Dairy Queen

1215 US-79 N, Henderson
(903) 657-6532

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Belinda Roberts

The guy at the counter was so patient and nice! My friend was having a hard time remembering what she wanted to order, (which I am hoping isn't early onset Dementia, although she is 75). The young man was smiling and joking with her, which helped her to relax and remember that she wanted a Grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate Blizzard with chocolate pieces. I didn't think the GCS would be very good-I thought that it would be very greasy, but it was not! It was really good, and the few spoonfuls of the Blizzard my friend let me have, were so yummy! The only thing that spoiled the visit for me, was the employee who was sweeping next to us. She was clanking chairs so loudly that we couldn't hear each other. When I said something to my friend about it, the girl glared at me, and made even more noise. She was very rude and didn't seem to care. Other than that, we enjoyed our time at "The Oldest Dairy Queen in Texas!"

Barbara W. Harley

5.1.22 - Waited in "long..." drive-thru line & getting food, took apprx 40 mins +. I placed 2 Orders: 1) #8 Chic Strip Basket Combo w/Reg Fries, & Med Strawberry Fountain Drink; 2) Kids Burger Meal w/Cheese, Fries, Sweet Tea, & FREE Ice Cream Sandwich. Once I approached the driv-thru window for "order confirmation" & pymnt..., the male that took my Ord & repeated it back to me..., screwed the Kids Meal up!! For some reason or another..., he had keyed the "Kids" Cheeseburger, into a big, Regular Cheeseburger Combo meal. After repeating my orig. ORD's to the Cashier, and having her to Correct it..., they had me pull fwd to the lil window & wait - seems like eternity (another 15/18 mins). Once they passed the sacked food to me out the lil window..., I "checked" the contents ... glad I did!! Then, I had to beat/pound on the lil glass window, to get someone's attention!! Finally, the inexperienced male Order taker came to the lil window. I expressed-- that they forgot to give/bag the FREE Ice Cream Sandwich!! Once he fetched it (apprx., another 5 min wait), I was able to leave. After all the long wait & frustration..., the Chic Strips & Fries..., were "overcooked" & hard ... not the usual golden brown!!? Smh.... But, the Henderson (oldest DQ in TX) location..., is waaay better than the nearest location to me!! (Dallas, Polk St. @ Wheatland Rd.)


I got the tacos again today for some reason they were just not as good and I noted a large price increase on the menu. If they tasted like they did today they would no longer be worth it. Also got a crispy sandwich that was a pile of pickles plain & dry.

Carly Mulcady

Website says times were updated within the past few days, but they’re definitely not open when they say they are. So annoying when you go and it’s not even accurate. Disappointed. I would give them 0 stars for this if I could.

Phillip Alt

Malts tasted great,dont like plastic cups, prefer styrofoam cups over plastic.

James Choate

Henderson dairy queen;Y'all gonna have to a little bit better than this right here now ???

Foe Chicken

The staff was very friendly. The food was really good for fast food and being a DQ. The restaurant was very clean.The parking lot is very small, and they have a little bit of outdoor seating.

Kassidy Brackett

Asked for condiments and they didn't even check and just told me oh it's already in the bag and my chicken wasn't done on my grilled chicken sandwich

Amanda Francis

Service was quick and served with the famous dairy queen smiles. Food was freshly made and absolutely delicious.

Steve Mercer

Super friendly... They gave her a Pup Cup!

Edilerman Molina

I used to go as a kid- now i only get the chocolate dipped ice cream cone-- to make me feel like a kid again-- lol

Chad Smith

Dairy Queen the ones in Texas are all Great!! Out of Texas they don't know what steak fingers are ?

Catherine Hammond

Fresh fast and oh so delicious!! Definitely stopping again on my return trip

Karolyn Hubbard

if you go to apply they wont call you back and everytime that they answer theyll tel you that the hiring manager not there

Doug St Clair

they were short staffed which seems to be so common right now, dining area was closed & only drive through was open, the food was good though

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