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Karla Torres

Service was slow, seemed like we got a new waitress. She was great and very kind just didn't quite have the hang of serving. She would forget things like refills and condiments. Uhmmm my food was great, sure do miss the old slam burger with the melted cheese but overall had a good experience. My partner did not like his plate, he said the chicken Fried steak was hard and seemed like it was old, the eggs and hashbrowns were fine.

Edra Noé Milla Calles

The food was great but the server gave us a very bad service. We had to ask for utensils and coffee creamer two times and we still didn’t get them.But the food was good maybe it just wasn’t our day

Phil Spence

What's not to like about Denny's? My go to breakfast place. Eggs, sausage, hash browns or home fries, sour dough toast. OJ and a hot cup of tea? NIRVANA for me.Vegetarian options: Good selection available.Kid-friendliness: Absolutely.Parking: Plenty, including handicap.Wheelchair accessibility: YesDietary restrictions: Should be adequate.

Joyce Barnes

This Denny's is AWESOME ? Two of the five people at our table had ordered their eggs the same way, but slightly different... minutes later the cook is at our table, greeting us with a big smile ? asking the two exactly how they desired their eggs,... SMILES, GREAT SERVICE, CONTINUED Throughout Our Visit... Now, I saved the best for last; FOOD WAS GRRRREAT!!!??

Chad Newman

The food quality was pretty good. I got a lumberjack slam. There were triangle table toppers with "influencer" inspired dishes on the tables. I guess they are trying to get the younger crowd in. If you look up after reading the flyer you immediately see the 1950's inspired lighting and decor. They need to pick the audience they are out to get...

king mitchell

Excellent service and good food ? ? prices are low also. Great restaurant

Tammy Augus

We've always been frequent costumers of Denny's and never had problems with it. This time, in this Denny's, the service was horrible. We were waiting to be waited on for about half an hour after being served. The drinks took about 20 minutes, and when the food came, half the order was wrong - we were four people, only two of us could eat right away, one was missing ingredients and one had to be completely changed since she was a vegetarian and ordered a salad without chicken that came with. The replacement salad came 25 minutes later, only after we'd talked to the manager about it. I could understand if the restaurant was buzzing with people, but at 2pm, 3/4 of the diner was empty. The food we did have was okay, but the service was terrible.

Joseline R.

You'll be disappointed. We waited a very long time to be checked on after being seated, and the waitress even took the order of people who got here after us. And she had the audacity to say we have to be patient when that's all we've been doing. I understand it's not at easy job, but this is my first time so frustrated and pissed at the lack of attention and service we were given.

Faith G

I will go here everyday for breakfast and take my parents.i recommend you coming here for breakfast if you like to try new things

Maria Irigoyen

I have been wanting pancakes from Dennys all week and when I did decide to order take-out from there today, l was unsatisfied that they didn't put my pancakes that I paid extra for in my bag. When I got home that's when I noticed then I tryed to call up there no answer it just rings then goes to voice-mail smh. I will not order from there again.

Nestorian M.

Everything was fine up until this point. I go in at about 3:30 on a Tuesday morning & the same waitress that has attended me a couple times before tells me that they're closed, I'm surprised. So I go back to my car & sit in it, into the Denny's parking lot comes this Jeep & he parks 1 spot away from me. I sit there & wait, a couple minutes goes by & they let him inside. I'm like "okay, that's weird". I drove off & went to another Denny's. I'd give that first Denny's a 5 star BUT because of the waitress, now I have to give it a 2. Trust & honesty is everything. If you can't be honest, then I can't waste my money on a distrustful franchise smh.

Demetria Escamilla

We had the nicest waitress and it's improved over the years I now enjoy coming here.

Kathy Stroud

Tonya is a very, very polite and friendly waitress. Because of her smile and professionalism, along with the good taste of their food, I will be back.

Jesus Mayer

We arrived for breakfast, place was full, but clean. Staff was very efficient with people coming in and out. Food was on-time & on point. Will come back again.

Nick Nation

Our server went above and beyond. Best experience I've ever had at Denny's even made sure I got my grits at 2 am ?

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