NUA Thai

2020 Louisiana St, Houston
(832) 582-5489

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Hong Phuc Nguyen (Meta7)

Good food but kind of par-for-the-course cuisine (no exciting dishes or exotic flavor profiles). The food gets heavy after a while and the noodles in the Khao Soi Kai gets cold and clumps together. The thai teas (both the normal and the green kind) are superb, though. Very deep tea flavor. C+.Food: 3/5


What an awesome experience! The food was so fresh that you could taste so many wonderful flavors . From the appetizers, main entrée to desert , hands down, the best ! As a Native Houstonian, this place is my new Thai eatery . Happy 2023 ! You have got to try this restaurant!Vegetarian options: So many options . Delicious too !Parking: Limited parking. Tight .Wheelchair accessibility: Ramp right in front.Dietary restrictions: Keto and Vegan.

Alexis Tolbert

I just tried NUA Thai for the first time and it was so good! I ordered the shrimp Pad See Ew, crab cream cheese roll, and Thai tea and all were great! I got the medium spice level which was still pretty spicy but I enjoyed it. I ordered carry out but noticed that the restaurant was nice and had a great ambience. I will definitely be returning.

Brandon Le

An excellent Thai place in Houston. Classic options and everything is as good as expected. The prices are fair for the good portion sizes. Staff is very nice and the food comes out relatively quickly. There’s a good amount of seating, but parking is pretty limited, you may have to find a spot around the area. Was overall satisfied by the experience.


Got take out. Food was tasty, and had the appropriate level of heat for each person. Highly recommend.

Elliot Lonie

This was an easy 5 star review purely for their new dish Khao sol kai.Khao sol kai was delicious, chicken and egg noodles in the sweetness of coconut milk, balanced with the bite of the pickled celery, the freshness of the cilantro and green onion, the acidity of the lime juice, the heat of the chili oil and finished with the texture of the crispy noodles resting on top. Not the cheapest dish but definitely worth it. Don’t trust me though, go try it and see for yourself!Oh, and start with the crab cream cheese rolls, which are an excellent example of this appetizer and you should be well on your way to a good meal! Enjoy.

Saba K.

Looks normal on the outside but on the inside it's horrible! Looks like they just threw some tables and chairs together so they could open. The service was great though! Paid us plenty of attention and they were nice! The food was average, it was good, but nothing amazing. Tried a Thai beer and was not mad at all! Worth a try! I did not like how when I tried to customize an item they said they "didn't do that" and so that's annoying, I simply wanted no meat. Maybe miscommunication? Anyway, not mad at it!

Rebecca T.

What a cute place! Fresh flowers on the table, a variety of cute seating (though the booths were too low), rice served in the shape of a heart, and a decorative wall! They let me substitute in tofu on the orange chicken and it was so good! The tofu was glazed in the sauce and nice and crispy! I do wish the sauce was thicker though. The wait staff was attentive at the beginning (adding extra mango syrup to my iced tea) but couldn't be found after bringing our food. They're still working out the quirks but I'll definitely be coming back!

Don E.

Best Thai food I've had thus far. I keep coming back for Drunken noodle. It's fresh, light on my digestion, quantity is just right unless I'm really hungry than I need one side.

Sonie P.

Have only ordered delivery from here but we order it a lot! Absolutely love their drunken noodles with tofu, medium heat. We've enjoyed their red and Penang curries as well. Their mango sticky rice is incredible. Their customer service has been fantastic. Hands down our favorite Thai food spot in Houston!

Ashley F

I love their Pad See Ewe. This dish keeps me coming back. When I ate with a friend in person, the service was very quick. We enjoyed it!

Paula M.

Overall the appetizers were delicious. Nice portions and beautifully delivered.... My first time at Nua Thai but I was happily surprise...

Mynika C.

I thought I reviewed NUA Thai during my first visit but I clearly did not. Found this place through Yelp of course, when looking for lunch. I ordered the Basil Fried Rice and the Veggie Spring Rolls, both delicious. Service was good and I was able to place my order with ease. Maybe a 15-20 minute wait. Now during my recent visit, I ordered the same thing, but to my awful surprise, I was given regular egg rolls with chicken in them. I found out it was chicken because I took a huge bite. Yikes. I should have known because they are bigger than the veggie rolls. I was not pleased, during my first two visits the staff confirmed that the order was correct but not this time. I took the wrong order back inside and they replaced my veggie rolls cooked to order. I appreciated the quick fix. This place is close to work and good for lunch. The parking lot is compact, be mindful.

Jasmin !

I have been here a couple times and plan on coming many more times. The food is delicious! I haven’t ordered anything I didn’t end up liking. Definitely a must try if you are in the area.

William Foreman

The food was OK. My wife is a connoisseur of Pad Thai and thought Nua’s version of the dish was the best in the Houston area. I found it to be a tad bit too sweet, though. We also ordered the mixed vegetables, which were average. The tofu with red curry was flavorful , though again a bit too sweet for me. Service was OK. I ordered by phone and was told to come pick up the food in 20 minutes. That’s what I did, and I ended up waiting an extra 20 minutes. Actually, my order was ready 10 minutes sooner, but it sat on the counter because they forgot to call my name. The decor isn’t fancy but it is pleasant enough. Parking is easy.

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