Nara Thai Express

2111 Fannin St, Houston
(832) 548-1604

Recent Reviews

Chris AV

This sh!t is legit. Everything was good! We got it through Uber eats then found out it was basically in a gas station. Lesson learned never judge a book by its cover. Going to go by later today and eat some more. Fresh no travel time.Food: 5/5

Saowaros Chueamueangpan

Pad Tai is to die for.... fast and friendly service...

htx herbivore

Though the outside was a bit unusual and shady, the food was not bad. I got tofu pad thai, and it was pretty good!

Jessica Bohlmann

Wow. Great food and plenty of it. Got a tofu eggplant basil thing and a roasted duck green curry. Excellent. Wish I'd gotten a 2 spice instead of 3 but that's on me.Vegetarian options: Plenty of vegetarian options.Parking: Plenty of parking.Dietary restrictions: Special notes printed on the menu for vegan and gluten-free folks.

Susannah Post

went in because everyone coming out was so excited they didn’t even get to their cars to try their food. This is some of the best Thai I’ve ever had in my life and I want to try the whole menu. GET THE DUMPLINGS.

Donella Gomillion

Be careful....sent me rancid crab and shrimp fried rice. The smell was obvious, and the cook should have know by the heavy ammonia smell. Disgusting

Muhammad C.

Had their pad thai with duck. Not a combination Ive ever tried, but they offer it so I thought why not. Flavor on the pad thai was great and well balanced. The duck itself did not seem particularly fresh, but was still okay. I would probably order a different protein if I came back. Not particularly cheap but portion sizes are medium-largeish.

Yumi J.

We received our order right before they closed. This was a DoorDash order and we received NO RICE! Everything we ordered was supposed to be served with rice, ugh. Can't call to complain, no one is there. Delivery orders beware.

Oui Duran

I ordered food from here via Ubereats and the food was so fresh and delish! Their mango with sticky rice is EPIC!

Mahesh S.

Friendly service, Quality food, clean and refreshing ambiance. We have enjoyed every meal here.

Fre'Dasia D.

Meh. Ordered the spicy Tom yum soup w/ chicken, mango sticky rice, and pad prik khing (Thai spicy and chicken). The soup was delicious. The sticky rice was good. The pad prik khing was not great. The red curry tasted like tomato paste and it wasn't spicy at all. Honestly a disappointment.

Stacia Elise

Yellow curry doesn’t traditionally have nuts and I have had this dish here a minimum of 3 other times over 6 months.I had to use an epi pen and get taken to the hospital in an ambulance because you decided to change it. It didn’t smell right either. I had 1 bite.The food was good but if you change a recipe could you please put that on your menu.

Jason T. Chun

I was happy to see a Thai joint next to a Grayhound station so I jumped at the opportunity to grub. The fried rice was $10.45 and the Beef & Shrimp was $6. Maybe it's me, but that made no sense. The Thai Iced Tea was $6 for a small commercial bottle so I nearly yelled at him to cancel. The taste was decent but the price was ridiculously high. Reason why I'm giving a 3 star is cuz the cook passed me a bottled water, free of charge. I DO NOT recommend this place.

Maria E.

*Their spice levels are no joke. My mild felt like a medium and my boyfriend's medium was intense. So spice down. *Their curries come with jasmine rice, FYI. I've been burned by a lack of rice in the past so I ordered some on the side. Ended up with lots of rice but it's all good. Maybe it was the 10-hour drive and the fact that I just moved to Houston that day but... this food hit the spot. I tried the green curry and it was delicious. The shrimp was a little tougher than I'd have liked but the flavor was on point. My boyfriend's red curry had an excellent flavor as well (just way too spicy for me). Also tried the Tom Kha soup -- delicious. Easy ordering via Postmates.

ramon r

I found this restaurant restaurant on Uber eats and decided to try it out. I ordered the Garb Lai and it did not disappoint! Will be ordering from them again.I usually order using Uber eats and then pick up my order to avoid delivery fees. This spot is in a very shady part of Houston, behind the Greyhound station. It’s full of panhandlers and such. If I would’ve known I was picking up from there, I wouldn’t have ordered from them. But I’m glad I did.

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