La Reyna del Taco

806 Freeport St, Houston
(832) 292-3259

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I used to like it when the lady with short hair was there by herself, she's very kind. But now she has other lady's there that really have attitude problems, I order tacos to go and when I got home and opened my tacos guess what? Almost No meat at all! What a shame. To expensive for less meat

Jacob Orozco

(Translated by Google) The most expensive tacos that two people have eaten $40 dllsLanguage request. They put three little pieces that were lost among all the cilantroThe same thing happened with those of HeadThe meat is lost in the vegetablesI wondered... why would I be so lonely... I already understood(Original)Los tacos mas caros que he comido dos personas $40 dllsPedi de lengua. Le ponen tres pedacitos que se perdian entre todo el cilantroLo mismo paso con los de CabezaLa carne se pierde en la verduraYo me pregunte... porque estara tan sólo... ya comprendi


Came to try this place out and it didn’t come out to be good ?What we ordered: 5 tacos and 1 pambazo.Paid: $18*Taco was very dry and small. They charged us $2 each small taco and it didn’t even come with onions, limes, or even enough salsas. (We only received one)*my pambazo was slightly better than the tacos but also not that great.The place is called ‘LA REYNA DEL TACO’ and they couldn’t get it right. Very disappointed.

Diana Garcia

(Translated by Google) Very expensive for what they give and the meat has no flavor!!!!!(Original)Muy caro para lo Que Dan y la carne no tiene sabor!!!!!

StopWytOnWyt Crime

B1 don't go here very racist my card was charged $70.63 cent when the woman told me my total was $68.She charged me $2 for super small $1 tacos. But what was really upsetting was her messing up my 3 year olds burger. My husband respectfuly asked to have it remade and her refusing to remake it. My baby did not receive his food and family was really hungry when we left truly horrible experience. I'll be calling my bank And will be calling the restaurant again to resolve the issue. Update: I will be submitting a police report today Aug-20-22 if the issue can't be resolved with the owner

Misael Cruz

(Translated by Google) Very expensive for little food, the small tacos are charged at $2 when they are the $1 boys, the pastor is very oily, the fajita without flavor. Very small burgers for 7 dollars I spent $68 to keep my family hungry.(Original)Muy caro para poca comida, los tacos chicos los cobran a $2 cuando son los chicos de $1 el pastor esta muy aceitoso la fajita sin savor. Las hamburgesas muy chicas para 7 dolares gaste $68 para que mi familia siguiera con hambre.

Junior Marines

(Translated by Google) It is a good place for the family(Original)Es un buen lugar para la familia

Sergio R.

Good food, good service. Can get a good quality meal at a good price here with damn good tortillas. Better food and service than stopping at any fast food spot

Mirna H.

I do not recommend This Location! It has terrible customer service! The employees here are very rude! They need to hire new employees or Train the ones they have so they can have better customer service!

Leslie Farfan

(Translated by Google) The pambazos are delicious(Original)Los pambazos están deliciosos

Mario Sanchez

(Translated by Google) If you want CDMX style tacos this is the best place,(Original)Si quieres tacos estilo CDMX este es el mejor lugar,

Mario Martínez

Ricos los tacos de tripita y de lengua deliciosos

A G.

I was very disappointed by this place. Heard a lot about their whole chicken deal, so stopped by to grab one a few months ago. My bf is a huge fan of Walmart's $6 rotisserie chickens ($2 at closing time) for his salad, so I thought this would be a nice change. I can't remember how much exactly it was ($8, maybe?). When I got home, I was disappointed by the size of the chicken. It was half the size of our favorite Walmart one, but significantly more expensive and not really particularly flavorful. Tortillas and sauces, including their wonderfully spicy green one, are sold separately. All in all, I felt like I paid a lot of money for not much in return. I was quite disappointed. :(

Sandro E.

The food is good, the service sucks. Lady at the front with blue eyes is a b***** She is rude and short, they get rich of the Hispanics and then treat them like trash. Don't visit, not worth it. La comida está rica pero el servicio está pésimo! La vieja que cobra con ojos azules es una pinche naca. Es mal educada y grocera. Se hacen ricos de los hispanos y después los tratan de la chingada. No compren aquí, no vale la pena.

Southampton S.

We ordered two roast chickens with the fixings and tortillas for lunch at the office. I also ordered extra beans and rice. OMG, it was all so good! The roast chicken was meaty and not greasy. The tortillas de harina y los de maiz tasted so good. And the frijoles a la charra were tremendous -- full of ham and sausage. We had 10 people for lunch and still had food leftover. What a great deal!

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