Antony's Deli

10523 Katy Tollway, Houston
(713) 365-0500

Recent Reviews

Kimmy Eatz Food 4 you

Dry sandwiches not very good tbh over priced never will go back too expensive for a basic sandwhich


Ordered the cheeseburger combo with chips and drink. The burger was really good and fresh! The store was very clean and the staff were very polite and warm. Great hole-in-the-wall for a delicious lunch! I’ll definitely be back!

Ken Kolter

Good sandwich, GREAT price!

Emily Zimovan

Super delicious sandwiches. Really hits the spot! Chipotle chicken po boy was awesome!

nata Jaimes

I bought a salad and it wasn’t good. They gave me a plate full of lettuce!

Luke P.

DAMN! I just took my first bite of the sandwich special "grilled chicken avocado po boy" and I'm surprisingly impressed! Overall great taste. The chicken is season well - good pepper taste, chipotle mayo is full of flavor, and most importantly the ingredients taste FRESH! This is my first time here and for a quick 8 bucks I'll be returning for more po boys. Simply fresh and tasty.

Robin sykes

Lunch special “ Boiled chicken strips , hammered flat with loose lettuce and one peice of tomatoe , served with microscopic bag of chips and old Ice Tea “Cant make this up ! I was hornswoggled thought it was Antones its NOT .

Regan D.

This place is a scam. If you have been to the real po boy sandwich shop called Antone's you understand what a good sandwich is. Where Antony's with a Y is no where near as good. They tried to make their name similar to the real Antone's to get you in but Antony's with a Y is absolute trash. The meat is not fresh at all if you want any typical sandwich toppings such as lettuce or tomatoes on your sandwich you must ask for them. Every bite I took of the sandwich the meat would fall out on the other end, the lettuce was not fresh and not chopped very well either. I do not recommend going here unless you are a person with zero taste buds.


Fresh food, healthy choices, friendly staff, fast service, and GREAT ICE TEA are what brings me back again and again to this little family owned deli. The prices a reasonable, especially for the City Centre area. Stop thinking about it, try it today!

bahaa muhsen

Located in spring branch area on the corner next to goodwill. Simple and clean place with nice staff. The sandwich start at 4.69 comes with a small bag of chips. Try the philicheesstake.

Deborah Lusby

I love this place. Been going there for years. The staff is very friendly and their food is great and always fresh!


I had the chicken salad sandwich with cheese. The chicken salad almost had the texture of saw dust.

John S.

One of the best club sandwiches I've had in years! I'll be back to try the muffalleta.

Paulina Sjoberg

They don't know what's inside their own smoothies and are fairly rude. They don't accept tap pay and you can't use a credit card if it's under $5. There are better delis with better selection. I just expect more from a place that's in the Memorial area.

M C.

I picked up a couple of subs and again I had to argue just have them make it fresh. She insisted that she had made them this morning. I didn't want to buy the two sitting there with hard bread on the ends so I literally had to push back and insist that coworker wants her's made fresh. So she frowned and finally had he lady make it. Who needs to go through this kind of BS just to pick-up a couple of sandwiches?? Unbelievable!

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