Nit Noi Cafe

2020 Louisiana St, Houston
(713) 652-5855

Recent Reviews

J.D. Smith

parking lot is tight, but there's paid parking nearby. The food is delicious, and the prices are fair given the location. The bathroom is questionable as to its cleanliness, and the service is just too slow for a lunch hour. We have been here repeat times, and we will go back. The food is really good.

Larry dockery

Great place for Thai Food but its officially closed as of February 14 2020

Christy Fulks

Just missed dining here by one day! Permanently closed as of 2/14/2020. Headed over to their other location.

Rodolfo Lopez

This restaurant has decreased their quality and service considerably. We ordered beef curry, and they brought out chicken curry. We told them they had made a mistake and asked them to bring the right dish to us. The waitress told us that we would have to wait a while because there were other orders ahead of us. I would have expected that if they made a mistake they would give priority to correct it.

abby r.

Bad food .. bad service .. and the place was dirty ! So many better Thai places to eat at .. don't waste your time here

Brenda A.

Hm. I ordered takeout from here. They don't have drunken noodles like most Thai places, so I went for my second favorite, pad thai extra peanuts. I wasn't late picking up, but by the time I got there, most of my noodles were congealed and didn't return to the juicy state after I warmed them up. Also, some of my extra peanuts were burnt. Lastly, the chicken isn't pieces of chicken or even diced, it's just in there. I don't know how to describe it and wished I had pics, but sometimes I couldn't tell if I was eating chicken or peanuts. Towards the middle of the meal, I was over it and tossed it.

Larry P.

Went for dinner and the place was practically empty at 8 pm on a Friday. That should of been a clue. Ordered and the food was on the menu as spicy . I requested spicy. The food had no taste. The fish was on the menu as spicy sauce it was sweet. This was the most boring Thai food I've ever eaten. When I complained they blamed the chef. A shame to blow a Friday nite here with such disappointing food. When we finished the waitress asked if we had cash. Must be a sign business isn't so good.

Dan King

Predictable ethnic specialties in convenient location

Daniel Kemboi

I have always loved Thai food. This one however was a bad experience. Their Thai Ice tea is good. My to go Thai fried chicken with rice was just so bad. I couldn't eat it. Posting a picture soon.

SU Legato

2 People front Service is swamped at Lunch hours. The food is a full plate for $9, don't forget to ask for spicy. The beef in my noodles looked like hamburger but had the consistency of cubed-steak. Not bad, just not special enough for the travel from downtown.

Beth C.

Nit Noi is by far my favorite Thai restaurant in Houston and has been for about 10 years. Their curries are all very flavorful - I would any of the sauces with plain rice. Also, at all other thai restaurants when I order pad thai it is boring, like they just put sugar on noodles, here it is absolutely delicious with good ingredients and distinct peanut flavor to the sauce.

Nikolaus von Biedenfeld

This venue boasts a delectable variety of Thai Dishes that have pleased the pallet for over 20yrs. Make sure to prep your patience as the Staff, while awesome, doesn't get in a hurry. Order to go, or dine-in. A cozy, casual, but flexible atmosphere that you can dress up or down.


One of the best Curry’s in town if you haven’t tried your missing out would recommend the red curry :)

Lucille Alia

The panang curry doesn't taste very good but the veggies are cooked perfectly and the service is quick

Matthew Jenkins

Great food and convenient location!

Gabrielle Dendy

The food here is delicious but the service is not good. The waitress/owner forgot about our table and then after finally taking our order she forgot our drinks again even after our food came. I wish I could give more stars but they need better servers or just more of them. I still left a decent tip because that is someone's livelyhood but I wanted them to know they could improve their service to match the quality of their food. I will be going again because the food is good.

Valerie Edmonds

I enjoy the food because the restaurant is right next to my building..but the lady that works the front is extremely rude and dry.

Marshall Rainey

Putt-woon send. #7 best ever made.

Gabriela C.

I came in with my two kids yesterday and the staff was rude. My kids and I sat at a table while we waited for our to go order and the lady that was cleaning the tables was very annoyed we had sat there and so we got up while she wiped the table down and she threw a plate in the sink because my toddler had touched it with her hands. The place isn't clean and it was also warm inside. My teen ordered lettuce wraps and the lettuce was yellow and had been cut in quarters. Lettuce wasn't washed and did not seem fresh. Spent $18 on lettuce wraps, mini crispy rolls and one drink. Will not come back to this place.

Courtney H.

The food was inedible and looked like cat food. The taste was very very bland from the couple of bites we could manage.

Nay L.

Customer service is horrible and not friendly at all. Walked out because the waitress decided to assist customers who walked in after us first. I will not be returning and will make sure to inform my coworkers of my experience.

Amy Wells

the service is terrible. and if u order take out before u go is a lieways wrong. they r rude and I always feel uncomfortable at this location.

Golden Eye

Ordered a dish to go during lunch. When I left the restaurant I realized I had forgotten the bag with the food at my table. When I called a couple hours later to pick it up they said they had thrown it out and would not remake it. Seriously?! In addition, the other people Who were in my lunch group did not like their dishes. The fried rice was flavorless and sweet-and-sour dish was strangely runny, like soup. Rice was hard and other items just blah. Would not recommend this this place.

Norah Murphy

My fav location for quality Thai food. Got there about one, it wasn't busy. It has a great feel to it. I can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

drek bryson

You've got to taste the spring rolls here. Omg they are the best I've ever had in life. I'm going there every day that I work.

G. B. S.

Would be a great Thai spot in rural Wyoming but in downtown Houston this place falls flat. If you want mediocre Thai this is your place. PROS: prompt and accurate service, so at least its fast


I ordered the crispy rolls and chicken wrap. Literally the worst meal that I have had in years. The crispy rolls are egg roll size and were nothing but wrapper and cabbage with literally 1 shred of carrot (not Thai). The lettuce wraps were served with a ¼ head of iceburg lettuce and the chicken was swimming in grease. It was so salty and greasy that I gave up after 2 bites. 1 bite from 1 crispy roll and 2 bites of chicken wrap and was charged $16 with a shrug. Off to find someplace for lunch now.

Diego Juan

Fast service, good food and not expensive

Shelby A.

This place is great!! My mom and I always come here when we are in the area and they NEVER disappoint. We get the Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Pinang and it is always so so good! The service is always good and quick, and you never wait too long for your meal. I'm moving into Houston soon and I KNOW that this will be a weekly place for me.

Tonya A.

Been going here for years. Best Thai food in Houston and always great service. Always super fresh and large servings.

Jen C.

I love Nit Noi it has been my favorite Thai restaurant for years in Houston! The crispy spring rolls are amazing and all the noodle dishes are full of flavor. The service is dependable and friendly. Whenever I want Thai food in Houston I always and only go to Nit Noi!

Paula D.

Best Thai food in Houston! Have been coming here for years. To me, this place tastes like home. The crispy spring rolls with peanut sauce are a must. The chicken pad Thai is always amazing- perfect amount of savory and has a good peanut flavor. The service is great and the prices are very fair. 10/10 recommend this place to anyone looking for great Thai food in the middle of the city

Chidinma O.

I came here for lunch recently. First of all, service here is not good. We sat down and waited for someone to come take our order. Took them a good 10 minutes to do that. For appetizers, we got the chicken satay. It was okay. I've had much better else where. For our main, my coworker got the pad see ew (I think, I have pictures) noodle and I got the Thai curry fried rice. The noodles was absolutely delicious. I would come back just for these noodles. The Thai curry fried rice on the other hand was absolutely disgusting. It literally had no taste. I had to put salt on it on the table and use some of my coworker's noodle sauce on it. If I ever come back here, I'm sticking to the noodles and calling it a day. It's cheap though and right by downtown so close to work. We'll see if I ever go back.

Dhyan D.

The good thing is it is cheap. The bad thing is service. The lady server was quite rude and forced me to order something fast. The bill came out 5 minutes after we started eating.

Meeca Smith

Just got a dessert and a Thai tea. Both sent me very close to heaven. 😁 Thanks


While Visiting the Passport Office, I stopped in to Nit Noi for lunch. Very good and tasty.I had Fried Spring Rolls, fresh and lightly fried. The Noodle Salad, Yum Woon Sen, was excellent. Great sauce and plenty of Pork and Shrimp, and Fresh Cucumber and Tomato.Reasonable prices. Efficient service. Parking available.

Stacy Okunade

No lunch menu. A little over priced. $15 for a basic dish, (ginger vegetables w/a protein, which comes with a small bowl of white rice), and an iced tea.

Tam J.

Just had lunch here and I enjoyed it! My co-worker has a delicious curry! So good! It has coconut milk in it and perfectly balanced. I had the beef and sweet peppers. It was really good, I just thought it was sliced beef and not ground beef. We also ordered the mini egg rolls and egg rolls. I like the normal egg rolls better, they are just greasy (which is expected I guess??). I would visit again. Just a small kinda hole in the wall place, with good food.

Preston Venzant

Tasty. Sometimes it's worth it to get amazing egg rolls. Very friendly. Newly renovated. Very tasty. Taste before everything! Tasty.


This is some of the best Thai food around. We dined early on Friday night and had great service. I chose vegetable putt (pad) thai with tofu and egg. It was over the top delicious. My husband had a spicy putt thai with pork. It included a spice that he didn't particularly like (I think it was fennel) but the dish was wonderfully prepared. The pork was just a tad on the tough side. The portions are enough for two people so I am looking forward to eating leftovers. Everything was very clean, including the restrooms. This restaurant has been heavily used and it is time for a little freshening up. I will gladly return.