South Beach Houston

810 Pacific St, Houston
(713) 521-0107

Recent Reviews

Elmer C.

One of the most exciting full ultra club experiences in Houston, Texas. I need them to open ASAP!! Everyone is waiting. Always was an inviting and innovative space.

San Francisco

Please do the best you can to be competitive look at clubs in WEHO.

Sharon Singh


Courtney Stewart

Club is shut down again for the second time. This club used to be known as club Heaven and after a fire there they closed down, remodeled and reopened under a new name as South Beach in the early 2000's. This club was the best dance high energy club ever. Then years after being so popular, the music died. Literally. The music started to sour. They started to allow 18 year old(kids) in the club which was clearly a mistake. It should have been left as a 21 and up club only. These youngsters are immature and irresponsible and drove us older dedicated fans away. Their staff was phenomenal but they hired some uncaring and undeniably rude bar tenders. As of a result even on Saturday nights the club was empty. People started going elsewhere. No more long lines wrapped around this building. Sometimes no lines at all you know that there was no point in going in even if it was free. South Beach then quickly became primarily a club for drag queen shows then over time the club was just a drag. The music died, the excitement died. The fans went elsewhere or simply stopped going to South Beach. The building itself is an inviting and magnificent structure. It just needs to go back to days of old when the DJ's there were like God's while angels and demons had many nights of dance and decadence together on the dance floor!

Jesse Cardell

the people u meet are so nice.u never wanna go fun

Pamela Leyva

Everyone is so nice here.. I love coming here..

Steven Blackwell-Riddle

This place doesn't exist. The site is up to lure you to JR's. For the thousands that come to Hoiston this is a fake page, the club has been closed for a very long time.

Abel B Barrera

The atmosphere,the Music, the Men and the drinks are all HOT!!! If you never been you gotta go it’s amazing!

Cheiyenne Jimenez

This is definitely my spot! There are drag shows every night and the male strippers are A plus! There is a house/techno feel to the club if you just like to fist pump and flail around. There are always great bar tenders and the bouncer is always super nice.

Shasta McNasty

Good music, good people. The drinks are pricey but good. Great interior. You will have fun here.

Tim Horton

Nice place but not very crowded. Big dance floor

Solomon S.

Still wasn't opened yet last weekend hopefully they will reopen on the 22nd! It just really sucked that we walked all the way down to south beach how we there are many bars literally right around the corner from them

Darrilyn B.

My favorite place, I will most definitely be waiting on a glow or foam party this summer!‍‍‍

Jancarlos Reyes

This place is currently shut down due to some remodelations

Garrett Longmire

Are you guys open yet?

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