Wanna Bao

2708 Bagby St, Houston
(832) 623-7265

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Jan Erik J.

Good service from the take away. Spicy popcorn chicken very good but be warned it is spicy. The duo and potstickers excellent. Kung Pao chicjen good. Ask for extra spicy if you like a kick.

Alex H.

For in-town Sichuan, it's either Wanna Bao or Pepper Twins. Wanna Bao: Excellent Xiao Long Bao Excellent Cumin Lamb Unique and delicious Green Peppercorn Fish, if you like the Sichuan peppercorns. Mala Chicken has sugar in it, not something I like Rest is good Pepper Twins: The Ginger fish is 11/10 excellent and unique Everything is good and the price per portion is excellent. You really want to come here with a crowd so you can get a good variety of dishes without accidentally buying food for a week, a mistake I've made more than once without regret. At both restaurants I recommend getting: Sweet and sour eggplant Mapo Tofu Dry-fried green beans Add various additional proteins and dumplings as you see fit based on above recommendations, such as boiled beef, mala chicken, cumin lamb, one of the mentioned fish dishes, etc.

Deborah N.

Both times I've had it, phenomenal!!! Worth the delivery fee, lol. When a restaurants to-go food is on point, you can only imagine how much better the food is eating it fresh at the restaurant. that's WannaBao. Never dined-in but the food has been so good. Perfectly flavored. Sturdy packaging. Favorites are the scallop pancakes, the soup dumplings, the spicy popcorn chicken, and the bok choy! I ordered the crispy bottom bun and these I would recommend eating at the restaurant, as delivery can make them a bit soggy...when it's intended to be crispy! Great lunch option and easily shareable among a group. Don't have photos because we gobbled it all up before I could snap photos! Thank you for such a hardy and Bao-ntiful lunch meal that I could share with my sister today. #ThankYouThursday

Matthew T.

Soup dumpling with friends. Probably the place I recommend to all my friends who want soup dumplings and spice. Don't get the calamari, it looks nice but honestly my least favorite thing I've ordered in awhile. Greasy and bland. Now that popcorn chicken was amazing to me. Enjoyed the blends of spices and crisp exterior. That smoked duck was incredibly flavorful, tender, and juicy. Soup dumplings were always great and can't say too much else on it. The fun of eating though is spending time with the ones that truly matter so this experience was just elevated because of them.

Taylor N.

I've been to this place about 4 times now and the food is always consistent. It's never too crowded when we go and the food comes out fast. Menu favorites include the Westlake soup, Peking duck, and the shiitake and bok choy. A lot of people also liked the crispy bao bottom, but it's not something I love. Soup dumplings are just okay (decent but I've had better). Still a great place to eat, and the interior is clean and cozy.

William L.

Surprised to how authentic the soup dumpling was, Xiao Long Bao by far one of the best I've had in Houston and probably better than most places in Chinatown. Got 2 sets of the pork, shrimp and they were steamed perfectly with great amount of flavor. Environment is very clean, comfortable vibe inside, good date spot. Service was okay but quick. Also got a few side dishes and hot tea was nice on a cold day. Looking forward to coming back soon!

Neha H

Dined in last weekend and must say we weren't disappointed at all! We had their spicy crispy chicken (asked them to bump up the spice on this one by a level, coz we love spicy food) and wow!! So so good, and spicy and the right kinda sichuan peppercorn numbing you want, loved it!! We also tried their crispy bottom pork Xiao long bao and it was the perfect accompaniment to the crispy chicken.. the pork was so flavorful and the crispy bottom was a cherry on the cake.. both the dishes paired beautifully with the chilled Green peppercorn pilsner (beer) we had.. It had a nice peppery aftertaste to it, but so good! Have to say, the food is awesome and spicy crispy chicken's our favorite for sure!

Nidia P.

The dumplings here are so good! The soup dumplings were my favorite, although the red oil dumplings were very flavorful as well. If you really want a kick the shrimp wontons will do it but they're also very good. Mapo tofu was such a comfort dish. The ambiance was nice as well. Service was quick.

Sel R.

Excellent fresh food and I love the quick service and I like how they leave a large carafe of water. We ordered the pancake scallion, chili oil dimpling(my favorite) & the garlic cucumber salad the cucumbers were fresh and flavorful. We ordered a hot jasmine green tea to drink which had a nice flavor and it wasn't overpowering. Entrees my husband has the beef in brown sauce as he doesn't like spicy foods so he went with this plate. It's served with a large white rice pot and it was crab hot and he finished the plate. The beef has onions and bell peppers as well mixed with the beef. I had the dried green beans with ground meat you can also get it without meat as well. It's a large portion so could feed 2-3 depending on your appetite my husband helped me with my plate and we still couldn't finish them. The environment is nice and clean tempature was perfect bathrooms were clean as well

Jason U.

Just got the soup dumplings here. They were very nice, well-made and juicy. It is on the expensive side though, which I am sure you can find more affordable ones that are just as good in Bellaire. But overall very solid if you are in the midtown area and looking to try some.

Carlos Burns

Soup dumplings, duck, bok choy, and fruit tea ?. Outstanding. Spicy fried rice unique. Garlic chicken and mushrooms ? with zest.

Crystal C.

Pros: my aunt picked this place cause it was close to her work. We got Crispy bottom dumplings, soup dumplings, hot chili oil dumplings, smoked duck wraps, and braised pork. All of it was good. Not complaints. Loved the hot tea. Tried the Jasmine lychee and fruit punch. Both were equally good. Cons: none I can think of.

Pooja N.

Love this place! The rainbow dumplings are so aesthetic and the mapo tofu is delicious. I always take the leftovers home and use it for seasoning when I cook. I wouldn't recommend the veggie cube dish though. I found it to be a little overly sweet. The vibe in here is nice and I would definitely recommend to come here!

Christina M.

I loved my experience here. However, food is really good but the prices are just too high $$. It's hard to say let me eat here when there are tons more affordably priced Chinese restaurants in the bellaire area to choose from. If you want to bring a date this place would be perfect. When I was introducing my non Chinese husband to Chinese cuisine, this really eased him in to what kinds of food I would frequently eat and now he's hooked permanently!

Tiffany T.

Visited Wanna Bao for the first time today and I would rate this restaurant 3/5 stars. We got the dancing pork belly, pork soup dumplings, and red oil dumplings. The dancing pork belly was good and I think the best dish of the three. The crispy rice cakes they included in the dish provided a nice crunch and the meat was flavorful. The pork soup dumplings in my opinion were average. There was nothing amazing about them, and there wasn't that much "soup" in the dumpling itself. As for the red oil dumplings the flavor was mild and there wasn't much meat filling inside. The service was good, but overall food scene was okay.

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