger, I don't get the bun, onions, tomatoes, etc. When I got my food, they had wrapped the patties nicely and separately from the pickles. If your on keto, go here for your lunch!!

Jessica Celaya

Great store. My food was all correct and tasted great. Another cool thing about this store is it is the oldest store so great to go just to see the history of it.

Debora oller

Watch out when you order a Hot Fudge Sunday..they pushed regular chocolate syrup on mine. The burger ð?? was good and hot. The Fries ð?? were over cooked. Maybe they were having a bad day..

Keeli Shaw

love the pop corn chicken bruh

Brittany Haigood

they got my order wrong 3 times when I told them nicely it was wrong each time I got an attitude from the lady's finally I wanted my money back since they couldn't get it right they shoved my money at me slammed the window in my face. I order 1 drink and they got it wrong 4 times such a shame. will never be going back

Karen Doss

The taco salad is very good! I love the ice cream cones. The prices are very reasonable. The staff could smile a bit, but otherwise a great place for money!

Grady Hambrick

Very good place to go the older lady at the counter always has a smile and knows how to make a blizzard. The blizzards are always made right

Sarah Jackson

Friendly and fast service. Food was fresh as well.

Sheri Deslattes

Oldest Dairy Queen in Texas still in operation. Good DQ food. Lots of historical DQ photos and info on the walls. Old walk in freezer still on premises. (but not in use!)

Amanda Anderson

Medium service, kinda sassy, didn't tell me that the burger came with mustard, or what was in it at all for that matter. Would be nice if I was told what was in my food just to verify. The lady looked rather annoyed at us for ordering, then shoved our food at us and said "thanks" in a snotty tone. She just over all looked irritated to be there, if you take a job in customer service, then slap a smile on. It's not hard to do, I know as I myself work at another dairy queen! We all have bad days, but don't let the customer know that! However, this may have been just the one person so I suppose it's not fair for me to slam them as a whole. So whoever the lady was, wasn't very friendly. The food was alright.