Sweet Bribery

250 W 19th St suite e, Houston
(281) 501-0639

Recent Reviews

Shell K.

The second we walked in we were greeted by the amazing ice cream genie, Marcus. He was extremely welcoming, friend and super patient as my friend and I asked him a million questions about the various flavors since we couldn't sample any due to covid. Marcus did a great job explaining each of the flavors and which ones were the most popular. I ended up taking his advice and got the cookies and cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Oh boy was it amazing!! It's probably one of my favorite ice cream places in Houston. The consistency of the ice cream base in both flavors and the perfect amount of crunch was pure genius. I almost wish I got 3 flavors instead of two just to try one more. My friend got the banana pudding and chocolate. She loved both as well. Thank you Marcus for being so amazing!!! We can't wait to be back!

Isabella S.

Very disappointing atmosphere, and staff. They are dismissive of customer complaints/concerns. They give off an unwelcoming vibe.

Travis Harrison

Their Tahitian Vanilla is, without a doubt, the best vanilla ice cream I've ever tasted. The banana pudding ice cream is fantastic, as is Dutch chocolate. I can't wait to try other flavors.

Anthony C.

DANGEROUSLY good ice cream. Friendly service was complimented with the old ice cream parlor uniforms which definitely sets up a promising environment. A scoop of cream cheese carrot cake and lucky charms cereal milk and you've hit ice cream nirvana. As good as the carrot cake was, the cereal milk is by far the best I've had where the marshmallows perfectly melted in your mouth with each creamy bite. What a way to forget about this quarantine life for a short moment! If you need an instant smile to put on your face this place is it.

Renée Fillingim-Reyes

Thank you for being so kind to provide ice cream to the Memorial Herman Emergency Room staff!

Jessica Lopez

We came across this place while driving from the Children’s Museum. Friendly staff, delicious ice cream. The cones are the best! I had never tried cones like the ones they hacer here. Tons of people coming in and out and now I know why. The cookies and cream and Tahitian vanilla were creamy, not overly sweet. Really enjoy the atmosphere.


i come to this place every single time i’m in the area ! it’s amazing ! it’s so aesthetically pleasing to look at. i ordered a mint chocolate chip milkshake with hot fudge. the staff is so helpful . WORTH IT.

Crystal Catalina

Really cute spot. Old school soda shop environment. They make the ice cream right there, it's not delivered by a large supplier. The staff was very friendly & let us have as many samples as we needed to decide. I got a kids scoop on a cone & it was plenty for me as an adult!

Frances Deavers

Staff were friendly and helpful. Ice cream was delicious, as was the fruity pebbles rice krispy treat. Much less crowded than some other local ice cream spots, so a good place to hang and have a conversation with a sweet treat

JJ Rodriguez

Ice cream is excellent. With great flavor list. Their creations are awesome as well.

Mark D.

Really great ice cream! The non-traditional flavors are amazingly tasty! We will definitely be visiting again, especially since you'll avoid the line across the street!

Josh M.

I want to start this review saying that Jeni's is not overrated and you should go there if you're wanting to try some new and creative flavors. I understand if you're wanting to know if this place is just as good, if not better.. I don't have that answer for you, but Sweet Bribery may be one of the better-underrated ice cream shops in The Heights! My first impression of Sweet Bribery was welcomed with a neon sign and just a very pink and cool tone environment. I've been this to location plenty of times now and I always have the same gentleman ready to give me his undivided attention which is always great to see. I've also come here for one flavor and that is the Fruity Pebble Milk* which should be sold in all retail formats and deserves an award for being one of the better things to come to Texas in recent memory. The shop is also very quiet and will have faint music playing so coming here to relax or just have a conversation with friends would be perfect. Definitely a strong 8 to a light 9! * I will say that I'm easily impressed, but you have to try it. Sweet Cream accompanied by a delicious fruity pebble flavor makes this a nostalgia explosion. If you don't care for it, Jeni's has a Gooey Butter Cake flavor that will make it up to you.

Priscilla M.

Very cool sweet shop. We were checking out the area and saw this cute little shop and stopped in. We were pleasantly surprised to see they offered Vegan options! It's a casual place with a trendy vibe. Check it out! Oh and check out the menu! It's not just Ice cream. Great place!

Ana P.

Had a little ice cream date here recently. Staff was super friendly, the shop is cute, shared a banana split that was delicious! Will be back again to try the floats!

Jessica L.

Went here early on a Saturday evening. The ice cream was very creamy and they had some unique flavors. I got a waffle bowl with a pumpkin cheese cake ice cream and my husband got some mint chocolate chip. Both were delicious with lots of flavor. They also have a small selection of some divine looking cookies. I want to come back and try one soon. It wasn't very crowded so we didn't have to wait. Service was good and the decor was cute. They had pink cow wall paper on the ceiling which was adorable. Great place to stop in along 19th.

Sandy V.

My first review of 2020 :) After dinner one night in the Heights, my boyfriend and I were driving around looking for dessert and drove by this place! There was a semi long line but we were still eager to give it a try. The interior and decor are super cutesy and pink and we noticed they had a bunch of boozy ice cream, such as frose and champagne floats. However, we wanted something more simple and I love that they offer split scoops meaning you can get both cookies and cream and mint chocolate as one single scoop! We split the cookies and cream and the fruit loops cereal milk ice cream and also got a giant chocolate chunk cookie. We were both completely underwhelmed. The ice cream flavors lacked flavor and the cookie didn't wow us. The cookie was soft but also dry at the same time. We were pretty disappointed since everything looked so cute. We had to go somewhere else to satisfy our sweet tooth. I don't hate it but I've had better.

Carissa C.

Yummy in my tummy! This is not your ordinary ice cream shop. I went with a group of friends so we were able to try a variety of goodies on the menu. I split the caramel apple and maple pumpkin cheesecake with a friend. The caramel apple had huge slices of dried apple (amazing!) and the maple pumpkin cheesecake really tasted like a cheesecake in ice cream form. We also split a chocolate chip cookie (also amazing!). It was a combination of Tiny's and Tiff's Treats. I almost liked the cookie better than the ice cream. My friends ordered a banana split and an alcoholic float. Next time I'll have to try those. The decor is super cute inside and the workers let us sample ice cream flavors. Will return!

Erick Madrid

Best ice cream place around. Defenetly will satisfy your taste buds! Unique flavors

Teresita N

Great place to get ice cream! They have plenty of options. We tried their beer float and champagne float. Both were delicious! They have a Tahitian Vanilla ice cream that is also very creamy! Love that the spoons change to a purple color once it touches the ice cream. They also serve wine! We will definitely be back!

Dustin Kirby

Came in on a Thurs. Looking forward to returning with my coworkers. It has a cool feel to it. This place has positive reviews for a reason.

Eddie Stewart

very kind ladies in the back, place is pretty clean and a decent amount of ice cream sundae menu.

Claudia P.

Such a cute little place with amazing flavors- they rotate out their flavors so there is always something different to look forward to! The employees are so nice. I've always had positive experiences coming here, definitely recommend!!

Ngoc N.

I really like how they offer a variety of icecream, floats, sundea, and baked goods. Service is nice and the place is cute. I would definitely give 5 stars, but the frose (a rose float with frozen fruits) I got was unpleasantly sour. For the price of $15 (with tax), I expect the flavor to be better.

Cynthia V.

This place has been on my list for a while, so I was happy to finally give it a try this past weekend. The interior of the shop is very cute, like an old-school soda fountain - even the staff is dressed to match! They have a wide array of desserts to choose from, including fresh baked goods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic floats (!), sundaes, and build your own ice cream scoops. I tried the Southern Grasshopper sundae, which is a mint chocolate lover's dream - it comes with ice cream and a mint-chocolate brownie. It was very indulgent and I would certainly get it again. The ice cream may be some of the best homemade ice cream I have had in Houston. If you are enjoying the shopping on 19th or just looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, give this place a try!

Rob Schnell

This place is awesome. All natural ice cream with no artificial colors or fillers. They were making ice cream while we were watching and waiting. Free samples. Tried a few and all were good. Staff super friendly. Highly recommended! I will definitely return.

ken martinez

Awesome place! Atmosphere is great, staff is very friendly and of course ice cream is delicious. Definitely try my favorite cookies and cream.

david romero

Great concept Yummy have not taste the honey Bars in years and super clean plus Champagne , wine and cream sodas were amazing

Astrid M.

This place is so cute! The girl behind the counter was very nice and I completely devoured all of the goodies I got in the same afternoon. I would be ashamed if everything wasn't so dang delicious! Also, the mint brownie is everything.

Misty A.

We stopped in while we were looking for murals. It was a great stop. The staff was so awesome and really sweet. The ice cream was super flavorful. I recommend the Champaign ice cream.

Alyssa Reyes

Came on a Saturday afternoon. The employees are sweet and attentive. They let us try a couple of flavors. I had the Tahitian vanilla - it was delicious! I'll definitely come back.

David G.

This place freaking rocks!!!! The banana split was mind blowing. The people working there were super cool. We will visit every time we come to Houston.

Gabriela C.

Located in The Heights area, this cute sweet shop offers a yummy variety of ice creams, cookies, brownies, and lactose free ice cream as well for sensitive tummies. They even have an alcohol infused rose flavor; like a drink but in the form of ice cream.

Dave C.

Finding an A+ ice cream shop and cookie/dessert store is not an easy feat. Sweet Bribery you nailed it. I've been a fan of Tiff's Treats and Tiny's for their amazing cookies. Sweet Bribery has them both beat. The chocolate chip cookies are sweet, moist, and flat. Bonus: there's that perfect doughy crunchy-ness you don't get anywhere else. Plus the chocolate chips are large and spread out. Amazing. The service is also perfect for the Heights: not a chain, but run by a manager that cares. PS The ice cream is loaded with flavor in the three flavors I tried. If you don't think their cookies are A+, please tell me who has better ones. Would love to test that out.

B. Michele

Great customer service and a cool atmosphere. It was our first time here and the staff was so helpful. The sparkling pitaya was the perfect summer drink! I suggest the strawberry lemon ice cream with the cone!

CJ & Anna

Lovely ice cream parlor with delicious homemade ice cream. Attractive interior, classic and modern flavors, and wonderful service. Best ice cream in the Heights, if not Houston.

Cynthia Weir

What a sweet treat any night of the week. My favorite creamery in the cutest hamlet. A wonderful selection of ice cream plus adult beverages. A fabulous helpful and attentive staff is their to help you make the perfect selection. The perfect spot for family, friends or first dates.

Cierra Hodo

This ice cream is on another level. It's incredibly smooth, creamy, rich, and decadent small batch ice cream made with quality ingredients and no additives or stabilizers. I had Banana Puddin', expecting it to be loaded with chunks of vanilla wafers and bananas. Nope - what I got was even better. It was the smoothest ice cream I've ever had, and tasted exactly like my grandma's banana pudding. It's pricey, but it's worth every penny when you feel like treating yourself.

Genevieve Reardon Vehige

The ice cream is incredible. We were amazed by the flavors tasting so real. The mint especially was a great flavor. Definitely will come back when in town.

Daniel Marklin

Tasty ice cream and baked treats on the corner in "Downtown Heights." You can get regular ice cream, or a small selection of baked goods (like brownies and rice crispy treats), and they even have adult beverage treats like the Vanilla Porter Float.

Vivian Cheng

Vegan coconut key lime pie and strawberry lime verbena were excellent flavors! The strawberry was too sweet, but the key lime was well balanced and delicious