Oddball Eats

712 Main St, Houston
(281) 205-0911

Recent Reviews

Michelle O.

Oddball has some of the best food in Houston. Their food has so much flavor, and you can order bowls packed full of veggies or with veggies in addition to meat. Everything is cooked perfectly with the best flavor and textures I've experienced in Houston so far. The sweet potato is delicious, broccoli is amazing, falafel is perfect, and the list goes on. Highly recommend a veggie & falafel bowl. It's too good not to try! Hummus and veggie wrap are great too. Only negative is they include plasticware with meals. I bring my bamboo utensils with me so it's usually not an issue. Hopefully they will make improvements to their environmentally friendly and waste reducing practices very soon.

Apple D

They forgot the chicken and put chips in after ordering "no chips." It wasn't even busy when I came to pick up. -_-

Lisa G

I was in Houston a couple months ago for a swimming meet at the University and got the chance to eat here. LOVED IT! Finding options that are easy on my stomach and still delicious when traveling is hard. This fit the bill! Vegan and GF options, and a great location!!!

Emma J.

This place is amazing! Everything is fresh, hot and delicious! The service is excellent. They treat you like you are the only customer. Thank you for a pleasant visit. We will be coming back.

Twilia Waters

One of my favorite places. Def recommend

Water Sign

Got food delivered. Food was nice and fresh. Got chicken shawarma in a bowl instead of wrapped. Very well seasoned chicken but I wish there had been more! And a little too much fresh cilantro for my liking. Overall a decent experience.

Omar Abu-Shaaban

Incredible and just the right amount of spice.

N.M. Thompson

Mediterranean selections with focused menu. I had the sampler plate and found the falafel to be very good and the baba ghanoush to be the same. Spicy carrots were a little too seasoned for me but good. I really like the pickled cauliflower. Friendly folks front and back. Fast delivery with a text to let you know to pick up your order. Solid choice if you are hankering for Mediterranean flare for a fast lunch or dinner.

Travis Hookham

Excellent little spot. Delicious, fresh, fast food. Healthy!

Carly H.

I ordered takeout so I could face an order of lamb chorizo fries and chicken shawarma from the comfort of my hotel room. The food came up super fast. The lamb chorizo fries were next level. If you're like me and think of indulgent food as worth it vs. not when you're done eating - these are WORTH IT. the amount of garlic sauce is what you want on every bite of Mediterranean food. And the lamb chorizo was flavorful l without being super greasy like pork chorizo. The shawarma kind of let me down, I must admit. It certainly wasn't bad, but it didn't have me in my feelings like the fries. They didn't grill the wrap once it was constructed, and I think that made the pita harder to bite. It felt like I was ripping pita bites with my teeth like a jungle cat. Still, the flavors were spot on and every I ingredient was seemingly fresh. Portion sizes were adequate and we service was lovely.

Lindsey J.

Hello flavor! Egyptian breakfast was 10/10 most satisfying thing I've eaten in awhile.

Yong HTX

Some of the freshest and most flavorful food in Houston. Egyptian family recipes. One time I ate their rice bowl for five meals in a row.

Sun G.

Grabbing a quick bite prior to our transit to IAH. Ruled out any fancy dinning in the area due to lack of time. Resorted to Oddball Eats. Boy what a shocker. Chicken Shawarma was the best shawarma I ever had. Absolutely phenomenal. Corn chips and humus were also spectacular. Had to order a second round. Value is decent for the exceptionally healthy and tasty ingredients. Wow, the star of Finn Hall. (A collection of food court style eateries.)

May C.

For delicious gourmet Middle East healthy fast food in Houston's downtown theatre district, Oddball Eats delivers superbly fresh saucy shawarma (aka sandwich) with no bar hold on all the unique spice mixes that make its shawarma so special. The generous use of olive oil, tahini and sauce mix is everything that I look for in a shawarma but seldom could find at typical shawarma joints. The staff are helpful and polite and this location at Finn Hall offers comfortable varied seating types. Do not forget to order the hummus and pita chips-they are like no others! The pita chips are super thin and crunchy , spiced just right with sumac. The hummus portion is generous and also feature sumac. If you are visiting Houston and staying in the theatre district in surround hotels like AC hotel, Club Quarters or Marriot, don't miss out on this shawarma joint at your next visit.

Lindsey L.

Oddball! In my opinion, this is the sleeper star of Finn Hall. I visited the food hall at least 5-10 times before trying this Mediterranean joint. I was lured in one morning by their vegetable-forward brunch menu, and decided to try the Full Egyptian Breakfast. I was blown away!! I loved the flavorful veggies--especially the pickled cauliflower! Since that fateful morning I've tried the Hummus Bowl and the Shakshuka (only available for brunch!) and both were stellar. Oddball is reputed to have the best falafel in town, and while definitely flavorful, it didn't knock my socks off like I expected. That being said, I'm not a huge falafel fan and therefore might not be the best judge--so I'm not knocking any stars off for that. If you've been frequenting Finn Hall and haven't given Oddball a try--be sure to do so! The dishes composed of fresh ingredients combined with flavorful Mediterranean spices are well worth the stop.

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