Baba Yega

2607 Grant St, Houston
(713) 522-0042

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John Fontana

Pretty good spot, kind of veg/funky, but the people were happy and welcoming. Not much if you are not into vegan, but hey, lots are.

Beth Spear

Loved it! Great food! Great atmosphere! Friendly service!!

Denis Kratovic

Ahhhh Baba Yega we are comming in july,i can not wait to see that beautiful place,wonderful food and lovely people.

Jennifer Johnson

american food at this place - great. I love eating here. Nothing but pleasant experiences here. Prices are appropriate. Reminds me of a place in New York I liked to visit.

Eliz McLan

Have enjoyed this place for years. Great breakfast buffet.

Frankie A

it burned down.... again

Kara Ward

Good scene for tasty American food. I like it here, great food & service. Definitely worth a return visit. It has an awesome atmosphere.

Jasmin Summers

american food here - very good. Certainly worth going back to. Prices are appropriate. Food is like a place in Baltimore I liked.

Adriana Beck

american food at this spot - very good. there was fast and courteous service. the place has a nice atmosphere.

Todd R.

They've changed too much and not for the better. The menu is in dire need of revamping, they've removed items that were near and dear to many. It feels .... bland now.

Paige J.

Great ambience and great selection of food! I love a great buffet. but good lord do not wear 6 inch heels or anything that may cause strain in walking up and down steep inclines, uneven flooring, and high steps

Paige Rivas

Always always ALWAYS an awesome place to come to at the end of the week to settle down and enjoy comfort food. Definitely a top favorite of mine. Manager is very sweet and service and servers are just as attentive, smiley and cheerful. I've been here more than a handful of times and it's never a letdown. They have vegan/vegetarian menus aside from their normal ones. They also carry vegan desserts and will happily show you the ones they carry on a platter if you're not sure what you want. My heart sank when I heard about the fire but I'm thankful that everyone made it out okay. You guys deserve healthy recovery with your team members and your location. I can't wait to see you guys open again and I hope you take whatever time you need to get back to being just as amazing :)

Ieisha Humphrey

The food was great. Selection was substantial and everything tasted fresh and made with quality ingredients. The only reason I'm not giving five stars is that we sat on one of the covered patios and had to fight off gnats and fruit flies the entire meal. Our orange juice had to be replaced three times because bugs kept landing in the drinks. That took away from the experience. If you go, sit inside.

Jeff Folloder

Great meals for many decades!

Karlisha Gray

The staff was wonderful and friendly! The Brunch buffet was really good

Stephanie M.

Great buffet!!! I love this place! This place has an old style feel. It is an old house that has been extended left, right, up, and down. It even has an old tree in the center of one of the dining rooms. And I love its charm. There is a section upstairs, which can be used for private dining, covered patio seating. The Omelet Station is great. They can even accommodate non egg request (e.g. roasted veggies). Next to that station, they have pancakes and waffles with great Cinnamon Sugar Butter. It melts in your mouth and on your waffles. I didnt see any toppings there, but with this butter you don't need it. A fresh fruit bar mades for great clean eating and trust me is addictive. Guilty of going back more than once. There are quite a view vegan options, which is great.... But I couldn't pass up the crispy bacon!!! Mmmmmmmm.. It was so good! An awesome dessert bar, although I did remember that the dessert options have slimmed. However, it has been a while since I have been here for brunch. And did I mention they have Strawberry Lemon Mimosas! Get the carafe, it is cheaper to get the carafe, than buying individual glasses. PSA: PLEASE VALET... Street parking is next to impossible to find before noon. It is horrible. If you do find a spot, please read the street signs. The parking lot stayed packed, not one spot in sight! Altogether, I recommend this brunch. It is great, but parking is bad unless you valet!!! Valet is complimentary, but they work on tips. Tip them well my frienda.

Ozzy C.

The new owners of Baba Yega are slowly killing a Montrose emblem and a Houston almost landmark. And apparently manager Farrokhza has been their best ally in this crusade of destruction of an icon. I have been an "habituè" since I first arrived to Houston in 1995. I felt in love with this restaurant for its cozzyness, great food and friendly service. Everything and everyone would accommodate the clients needs and expectations. About two years ago I started noticing changes on the menu and so did my friends that used to go there too. Then I noticed that my favorite waiters were let go or left. Then one day I was not allowed to order from the menu during brunch ours. That was the first time that I raised my eyebrows and had to say "You must be kidding me" Despite this important changes, I kept going to Baba Yega even thou not as often as I used to go but kept bringing my friends that visit me from other cities or countries. Today I understood the reason why service at Baba Yega is going down: Mr. Farrokhza. This is the story and I'll try to make it short. I was with 2 friends from Houston and one visitor from Germany. The waiter was a new one and apparently he had no previous experience. It took him 20 min to bring coffee, I had to go to the waiters station to refill my cup, dirty plates were piling up on our table, our mimosa pitcher was also 20 minutes late and it arrived with only one glass because they run out of clean glasses!!!! and the restaurant was not even packed because of the rain. First I expressed my concerns to the waiter and he apologized but with the "I don't care" attitude. Then an assistant manager approached to our table, she apologized too with a little more professionalism. Five minutes later Mr. Farrokhza aggressively approached and without any introduction asked "what's wrong". I introduced my self saying "I have been a customer of this restaurant for 23 years, that's maybe longer than since you've been born". As soon as I finished that only sentence he walked out on us as fast as he arrived. I told him "I have not finished" and in front of another 5 or 7 tables he replied "I'm not gonna talk to you" and walked out for good. All other customers including a 3 year old girl looked at him in disbelief. How can we expect good service if management behaves like that with the costumers and in front of other customers? How does Mr. Farrokhza treat the restaurant's employees if he treats customers like he did? Maybe that's the reason of the high waitstaff turnover? At this point it doesn't bother me that the manager of a restaurant was rude to a loyal customer, what bothers me is that because of this bad experience I'm not going back to a restaurant that's full of good memories.

Mary W.

Wonderful staff and many different rooms to choose from to dine in. The restaurant is housed in a collection of old houses and in once were outside areas covered and climate controlled--all linked together. ---makes for a cozy vibe. Loved the Sunday buffet! The omelette was delicious and so much more. Lots of different celebrations going on!

Stewart Flinn

Amazing Sunday Brunch!!! We went here for a family Birthday celebration. Alfredo’s Customer Service was awesome!!! The brunch selection was out of this world amazing!!! They really try to have something for everyone. It was healthy and very delicious!!! I was very impressed!!! We look forward to catching the Sunday Brunch here again soon!!!

Robbie To Morrow

We had a great lunch with very attentive service and great food. Always a favorite we’ve been dining at for years and years. Love the atmosphere, please don’t change anything but sprucing up is always a good thing.

Baba Yega

2607 Grant St, Houston, TX 77006