Taco Bell

4317 Lockwood Dr, Houston
(346) 250-4525

Recent Reviews

Nehemiah Washington III

During this pandemic they were the first to adapt in the area and the service at the window is excellent.

Ronald Lee

Horrible soft shell tacos old and hard open one and looked like a two year old put it together I see why when I went no one was in the drive through. I learned when it's lunch time and no one is in the drive through keep driving why i didn't listen to my first mind. I gave one star because you can't go lower.

Jessy Epperson

Taco bell service is fairly quick and the food taste good. Can't really complain when the food is made fast, correct, and taste good.

Luis Ismael Garcia Cervantes


Tonya Jones

Customer service Sidney and the lady at the drive thru with the different name Sha

Satin Morris

I just love their Quesarittas

Rod Keels

This restaurant located on Lockwood @ Cavalcade is a Taco Bell/KFC combination. Its clean with a nice contemporary dining room.

Nikki Herring

Can’t ever get my order right at this place, not even making a simple taco. Just so sad

henry gilbert

Very clean.

Corey Chaykoski

Quick, fresh, friendly.

darrell edison

Classic Taco Bell but sometimes they run out of the things that you need to be successful like taco meat

Rod Jones

Taco bell is always a good stop, just be sure to check your order.

Miriam Downs

They have my favorite soda


The restroom smell so horrible like backup sewage tell my six-year-old and my ten-year-old did not want to eat there I would suggest not to eat there as well. If the restroom smells that bad the food could possibly taste that bad or worst make you sick

Christian Scott

I live down the road. I come here multiple times hoping the customer experience and wait time will be better. Each time I am insanely dissapointed. Extremely long wait every time I come to this Taco Bell. Very disappointing.

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