Pho Saigon

2808 Milam St D, Houston
(713) 524-3734

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Annie August

amazing! the service is so quick and friendly, and the food is incredible! the vegetarian pho is my favorite and the broth is so good! i love this place!

Peerapol Taechanurug

Food was nice, pretty big portion and affordable.Minus one for slow service

Carlos Hernandez

This place used to be our favorite restaurant to go to, We would take friends and family there but now in recent visits the quality of the food and the service has fallen down drastically. Honestly today was the last straw, we order some phó and spring rolls and this is what we got. Pretty much unappetizing and unappealing. We wont be coming back ever again.

Sydnee Spruiell Eldridge

This place has the best authentic pho around! Very quick and friendly service, extremely reasonable prices, and high quality food. Definitely recommend this place.

Linda Jaramillo

I use to love th is place.. now they dont refill your drinks or come to take order.They didn't properly clean the tripe in the pho and it was super noticeable with a horrible smell. Improperly cleaned tripe is very dangerous and disgusting. I will never come here again.

Obiora Okolo

Food is pretty good. Service is zero. From asking if I was the door dash guy. To never checking on me through out the duration of the meal. When I finally went to let them know I was ready and needed 2 to-go boxes. I had to literally interrupt her to get her to serve me. Not sure if language is a barrier or it's something else. I did leave a very minimal tip but they honestly didn't deserve anything

Emanuel Q (Rockets4life)

If I could give half a star I could. Horrible experience. The food wasn't that good but I'm disappointed with the customer service. They didn't offer utensils, the lady who take care of us said she'd come back because one of our party members wasn't ready to order. She never came back. We had to get up to place the order only to find out about 30 min later the order was never put in the system. When asked if we could suc the fried egg roll for something else the server laughed and said 'there's nothing to replace.'Bad experience, don't recommend.

resmi biju

Great Pho place , authentic, good portion and great entrées!!

Regina Fugat

Tasty broth making for a good pho...Plenty of vegetablesPlace is very cleanFriendly staff

Amy Serratos

I’m vegetarian and this has become one of my top three favorite Vietnamese restaurants. It has my favorite vegetarian friendly pho! It’s very flavorful. I’m sure like most restaurants they’ve been had struggles with staffing But that didn’t really affect any of my experiences here.It’s a chill spot to indulge in good pho and spring rolls!

Pat S.

Staff not friendly. Portion relative small. Dirty Bathroom and dirty restaurant. Just no! Find other place.

Victoria B.

Just got the most pathetic vermicelli bowl I ever ever eaten. I should've known something was wrong when I felt how light the box was. The noodles covered half of the big Togo plate section. Literally flavorless also. Thank goodness I asked for sauce. Never coming back here again.

Christina B.

It's a pretty large restaurant so that was nice. Our food, however, was....sigh. So we ordered a variety of dishes for a party of 7. Some pho, some Bo Kho (beef stew), a rice dish, sandwich...and it was all just okay. The pho broth wasn't very flavorful and the fatty brisket is more fat than meat. The pho noodles in my bowl were over cooked. The tendon was not as cooked but even worse in the beef stew. The tendon was so hard, it was not edible. The carrots in the beef stew were sliced thinly and it was hard. Definitely felt like they had just thrown the carrots in there. The meat was tender though, so I'm not really sure what happened there. And flavor was decent. Oh and we ordered spring rolls, but the rice paper was already hard on the edges. We got extra baguette bread to eat with the beef stew, and the center was still cold. Same for the banh mi sandwich that was ordered. Service was okay (if we're comparing to Bellaire, right?) except for the first guy to bring out food. He stood there with his hands on the back of our chairs like we needed to hurry up and finish our conversation before he would give us our food. We left and got food somewhere else after being pretty unsatisfied.

Will W.

I get the veggie pho and it's always on point. Great customer service. I haven't sat on the inside to eat yet but I will soon.

Jackson S.

This place used to be good, but no it's getting worse each time I go there. The soup is salty and their grilled meat is cold and undercooked. Need to find myself another VN restaurant.

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