Lifting Noodles

2503 Bagby St, Houston
(346) 867-6405

Recent Reviews

Madam W.

In all honesty, the angry pho is decent, however, it's needs to be seasoned.... It's like eating hot chili beepers by itself with no salt... please learn to season so that I can come back

Carlos P.

Ramen was OK. Underwhelmed Flavor was 3/5 Good portion size Staff was friendly Poke is a better option here

Zara R.

Not from houston but when i come here i like to try new places . Me and a few family friends were looking for somewhere to eat when we all suddenly thought ramen was a great choice, and it was here! Very welcoming and friendly with new customers, especially us having a four year old with us! The staff was very helpful and friendly. from ordering to helping us pack our ramen to go ! Great ramen but definitely make sure you enjoy everything it comes with . spring rolls were the best i've ever had even for the small size . pork dumplings were not my forte but they were tasty!

Navia W.

Got the kimchi noodles it was really tasty, although some of the Menma (bamboo shoots) were cold and I had to submerge them in my hot broth to warm them up. And the establishment itself was a little smelly.

Ryan B.

I mean the ramen was good. I got the angry zuko ramen and the broth just wasn't that great. It definitely wasn't bad it just lacked richness. Also not sure how I feel about corn being in there

Carolyn H.

Came here for a last minute dinner and was really impressed! At first I thought they were a little overpriced, however the service (it was fast) and food was worth it. I got a Rainbow sushi burrito and one of the spicy ramens. Both were really good and had a lot of taste. Worth the money! I also got a $1 Thai Tea (Monday Special) and it tasted great as well. The owner was also kind. I will definitely be back in the future.

Lisa T.

The vegan kale noodle up 1 ramen was delicious and we especially liked the miso salad. It was so refreshing

Vinh N.

A good vegan ramen alternative to Jinya if you don't want to pay the higher prices and deal with the crowd. Maybe it's because I only come here at night, but I don't see many dine-in customers at night. It's counter service and a steady stream pop in to do take-out or delivery service. The vegan 1up ramen is tasty with a decent amount of vegetables. The poke bowls and sushi donuts look cool, but I wouldn't know what they taste like.

Lauren B

Lifting Noodles has become one of my favorite local spots. The food here is very flavorful and fresh. Not only do they have the best ramen and sushi donuts, but the owner, Yo Yo, is one of the kindest, most accommodating people I've met in the industry. He takes the time to get to know his customers and always has a smile on his face. I highly recommend this spot!!!

judy M

Unbelievable! I was looking for a new place for ramen in my neighborhood and tried it out. I am thrilled to have found it. Delish!

Elisa D.

They really took the time to cater to me being vegan! The manager was awesome for that

Jeannie W.

Cute lil place, seating was widely Available for the amount of people that were there when I went. God amount of ramen to choose from. I had the wonton ramen with egg noodles. My niece and shared a bowl. The bowl had all the things you'd expect from ramen, the egg, black fungus, bamboo shoots, corn.... great price point, but had I been starving, I would've had to have gotten my own bowl as the bowls aren't that big. There were special drinks like dragon fruit lemonade. People were friendly, place was clean, I'd return to try some other options on the menu

Eesha V.

Was just ok, in the midtown area. Good options for veggie broth

Jesse Cao

Super great ramen and poke!! Owner super nice came by and gave my 1 year old some fried chicken!!

Samantha M.

Ordered ramen and fried spring rolls for dinner tonight. Honestly not the best ramen I've ever had which could be due to the fact it was delivered. The noodles were way over done.

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