Boozers Bar

226 1st St E, Humble
(281) 446-7772

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jay Gonzales


Food: 1

Service: 1

Robin Love

Just discovered this place and LOVED everything about it!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Andrew Brown

I have no idea about food. I feel bad reading them on service tonight since the place was wild! My stepfather and I went out almost a year ago and participated in some raffle thing they had going and split the place the tickets. With $10 I won 100 and has the opportunity at picking the queen of hearts off their board which was almost brand new at the chance of winning the entire pool which was only a few hundred. Now almost a year later the winning card is still on the board. The raffle winner got to pick a card. It was a one and three chance of hitting the Queen of hearts tonight. Pool was over $22,000!If you live in humble and got nothing to do next Thursday night.... It's the place to be. After the way it increased tonight with the quantity of people that were in this little place that rarely has a full bar worth of people, meaning the 20 seats at it, it'll probably be northwards of $26,000 next week. Odds are less than 1 and 1, 000. Initial stake is minimal. I don't know where else you're going to come up with that kind of opportunity. I hadn't been out and over 8 months as I haven't had the leftover income to justify going out to the bar. I went out tonight. Had a good time. Have a hard time believing you have a better thing to do with your time. And if you call me when you get to $30k...It was an absolute incredible place to be tonight I can. I was there so I don't know what else is going on but I can guarantee it was the most happening place in Humble the especially for Thursday night! With the exception of Game 6 of the World Series last year, I've never seen anything like it.Parking: Parking lot is usually far larger than what is necessary by probably 10 fold since they're the only ones in the plaza that are really open this time of day and the whole lot is theirs. But tonight I had to park a significant ways away by the time I showed up, which was too late to purchase tickets, which I think were over at 7:00 p.m. but I was meeting someone there and they had been there and I was splitting them with them. And by the time I showed up at 7:45 15 minutes before the drawing at 8:00 it was quite the walk to the bar compared to what I'm used to. Is there anything else going on? I had to turn around my home cuz I don't do busy like this place was busy! But again this not typical. It's usually a nice point. Little bar that's peaceful and quiet and kind of reminds me of the places I used to go in my little towns when I lived in Central Illinois. Tonight. Was a major exception!

Atmosphere: 5

Linda Davis

It's a fav.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Sarah Cortez

Some bartenders (not naming names Wed Sat day shift...) are better than others. Overall good service. Friendly, relaxing atmosphere despite the occasional fight amongst too much testosterone. Bar snacks provided upon request for $5. I'd skip Friday evenings bc of Karaoke. Wednesdays an older crowd, Saturdays very welcoming & laid back.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 3

Service: 5


Nice local Dive bar that allows smoking & free homemade food (at least on Sunday).

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Ronnie Lyles

Great staff and atmosphere!

Shayan Maradia

Love the atmosphere! Also a convenient location right next to a smoke shop

Phyllis Dabney Byles

Go to this bar for dark tournament on Tuesday nights. It is a lot of fun to go and be a part of the tournament. The only thing I do not like is it being so smoky and going home and smelling of smoke. Makes me sick to my stomach.The drinks are awesome and are a great price and the bartender Jordan is awesome.

megan kasperitis

Had a wonderful time. Owner is Great! Had a great time, can't wait to go back.

Monica Piel

Love this bar! Wish I had discovered it sooner. It has become my regular weekend night out. They have it all.... dance floor, karaoke, pool tables, dart boards, awesome bar drinks, and game nights.

Atmosphere: 5

Service: 5

Ronnie Kirkland

Local bar, karioke, pool. Cold beer ,

Jay McShan

Cool little place to relax and have a drink

brenda tillis

Niki Is a great bartender. Just Love her. Enjoyed my time there. Ill be back. And the people are so nice. Love the place.


Favorite damn place to go. Much love Ginger..

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