405 Main St Suite 101, Houston
(713) 227-4700

Recent Reviews

Christopher Wells

Fast, friendly service and fresh.

Super Sayain Milkdud

Delicious Italian BMT spinach wrap. Even everyone in the building was shocked when I ordered it.

Gabriel Solis

Great service.. Friendly smiles..

Laura Grant

Helpful ladies that work there

steven gardner

Management very friendly and we struck up a conversation for about 15 minutes, he made multiple suggestions to the sandwich I ordered to make it better, the first time I've seen that in a Subway..

Jon Jon

The woker told me I can not get all the stuff I want on my sandwiches ? thats the first I ever head that I been eating subway for 9 years

Jason W.

Very unprofessional employees. Had a bad uncomfortable experience there last Friday. I walked in wasn't welcomed although there were two girl standing there and made eye contact with me. I should've Left then but I wanted A tuna sub sooo bad. Only for me not to even Enjoy it because their bad energy all over it. They both acted like they didn't want to serve me. The girl that did "help" me wasn't trained properly. Anytime I asked for a lil extra she would look over at the other girl and give her a certain look. Once she was done making my sandwich she walked as if she was bothered by her having to do her job. Very bad experience won't ever go back. Would appreciate if someone contact me. Or I'll be contacting corporate.

Rodrette Hughey

Great food and great workers ?

T M.

First of all, all the women behind the counter are busting their asses off to provide good service but the the guy behind the counter will take his sweet time to ask for your order then takes his time to prepare the order then talks to others before completing your order.  He tries to get 5 orders at one time then gets it wrong while everyone's bread is cut open just sitting on the counter until he's ready to start making the sandwich, all while a fly is walking all over the counter top and flying over the food.  Just turn back if you see this guy during the lunch hour because you won't get to eat your lunch because your hour is up.

Andrew N.

Subway was one of the first fast food restaurants that taught me the importance of quality ingredients. I never thought that I would see high quality ingredients in a fast food restaurant, but Subway hasn't disappointed in that regards. I usually get a foot long Italian bread with some cheese, tomatoes, and many more toppings. The bread has to be baked or else it just doesn't feel right. As for the sauces, I highly recommend either BBQ sauce or sweet onion sauce. Their sweet onion sauce is their only fat free sauce, and it goes phenomenally. As for desserts, their chocolate chip cookies are a must try. It was chewy and the chocolate chips are neither too sweet or too bitter.

Leana C.

Subway always has delicious fresh baked bread in various varieties. The meats and cheeses always seem freshly sliced and are uniform in slicing. The cheese is always fresh and has never hardened. I like the choice of toppings that they provide and how you're able to select the order that they go on the bread . I sometimes get my dressing in a small to go container so my bread doesn't get soggy. But if I ever do forget to do that, the bread doesn't get soggy either way. I just use the to go container as an extra precaution. The deals that are offered for certain sandwiches are super especially purchasing for a large number of people. Great quick serve food spot.

Fadi H.

This Subway has gone way down in quality. The bread is old. The vegetables are soggy. I will never go back there again. Check the photo. Had to take these veggies out and eat my sandwich.

Sarah Shyne

The man who waited on me was very polite and friendly. He talked me into trying the watermelon water which was really good. When I'm back downtown, I will probably make sure this subway is one of my go to lunch spots.

Monell G S.

The communication is poor they don't understand what your saying and can't take direction properly the don't know the correct combos for there own sadwichs. Somone needs to get these people trained I've ran resteraunts for 8 years and to not be able to order something as simple as a sandwich made me very upset no matter the amount of explaining they still didn't seem to understand. Will not return to the subway.

Rich Guyton

Worse location. I can not even elaborate it's so bad. Ugh.

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