Don Javier Meat Market y Taquería

13526 Tidwell Rd, Houston
(281) 436-1997

Recent Reviews

Ñusta Online Store

First time ever to this store and I absolutely loved the customer service and variety of services they offer.

Alo Taxi Tok

I just went to grab some tacos and meat and the customer service is great. Friendly and nice staff.

Eric Palacio

The barbacoa, friendliness and the carnicería are Great!!

Aracely Tamez

Servicio amable y muy atentos

Cindy Loaiza

Would give 0 starts if they allowed me to! This is the only store in all of HOUSTON that has denied me to do EBT manually. My card will not swipe and it can only be put in manually. I’ve NEVER had an issue before at any store. Walmart, sellers and other company’s all allow for EBT to be put in manually. And then the cashier Marco dais I couldn’t do it cuz then his register wouldn’t be correct or he would be missing money. Which makes NO SENSE because it’s being paid by EBT!! I will be calling to speak to the store manager and I will also be letting Texas Benefit about this store! Absolutely ridiculous.

Mirka Valdivieso

I like the store a lot because I can always find what I need to cook my Bolivian food.

Javier Valdivieso

Buen servicio, buena atención, buenos precios. La tienda está bien surtida y abastecida y los empleados son buenos.

Claudia Monroy

This was our 2nd time here and I was absolutely displeased with how they treated us and their employees. We came in to order food and drinks. They gave us the cups and lids to fill out drinks. As my husband is grabbing his straw an putting on the lid, whom I assume is the owner, starts being loud and rude with my husband In Spanish and pointing to some sign (wich by the was is ONLY in Spanish) I then Proceed to tell him he doesn't READ or SPEAK SPANISH! And starts being loud with me as well about his sign and how we aren't supposed to make our drinks. UHMMM excuse me but if you want people to know what your sign says then MAYBE IT SHOULD SO BE IN ENGLISH too, or put your drinks behind the kitchen if its that big of a deal! Your customers are not ONLY Spanish speaking/reading. He then proceeded to be loud with the employees too for giving us cups. Over all we won't be back, totally rude and disrespectful to all of us!

Sebastian Martinez

I’ve been visiting this store for years, but sadly it has been sold to new management. We all miss Frank. The family environment of this store is gone. Very sad.

Allison Rutledge

My husband went here this past week. It is kind of far from our home, so it took him a while to make the trip. It was WELL WORTH IT! The food was great! Staff was very helpful, and the market was clean. Thank you so much! We will definitely be back!Great job!!

Rafaella Orbegoso

Great food!

Paola Sánchez de Gutiérrez

Excellent! Just great place to shop. Mexican authentic food and I found it very clean and very well kept. Will come back for sure!

Javier Pantaleon

Ordered take out with grub hub and the food was cold :/

Diana Valdivieso

From the entrance until the kitchen, all the staff and products are ✨ TOP✨! I like the international aisle because the sell Peruvian products

Javier Valdivieso Perry

This place is like no other. Cleanliness, good prices, great customer service, great meat market, great staff. I love my neighborhood store!

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Don Javier Meat Market y Taquería

13526 Tidwell Rd, Houston, TX 77044
(281) 436-1997