Stark Brothers Beef Shop

727 Freeport St, Houston
(713) 453-5086

Recent Reviews

Tim and Sheri Lowther

The Best Little Beef Shop in Texas. We drive from Magnolia for Stark Bro's meats, Sausage and Sirloin Fajitas. Exclusively in the shop and the best! Amazing prices. Don't waste your money at the grocery stores. Make an extra stop and buy quality!

Candace Dodge

The freshest, cuts of meat, taste & quality over the top!I've been buying my meat products from them,for years;Never disappointed!

Jennifer “Gigi” Edwards

I want to bring a pillow and a blanket and camp out definitely going back and telling family and friends

Sev Gonzales

oh my dear God! i went into the store today looking for meat to make chicken fried steak. i bought 8 nice steaks for a great price. they were amazing, perfect size, perfect tenderness and perfect thickness! Thank you Stark Bros, I will always keep some of these on hand! Also, thank you to the lady who wrapped the meat in smaller pkgs so I can freeze some and only thaw out what I need! Awesome people, awesome store!

Robert Green

When I lived in cloverleaf I always got my meat here .then move to Newport in Crosby made the drive now I live in Carthage Texas and am currently working in channelview back and forth 8 will definitely be loading my ice chest Wednesday when I return home. And The Best I mean The Best HOG HEAD CHEESE YOU COULD EVER FIND.

Lynette Mungia

Stark Brothers is an amazing Meat Market they have reasonable meat packages the meat is always fresh I've been going there for years I would recommend it to everybody

Debbie Fannin

Been using Stark Brothers for many many years. Great quality and wonderful people

chuck stafford

The selection was incredible and so was the staff. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Mighty Me

Best little meat market in Texas! We travel all the way from Magnolia to stock up.

Mr. Mccoy

I'm late on posting this, but did not want to go without doing it. We have been coming here for some years now and in addition to regular purchases, each year we also reserve one of their Thanksgiving hams. This past Thanksgiving, I decided to treat some close friends to the ham. They absolutely raved about the ham and I most definitely gave them the information for Stark Brothers. Not only for the ham, but also for everything that they offer on a daily basis. It's like a meat emporium once you walk inside. There is something for everyone. They always make quality a top priority.

Margie Few


Princess Molahlehi

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Alien 64

I've been coming here for years. I've stopped counting the years. more that 20. I don't care where I live in Houston this is my Meat Market. I currently live in Katy TX. and I'm still coming here for my meat. I love Hog Head Cheese and this is the only place that makes it the way like . Your not going to find any food coloring or chemicals to make it look better only fresh cuts of what you want.I've brought several of my friends that didn't know about this place and now they are making it their meat market. They also come from different parts of town after I've brought them here.The quality of meat is more that exceptional. when you want a cut of meat the way you want it cut they have it and will cut it the way you want it.Around Thanks Giving and Christmas I would call first as they take their Holiday time off also.Check out their website. Freezer packs are awesome. you'll save more money on them than you will at a a regular store.

Debbie Stowell

Love Stark Brothers Beef Shop (meat Market) I hope your lucky enough to grab a bag of potatoes too. Their marinated steaks are flipping delicious! The best ground round I've ever had at a good price. Steaks can be pricey but OMG you won't be disappointed. Very friendly workers that go above and beyond. Yes, I shop there at least every month and fill my freezer! Please go try them! Thank you Stark Brother's!

Jack Torrence

My wife and I made the short trip over from Crosby because people always rated them so highly. We were not disappointed. So much to chose from and we just love their in house breakfast sausage the sell.I never cared about smoking meat before because we didn’t have a decent meat market to start with. Well since we found Stark Brothers we just went out and got ourselves a beauty. I would much rather do my own meals and control every aspect than have to pay restaurant prices and be exposed to any questionable cooking practices.

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