Stockyard Bar BQ

6504 Westheimer Rd, Houston
(713) 782-3500

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Jeff Lawson

On a recent trip to Houston I was staying in the Galleria and decided to give Stockyard a try. The beef short ribs are delicious and accompanied with the heart attack potatoes and beans it was awesome. I was greeted multiple ti by the staff behind the counter and they answered all my BBQ questions. And if you like sauce with your BBQ their regular and spicy BBQ sauce pair great!

John Seckar

Great barbecue for sure. Succulent Brisket, decent sausage, great perfectly done ribs, Mac and cheese was some of the better I've had, the cabbage with bacon was pretty good as well. Customer service personnel had positive fun attitude which always helps. Worth the $$ spent for sure as we were celebrating.Parking: Plenty of parking spots.

Shem Ishler

I wanted some smoked turkey for work lunch sandwiches. Stockyard got that rosemary smoked turkey for work lunch sandwiches. It’s real good too, moist, lightly smoked and did I mention delicious? I figured since I’m getting rosemary smoked turkey for work lunch sandwiches, I might as well get some beef short ribs since Stockyard smokes those beef short ribs (they also smoke regular beef ribs). Those beef short ribs are real good too, moist, nicely smoked and they got delicious bark going on. I didn’t get any sides so I can’t attest to those, but I can tell you I’m no fan of their sauce. It’s more like a spicy ketchup than barbecue sauce. Thankfully, good barbecue like Stockyard is pushing doesn’t require sauce.


Best Bar B Que, Customer Service, dessert and selections in Texas.

Reada Jones

This is my first time visiting this restaurant and the food was absolutely horrible. I order the 1/2 chicken plate and the chicken taste like it was cook in charcoal the chicken was black nasty. I would’ve recommended nobody to eat there. Shame Shame.

Omari D.

Old school looking with a lot of tradition, but definitely some good quality barbecue. For myself, I decided to go with a split of 2 meats...brisket & ribs Please!!. I'm still adjusting to how many barbecue places portion things out but thankfully stockyards put out what I thought was a perfect amount of meat with each of my requests. Decided to go with the loaded baked potato "mix" that was pretty good & the collard greens were as expected... a little bit better than average. Also decided to get the beef ribs. WOW, these jokers are expensive @ $30 & you only get 3 Ribs with no sides... a little disappointed with them only because it's more like a Brontosaurus Rib but not a lot of meat & flavor as I expected. Sitting inside or outside is an option and the crew working behind the counter is super friendly. Depending on where you're located, I felt that this was a great decision for some barbecue. Thanx Yelpers!!!

Jennifer C.

Best BBQ i've had in a whilllllllleeeeeee. I would say by far one of the best in south side. Service was fast and food was on point! The spicy bbq sauce is the best ever. The ribs are perfectly made. The cabbage is just the right amount of sweet. And they mac & cheese is besssssst! $5 happy hour margaritas and just one gets you right! The restaurant is well organized, clean & doesn't feel crowded.Total for Two people was $52. 2 meats, 2 sides for each.


BBQ wasn't bad and the sides were pretty good well accept the mac and cheese wasn't anything to write home about. Staff was friendly and helpful. There was this lady flipping out not sure if she was management but things she was saying sounded like she was and she really needs to calm down and talk to her employees better.

Al Green

I’ve lived in the area for almost 2 years now and have associates who swear by this place and don’t mind traveling across town for a bite to eat. I went online to look at the menu and saw a side item I wanted to try(I’d already purchased meats from another fav of mine) and saw the dirty rice with the brisket chopped into it.Well needless to say, the cashier and server were both extremely nice and the customer service was impeccable, especially considering customer service is a lost art form today. He did mention the rice had tomatoes in it and I’m thinking I’ve never had tomatoes in dirty rice before…When I got home and prepared my plate, it wasn’t DIRTY rice, perse, but moreso SPANISH rice with brisket.Even though it was flavorful, it’s not just reflective of what was on the online menu.My suggestion is if the side has changed, update the menu as I prefer my rice dirty.I’ll get around to trying the meat one day, hopefully, it won’t be a disappointment. Otherwise, even though Stockyard is in my backyard, I’ll continue driving across town for my BBQ

Joe Doesfun (JoeD)

Great flavor that you would expect from a classic BBQ restaurant. Friendly service made it good. Brisket and ribs were quite tasty.

tomas moya

I can't tell you about the food because I didn't eat there but the frozen margarita was really good. After hour there I had to run out of that place because I saw a rat walk by the open ceiling. YUK!!! I am beyond disgusted!!! Such a shame because I wanted to try that place so bad because it is always packed on the weekends.

perry mcafee

My first visit. I ordered ribs, brisket, cabbage and Mac and cheese. The brisket and ribs had an authentic smoky flavor and were very tender. The spicy BBQ sauce had bold flavor and a nice amount of heat but overpowered the flavor of the meat. Overall I had a very good meal and I'm looking forward to returning.

Melody C.

Good stuff!! Beans were delish! Baby backs, Mac n cheese, cucumber salad, cornbread, pickled onions and some pickles. Great meal!


Ordered a fully loaded spud. Considering the price I was surprised by the amount of toppings in comparison to protein. Protein was very generous but the toppings were almost not in existence. Hence, the potato felt very dry. The bbq sauce is just ok. For the price and overall flavor profile, I do think other bbq restaurants are a better option.

Mo'Que Que

I so waited to try this place and was not happy with the brisket. It was like chunks of ham type texture.. that man knew he was not giving me quality stuff. It is like almost the worst I've ever had.. $20.00 and a trip all for nothing. Big mad about it. LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN GET A REFUND.

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