Taco Bell

4317 Lockwood Dr, Houston
(346) 250-4525

Recent Reviews

Christian Scott

I live down the road. I come here multiple times hoping the customer experience and wait time will be better. Each time I am insanely dissapointed. Extremely long wait every time I come to this Taco Bell. Very disappointing.

Cricket Cricket

My favorite night spot.

Barbara Valdez

Fast good cheap

mike misher

The food is good and the employees are down to earth. This is also a KFC, it has a pretty good size dining area and also has a drive through.

Toisha Manley

Ok..cant complain

Raul Hernandez

the tacos are always fresh and it is Good

Fredric Harrison

Hate to say it had to wait forever keep repeating my order then at the same time messing up on other costumors order no napkins sauces behind glass don't really want to ask for stuff cause they do not understand who ever running that place need to be trained I never seen a KFC whith such few amount of costomer and they still running behind hell they got a 2 piece speacal on Tuesday and they right in the hood with only 4 costemers in there that should tell you sombody not doing right I don't see how they even in business

Jasmine Kirkpatrick

It was the most horrible service ever...don't never go to the toco bell on Lockwood

Kevin L.

Employees do not speak at window, they just stand there looking confused and take your payment then hand your bag out of the window. No napkins, no receipt, etc... Location is dirty, unprofessional and needs major training.

Deunte Young



2 blocks from new apartment....not many workers there on Sunday.

Ricky Harris

Tacos are great ð???

Anevia Edmond

They didn't have the Watermelon Freeze I'm disappointed... Its too Hot this Summer...and they are missing a nice profit

Ronda Henderson

The crew they have in there now are awesome ð??ð??ð??ð?? keep up the good work guys

Green Green

It is a clean place to go eat and enjoy your meal and it's reasonable thank you for your service Taco Bell Fifth Ward

Daniel Stewart

Taco Bell has great food and a lot of variety. I like that they are not eplacing real people with fake people like some restaurants. When I say fake people I mean computers. Not only do they replace real workers with computers, they also want you to ring your own self up. Not only ring yourself up but cash yourself out. Not only do they want u to do the employees work but also they don't pay u or give you a discount for doing it. I am very pleased with taco Bell. So I give them a 5 star

Lance Torres

I do not know what is going on here.



Christopher Dawkins

If you like your food given to you through a bullet proof wall then this place is for you! Lady's here have a bit of an attitude must be the bullet proof wall that makes them cocky. Also there advertised tv prices are not accepted here for example.... Box meal commercial says 5$ this place charges 5.99


Employees are super lazy to even walk. Took them 45 min to get my order .

Rob R.

I literally waited for someone to take my order on st. Patrick's day at 12:24 . Nobody took it so I had to pull up to the window to see what the problem was. Nobody ever answered , I would fire whoever was working this night . Obviously they don't care about their job

Robert Kirkpatrick

Very unprofessional and almost always will ask you to pull up past the drive thru timer even with no one behind you. I did not like this place at all but it was close. Now I go to Lockwood Drive.

Armando Hernandez

Will not go there anymore 2nd time I've gone there!! Everyone is rude except for 2 older ladies but everyone else is rude!!!!!!!Got the wrong order and wasn't properly rapped!!! I recommend for ya to go further down lockwood!

Juan Felipe Díaz Pérez

Very good and cheap food

Kevin W.

Anyone who knows me knows I love tacobell. My first time stopping by this location. Since I'm not usually in the area. The staff was fun and very friendly. Kaya was very helpful. There is great music playing (80s rock and 00s rock). Would have been 5 star but, they have this weird rule with water. If you get just a cup of non bottle water. They charge you the same price as a regular drink $1.85. The staff were willing to wave this one time for me. However it's a very off putting rule.

Laura Fuentes

through drive through and ordered got to the window to pay and they wouldn't take my bill. Because it was to large. Ask them to hold my order while I ran and got change. Went inside to pay. They took my money and gave me my change. I received my order but it wasn't complete waited 30 minutes and asked politely for the rest of my order they roles their eyes. Asked another person they told me it would be out in a bit. Still waited another 15minutes and finally got it. Worse thing about it was the manager was in the kitchen making the meals and did not even care about how long I waited. Never ever will I visit again until they get new employees and managers. Bull! I was the customer and I showed more professionalism the the employees. Total wait time was 54 minutes. Ridiculous!

Juan T.

this places sucks. it's was 1045 am and they were still close because their manager stepped out, and wasn't back to open door.

Jonathan M.

Firstly: Why in the world would would you charge a 39¢ customer service fee? I mean it's not a large 5 star restaurant why is that? Secondly: Okay the staff was but. Snoop Dog Melvin and another black girl didn't assure me they'd be right with me. They just left me there looking like doofus... okay they don't even notice I'm here? Bro that's just bad customer service. Thirdly: the Snoop dog guy takes my order partially before I can finish talking, then runs back off to complete some other order. And it's not just Melvin it's everyone that does that. The male manager. Is just observing all this. He never does anything just works and watches. I've been coming here for about 7 years. The old female black manager that transfered was a lot more strict and better! Drop some facts -Bulletproof glass was installed 2014. Thats a warning sign. Unless your in this car or you know the neighborhood. Give this place the pass. -Clean but the management hires the same low quality staff. -This Location is built on a high ass slope that will eat the hell outta your tires /rims if your not in a truck. -An extra 39¢ Surcharge for any order makes completely no sense and it isn't clearly explained why it's there or why it has to be implemented suddenly. Pass this place up it's a waste of your hard earned green