La Palapa Downtown

1110 Preston St, Houston
(713) 228-9620

Recent Reviews

Raymond Lenton

This place is just awesome !!! I wish I could give it six stars. The little lady that is in the window with a the nicest person, and has great interpersonal skills.The wait time is very minimal whether you call in ahead, or order at the window. I’ve only eaten their breakfast tacos, and they are very tasty. When I’m in the area, it isn’t a question if I am going to visit them for breakfast. I have turned my colleagues on this place also, and they love it.

Virginia Chavez

Just my favorite lunch place. The chicken flautas and their jumbo crispy beef taco... And please if ever downtown early in the morning try #8 their super breakfast taco.. You'll falll in love - one flour tortilla egg, potatoes, bacon and ? with their signature salsa.. You won't regret it!

Dorian Bliss

Flavorful and the coffee is good.

Joshua Jones

I've been coming here 2-3 times a week for the past few months before heading to work. Super friendly and delicious breakfast tacos. My favorite is the crispy taco but it takes a little longer to cook than the regular ones so make sure you have enough time to enjoy it before catching your next bus.

Lucy Ortega

Affordable, convenient and free delivery if you work downtown! They have great breakfast tacos and amazing beef tortas.

Chris Blankenheim

Good and fast.

Benito Espinosa

The burgers are of the chain and the services is out standing .they make you feel right at home.

Erin Hughes

Awesome place, unique experience and the owner and employees seem to know all the regulars!

Ellie Hughes

Awesome place, unique experience and the owner and employees seem to know all the regulars!

Fergie Arias

I love the super tacos. I've been going to this place for more than 10 years. They also accept credit cards so it makes it easy to pay since I never carry cash.


Went that earlier before lunch rush. 10:43. I ordered a double hamburger fries and taco. Chicken Taco is not that great. Took couple bites on ride home to spring reheat. And omg i found a hair. In my burger. Normally the burger is great what i normally order. This right here messed up all up for me.

Karma Lavonne

The Breakfast Tacos are life. And the little Asian woman is seriously the absolute sweetest. ?

Broderick Butler

A throwback to the small neighborhood burger we all knew growing up. An extensive menu, but primarily food that can be prepared quickly for downtown workers without a lot of time. Shake Shake it is not, but for what it is and what it offers, and for where it is-I'm a fan-of the convenience, prices & basic food fare. Yes, I can make the same entire menu at home better, but in a pinch they'll do. So, with downtown eateries averaging $11 & up, La Palapa is a welcomed surprise.

Paul Davis

Excellent food. Amazing prices. Very very fast.The salsa is amazing. Makes the flavors explode.The breakfast tacos are simply amazing. I highly recommend.

Katie Foote

Delicious desayuno torta, fast services and cheap prices! Extremely fluffy bread, toasted and warm, high quality ingredients. There's a small bench by the fountain to eat or takeaway. They open early. Wonderful start to my morning!

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